Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sweet memories.

In the midst of all the remembering and reflecting there has been lots of color and new memories being made in our home and with one another over the past couple of days. While it's true we feel Teagan's loss, we also have come to look at these 'memorial days' as opportunities to celebrate her life and the happiness we have found as a result of surviving tragedy.
I struggled so much with the fact that our lives would never be the same again and felt 'ripped off' in some sad sense that no matter what happened in our lives, there would always be such a void- so much pain and always 'tainted' by sorrow. That's what so many of the books on grief and trauma were telling Chip and I in those early weeks of our pain and despair. It was really dragging us both down when I'm not sure what exactly happened, but we both reached a point where we had 'had enough'. We didn't want our "new normal" to be so miserable and I certainly didn't want the memories that we were creating for Brock and Wyndham to be laden with only tears and sorrow.
I guess I am being transparent here and feel blessed to be able to share another side of grief- the one that we have come to embrace. The side that sometimes feels so wrong because it's as if you are leaving your sorrows and loved one behind. It has been a long journey to get to this point- I'm not claiming it happened overnight. But here we are and these pictures I hope, speak volumes in and of themselves. Grief has become a part of our lives- we live with it everyday- but it has not consumed us as a family and in many ways I see how it has 'pushed us' to be even better than before.
Better meaning, more willing to live in the moment. More able to enjoy simple happiness. More inspired to want to grab the time we have and celebrate just being. If I have learned anything through death and trauma it is that I want to be so intentional about how I do live the precious, fleeting moments of our lives.
I love that an afternoon with friends hanging out and {Chip} doing cannonballs in their pool and just soaking up some sun and fun has taken on a whole new meaning for us through the years. I love that I am able to watch my kids play and listen to their laughter and just see their creative minds at work and it fills my heart with gladness. I even tolerate their messes so much more. Sometimes too much, it seems!
I love that even though my kids will wake us too early in the morning I have more patience and find myself just thanking God that they are healthy and happy- and I appreciate another day, another routine morning of getting breakfast and getting them dressed. After staying in pajamas and lounging until noon today {Teagan would have LOVED that!} we finally ate some brunch and then I pulled out some mega rainbow-swirled lollipops for the kids today. I love that we can choose to make new, happy memories on a day that holds our deepest sorrows. One doesn't have to exist without the other and that warms my heart and makes me glad. I know Teagan wouldn't come back here from Heaven even if she had a choice or the chance to do so. I love that so many are still touched by her life and legacy and that even in her death I have never had to full let her go. I have been able to share her with others- and have a gorgeous bouquet of soft-colored roses in my home today- sent from a faraway friend of mine, letting me know she has been touched forever by Teagan.
The number of emails and prayers and caring thoughts from so many of you is nothing short of amazing to me and Chip. It was never our intention to live our lives the way we do. We simply find ourselves appreciating and creating and treasuring sweet memories~ old and new. It is our priviledge to share this side of our hearts and lives with you.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


If on that Sunday morning, Cindy (the driver that crashed her car through the Old Depot wall) had instead walked into the restaurant and announced to all of us in the dining room what was truly on her heart and mind, I wonder what would have happened. I can only speculate and then speak for myself, and after thinking long and hard about such a circumstance, I am almost certain that I would not have hardly more than turned my head her way.
She likely would have said something about being depressed and feeling suicidal. She may have talked about her marriage being one of strain and she could have shared that she felt like a failure and overwhelmed by her teenage son. She might have even said she didn't feel love or lovable in anyway- and her hopelessness would easily have been seen on her face.
What makes me sad and ache as we mark 7 years from that fateful day is that I rarely noticed peoples' hurts outside of that of my family and friends. Even then, oftentimes I missed the depth and reality of pain going on around me- sometimes because I chose to shrug it off and "their problem", other times because people around me are good at hiding their true selves.
Having someone's pain and hopelessness touch me in such a profound and life-changing, devastating way has caused me to be more sensative, more aware, more willing to be compassionate- more willing to really listen and desire to help- if only given a chance.
I started keeping a blog to allow my friends and family and check in with what was going on in my life and to see my kids as they grow and to watch our lives unfold in small ways. What I have found, over and over, is that our struggles is most often what impacts people most. My blog is now read by more people I don't know than I do. My email box receives letters each week from people who thank me for sharing the hurts and the Hope we have to get through them- telling me that it is an encouragement...which is crazy because that in turn encourages me.
It's about being transparent.
I firmly believe if Cindy had been more transparent with her pain and desperation that somehow, someway, someone would have answered her cries for help. I am sorry to say it almost certainly wouldn't have been me. I wish over and over I had been given a chance to make things different and that Teagan and Peggy wouldn't have had to die and others I love so deeply wouldn't have been hurt physically, emotionally and mentally. Including me. I wish that her desperate cries would have resulted in some other 'big, news story'...rather than ending in the tragedy that it did.
But people finding Hope and having their hearts changed and their lives given new purpose rarely makes the headlines. That's what I wish was different. I wish we could celebrate in a big way all the things that people do in life to overcome obstacles and struggles and pain to become something they never thought they could be. I wish we could see more people being open with the realities of their lives- things like broken marriages, eating disorders and addictions, financial burdens that seem to have no end, past hurts that haunt and affect the way people relate to others, feelings of failure that only breed anger and resentment and bitterness. The "ugly sides- the dark side"- the stuff we try to hide to make ourselves look 'normal' to others we face each day.
I wish people could unload their hurts and burdens and the truth in their lives- not to be shamed and judged, but instead to find a Door that leads to healing and Hope and freedom in life. I don't have anyway of making such a dream happen. I can't go out and hug everyone in the world or ask them if they need Love. But I do know that I can care. I do know that someone else's pain has made me more sensative and has left me with a longing in my heart to tell others the truth- that there is Joy and happiness and Hope and healing available to them- no matter the hurt they carry in their hearts and lives.
Today I just feel the need to be open to listening and to have that longing in my heart filled- even in the tiniest way. I would love for anyone that has sensed that I 'struck a chord' with you or with someone that you know, to leave me a comment (even just your first name or initials) so that I can pray for you. I will. I would love to be available by email as well { } if you want to share your hurt/pain more specifically with me in order for me to pray in a more concrete way. I know that I can do nothing to change the events of my life from 7 years ago...but as I remember and reflect, I can only see how I wish I had more of that chance. I am grateful that I have been given a second chance in life- to love, to seek, to be changed and to find ways to touch others. I love that as the years have gone by that my pain has softened and that my own heart has been sensatized to the needs and hurts of others. I don't know that that is why our tragedy occured, but I do know that being transparent is the best way to healing. I believe that if I had held onto my own hurt- my anger, my grief, my unforgiveness, that I wouldn't have a story worth sharing with anyone. Instead, laying it all out there and depending on God for healing and strength every moment of everyday, as well as being supported and loved by so many family, friends and strangers, has been the key to the renewal and Hope that Chip and I have found over these sometimes long, tough years.
As I continue to grow and learn and experience life, it just seems to be more and more true. The way to healing comes not in hiding- just as a doctor can't diagnose and treat your symptoms if you don't put them all out on the table- but in being real and in asking for help. I am glad, in a way, that our pain and struggles were so big, so public that we couldn't help hide them. The outpouring of compassion and care from so many has been a reason for us to want to overcome. I don't take credit or want to appear as a superhero- but instead I share our story humbly and truly know that God has made us new. For that I have nothing but praise and thanksgiving. Even as I miss Teagan after 7 long years.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just the way it is.

As if I could ever forget a smile so pure, a love so deep, a heart so big, a life lived so full of joy and laughter and non-stop's just not possible. Even 7 years later. Today my heart aches with the longing, the wishing, the wondering, the thought of just one more hug or kiss or pinky promise.
Still, I thank God I had her in my life for almost 4 and a half years. I thank Him for the memories, for the way she still 'feels close' at times, for the constant reminders that she was and always will be a part of our lives. I thank Him for helping us move beyond the pain to see beauty and to love fully again.
But to be honest, even after years of missing and moving forward, a part of of me will always miss her more than words can say. It's just the way it is. I so appreciate many of your thoughts, prayers and emails as we mark another annivesary and remember Teagan's life in a special way this week.
It's hard to believe it's been so long- I remember the events of that day as though it just happened. But I can also look at how far we've come and how many changes have taken place and it's true too- I see so many blessings and have so much to be thankful for. It's a strange combination of wishing things could be so different, yet feeling so grateful that things are exactly as they are.
Like I's just the way it is. I can't put it any other way. I'm glad that even though she's gone, she will always be mine. I thank God He sent Teagan into my life. If even for only awhile.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The new mini-digi cam.

Bella has been using her little camera all day long. She is loving it and I thought I would just share some of the pictures from her last day of being five. She snapped the photo of the sunshine through the window right away this morning and I just think it is a cool shot. She wanted to 'capture the sunbeams' and you know what? She did it!
She's taken several pictures of Spongebob and Patrick and Squidward from off the tv, a few of her favorite toys, lots of the girls- but Brock has not been too cooperative. They will be headed to a Whitecaps baseball game in just a few minutes and he has been 'ordered' to let her take a few pictures of their fun together. (Update: Bella accidentally deleted all her pictures at the game. I guess she was a little over-zealous with the buttons on her camera. Fortunately she wasn't upset. She's just 'learning'.)
Here's a link to picture she took of her baby brother-to-be growing bigger at 30 weeks, 6 days. I have a hunch he will get used to a camera living in this household in just a matter of days after his arrival. Such is life in the Ferlaak household. The lens is just a part of our everyday lives. =)

My thoughts turn...

Back to July 2001. As the weekend approaches and the anniversary is near, I can't help but remmeber. I have been reading through my posts and thoughts from last year at this time. They are filling my eyes with tears and making my heart well up. With both good memories and reminders that year after year, I still feel the sorrow, I still recall in vivid pictures all the details of that time.
I find it interesting that time moves on, but a heart never stops remembering. I invite you to read some of my posts from last year and let them touch you as they may. Tomorrow is Bella's birthday and we are so excited along with her to celebrate this day. She is enjoying today already- her last day of "being 5". I love that God has given us her life to celebrate and to soak up some fun at the same time my heart would rather be filled with reflection and hurt. I am thanking Him over and over for the blessings in our lives that far outnumber the hurts and trials. He has been good and faithful- as only He can be.
I also invite you to join me in prayers for Jaymun and his entire family. I have sat in their hurt and I have prayed for a miracle just as they are praying and having to surrender to at this very moment. My mind has a hard time understanding how such pain can ever be turned into something good in life. But I know from experience that God is a God of healing and He hears our prayers and cries and oftentimes He answers in unexpected ways. Life doesn't make sense when it comes to hurt...the answers may never come.
But there is still Joy and peace and mercy in abundance to all who are willing to seek it and let it come to them in new ways. Even now, as we're marking 7 years since the most unimaginable tragedy touched our lives I sit in wonder as I see how much healing has happened in our lives. I can't believe there is a new life growing inside of me and I constantly thank God that He has everything in control. It's only because of His love and tender mercies that I have found goodness at all. And as I should have expected 7 years ago- even though I never would have believed it could be true- He has filled my heart and life to overflowing. I am humbled by such mercies and can honestly say to Him, "Thank you for the brokenness that has made me much more of who You wanted me to become, all along".

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Spending a giftcard = happiness

These pictures are practice pics for us- me and Bella- as she picked out a mini digital camera/web cam at Wal-mart today using an early birthday present giftcard {Thanks Steph, Luke and Aly!!}. She was very thorough and thoughtful as she looked through aisles of toys and dvd's before settling on this item as her final purchase.
It isn't even fully charged, but she could hardly wait to see how it works and more importantly, what kind of pictures it takes. She was very happy to pose by the chalk giraffe she created and I am happy to have a little something to blog about just before I get all the kiddos into jammies and into bed.
I have a feeling if this little camera is all it claims to be on the package, you just may be seeing 'life' here at Nitty.Gritty. through the eyes of my kids- likely more than through me!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Around my house...

My kids are getting lots of laughs and enjoying a silly chicken given to me by my friend, Stacey, at my baby shower. It's an inside joke but it has turned out to be one of the favorite gifts. I just wish you all could hear what it sounds like when you squeeze the belly...let's just say I give them each 1 turn and then we take an hour break from the squacking. That's all I can handle. But it's still funny to me.
Next, do you see my staircase lined with shoes? Ava decided to find as many shoes and she could and "make footprints around the house". I finally asked her to pick them up when Wyndham could no longer get from the living room to the kitchen on her own. Ava called to me about 15 minutes after I asked her to pick upi the shoes and she was glowing as she pointed to the stairs. I guess I need to be more specific and tell her where to put things away next time.
Then there's Bella. She will celebrate a birthday later this week and we're having a hard time deciding what to get her for presents. She does love all things related to art and I have to admit I love that she is so creative. Her little mind is always spinning. Her funny 'line' today was when she and Ava were pretending to call each other on a couple of phones, they were ringing and answering one another. At one point when Ava called Bella, she let it ring several times. Bella finally looked over at Ava and said, "I'm not gonna answer's just a telemarketer". I can't imagine where she ever heard that line! =)
I thought I would share my two favorite 'yellow things' with you too. One is golden watermelon- sweet and juicy! Wyndham's favorite fruit is watermelon and she seemed quite impressed to see that it comes in yellow too. The bag is one of my impulse buys from an afternoon of shopping with my frineds in Chicago. I blame Martha for this bag...but have to say it makes me love her more than I already did. =) {Thanks, Martha!} I think it might even double as a glorified diaper bag fairly soon.
Speaking of diaper bags, I had a doctor appt. today and everything is going well at 30 weeks. The baby is growing right on schedule and my blood pressure is staying right where it should. I am trying to remind myself that we will be having a newborn in our home soon. It's kind of hard to imagine after being out of that stage for more than 4 years now, but I know we will be ready when it happens.
We just need to get our list of baby names narrowed down a bit. Or at least find a matching pair from Chip's list and mine. =) That's about all the excitement I have from my house today. With the exception of the blueberry waffles we had for brunch. Mmmmm. Good stuff indeed!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A few glimpses...

First of all and most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Mom today!! I came out from all my fun and partying and scrapping to give her a shout out on my blog for her birthday. I send all my love to you today and wish you so much happiness and goodness as you celebrate another year. My mom is the biggest Nitty.Gritty. "fan" that there is... and I feel lucky and blessed that she loves me and cares whole-heartedly about every detail of my life. The big, the small, the trials and the joys...she's a treasure to me for sure, and I don't think she knows how wonderful she really is, nor do I think she realizes how much I cherish her support. Today- even though I'm away, I am thinking of you, Mom. Happy Birthday from myself, Chip and all the kiddos. {Who are on their way to come and pick me up as I type this out.} We all love you very much!
I am excited to post some photos that allow some of you to see into my world the past few days. It's been a really great trip- more than I expected, more than I deserve. I have met and made some wonderful, new friends and I have seen some really fun scrap product {my favorites coming straight from the Cosmo Cricket, Jenni Bowlin & Heidi Swapp (not pictured), Sassafrass Lass and Hambly booths} at the Chicago CHA convention. I have enjoyed shopping and laughing and eating good food. I have loved celebrating my friend, Jo-Anne's birthday together for the second straight year here in America {Jo lives in Holland!} and sharing her day with an unexpected baby shower given to me by my Fashionista friends. It is one of the best surprises I have ever received. I still can't believe they put something together for me, including a "Wren Carrot Cake" that was delicious beyond words. So good in fact, that I ate two pieces of it back-to-back, and have no guilt or regrets about doing such a thing.
I really don't know at times like this, what I have done right in my life to deserve to be surrounded by friendship, blessing and happiness. I sat opening baby gifts {and a rubber chicken, thank you very much, Stacey!} with a lump in my throat and a smile on my face and have to humbly say, "thank you" to anyone and everyone who has ever walked with me, cared about me, showered blessings on me, and shared life with me in a way that has made me fully believe that life is a beautiful thing. It's a very beautiful gift indeed.

Monday, July 14, 2008


My posts may be a little sparse this week as I prepare to head to Chicago for a time of fun with scrap friends and checking out new products. I am looking forward to this time- not just away from kids- but a break from my usual routine.
I have been much more tired this past week as the baby growing inside seems to be on the move...all the time! Even Chip commented that he was having a hard time sleeping. The baby's favorite time for swimming and rolling around seems to be from 11:30 pm - 3 am. Just so happens those are the hours I like to get some good sound sleep. I am finding myself feeling sluggish and ready for a nap between 4:30 and 6 pm. Right about the time my kids all want to eat dinner. =) Somehow I still manage to make beds, do laundry and make stuff like lemon bars and zucchini bread. Other than feeling tired, I am doing really well. I'm 29 1/2 weeks and I think I've mentioned my babies generally arrive early- Ava at 35 1/2 weeks. So if this little guy decides to be like the rest of his siblings, that gives us somewhere between 6 and 10 weeks before he makes his appearance. I'm sort of hoping to be two months overdue, because I could use that extra time- although I think I may need lots of naps if that happens. =)
Maybe I should just stop doing things like taking 4 kids to Target all at the same time. You'd think I'd know what wears me out by now. On the otherhand, I think those sorts of outings may actually help keep me young and thinking on my toes.
That's all I have for this Monday. I've got lots of packing and list-making to do for my husband and babysitters. I know I will have a good time away from them and miss them at the same time. And I hope they somehow manage to stay on top of the laundry so I don't have to do too much when I get back! A girl can dream, right?! =) Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Majesty (Here I Am)
Here I am humbled by your Majesty

Covered by your grace so free
Here I am, knowing I'm a sinful man [one]
Covered by the blood of the Lamb
Now I've found the greatest love of all is mine
Since you laid down your life
The greatest sacrifice

Majesty, Majesty
Your grace has found me just as I am
Empty handed, but alive in Your hands
Majesty, Majesty
Forever I am changed by Your love
In the presence of Your Majesty
Here I am humbled by the love that You give
Forgiven so that I can forgive
Here I stand, knowing that I'm Your desire
Sanctified by glory and fire

Written by Martin Smith and Stuart Garrard© 2004 Curious? Music

I was touched by the lyrics and music of this worship song in church today. I thought that maybe just by reading through the words someone else might be touched here as well. Or click this link to listen to it 'live'. God is constantly amazing me with His grace, mercy and love. I find the more I realize that and soak in that reality, the more I wamt to share it with others.
If God isn't the desire of your heart, my prayer is that He will become the longing in your soul and that you will seek Him and find He satisfies!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Life lessons from lemon bars...

"When life gives you lemons, make lemon bars."
This is my new saying. =) There is a pan of lemon bars cooling on my stove right now. I made myself a little coconut latte to sip along with them too. I wish I could have you join me on my deck for a lemon bar and a cool drink right now. My thoughts would probably make more sense in person...and this is going to be one of 'those posts'. I can tell that much already. =)
But I would rather risk offending someone or being misunderstood than to not share what's on my heart. That's just the way I am. Before I get into my 'deep thoughts' I have to tell you that you can click on the ingredients and directions to see those pictures enlarged enough to get my lemon bar recipe. I use one from Cooking Light and they turn out delicious everytime. Like I said...I wish you could join me right now for one. =)
I wasn't just baking this morning as I pulled out the lemons and eggs from my fridge and prepared to make the mixture for the lemon bars, I was reflecting and thinking about how life does give us all lemons. As the old saying goes... It's true. We all have moments or even years, in which life just doesn't go our way. People and circumstances let us down. It's a fact of life- we all live in a broken, sinful world. Hurt isn't something we can escape- whether we bring it upon ourselves by our own choices and actions, or whether it comes from another source- natural disasters or other people or sometimes a combination of all of them. Bad stuff happens.
I stood in my kitchen just moments ago and realized that it doesn't matter what kind of lemons you get, or how many, or for how long, but it really is all about what you do with the fruit when it comes your way.
I couldn't help but feel blessed as I zested my lemons today and smelled the tang of the peel and felt the bursts of the juice as it lightly sprayed from the peel each time the grate pulled at the skin. I felt blessed as I squeezed out the juice and as I whipped the eggs til they were frothy. I realized how blessed I felt as I opened my warm oven to pull out the partially baked, golden crust. It felt almost spiritual to me- to recognize with all my senses through something so simple as lemon bars- just how blessed I am.
It was at this same time that my thoughts turned to the person in my life who has been most responsible for 'handing me lemons'...the woman responsible for killing Teagan and Peggy on that fateful day in July 2001, and altering so many other lives, physically and emotionally, for the past several years. I was struck with how time and soul-searching and years of trying to 'make something out of my lemons' and leaning on God every step of the way has truly changed me and softened me and made me look at life so differently.
When Chip and I were on the Oprah show sharing our story and telling of our forgiveness toward this woman, Cindy, Oprah asked us, "How do you get to this place?" ['place' here meaning the point of forgiveness]. I remember sort of wondering that same thing myself, because I was still having nightmares all the time and I was still dealing with muscle/nerve damage in my back and legs. Brock was still having panic attacks and not eating at a table- or many times, not eating at all, because for him it was too hard- it brought back too many memories and he feared something bad would happen again. Just from sitting at a table to eat.
At that time, we had no idea what Wyndham's future looked like. She was not growing physically and each time she got a cold or flu meant for her, an extended stay back in the hospital as she had little immune system or strength to fight sickness on her own. Chip still bore scars from facial cuts, three different chest tubes, and basically had just spent a whole winter trying to heal his broken ribs and gain his strength back. We were still a mess in many ways.
Yet we made statements of forgiveness and just knew that God would sustain us through our deep sorrows and grief. I know that God is the one who gave us the ability in our hearts to find and offer forgiveness to Cindy. We accepted what had happened and hoped she would find it within her own heart to seek God's love, mercy and grace.
When the next Oprah guest appeared on the stage (a woman who had been beaten and left for dead), Oprah asked her, "If you could invite your perpetraitor over for dinner, you would do so?", to which this victim answered "yes...I would invite him over for dinner". I remember then and have thought about that statement so many times during the past 6 years. I have never felt as though I could invite Cindy into my home and truth be told, there have been many times that I have told Chip, "I wish I could just go to the jail and cook a few meals for her or torment her a bit- just to give her a small taste of what she's done to us". So, while I have said I offered forgiveness, and I truly believe I have forgiven her in my heart, I don't always think I have doneso in my head. I have prayed many, many times for Cindy to want to come out of this situation a better person...I have asked God to show up in her life and change her hardened heart. {She has never apologized to any of the victims she hurt that day...she has never shown any remorse.} I think I have done an okay job of moving on beyond the hurt and accepted that I can only control my actions beyond that day, and sometimes I have done a better job of that than others. I have made an effort to forgive everyday...but I don't know that it has ever felt 'automatic' or authentic.
Until today.
While I made lemon bars.
As I pulled them out of the oven and the scent and warmth filled my kitchen, I actually thought to myself, "I wish I could invite her over for lemon bars". It was the first time I have ever felt such a peace and such an empathy toward wanting to know her hurt. I don't know that she has a valid excuse for her actions that took the lives of Teagan and Peggy and brought so much devastation in one instant to so many others, but I do know that she and I both live in a broken world and we have to make choices of how to respond to that brokeness each and everyday. Today, I realized what a gift I have- to live 'free' and at peace and to know that even when bad things happen to me and others, that I can accept that God is in control.
It's not up to me to make things right. It's not my battle to fight- but His [God's]. He only asks that I take what I've been given and do my best to make it into something. I choose to make it into something good and beautiful and hope that in so doing, I not only make life a little more blessed for my husband and kids, but also, in my own heart, I begin to grow more in love and grace- which hopefully spills over into the lives of everyone around me.
I am humbled and broken today as I think of all the wrongs in this world- not just those that have touched my family, but the suffering and hurt of everyone in this world. There are broken relationships and sickness and disease and war and pain of every kind in the lives of every single person. I wish that we could all see that to seek revenge only brings more hurt and destruction. I wish we could all realize that by forgiving ourselves and others, we stamp out bitterness and hate. I wish that we could begin to enter in to the hurt of one another in order to understand and grow and become better- more fully healed and restored to the way God originally designed and created us to be. I wish for me and for you to know that there is Hope and Joy and Beauty and Goodness in this world. No matter how many lemons we are dealt; no matter what shape or form they come to us. They can be turned into something simple...and amazing all at the same time. It's a matter choosing God and seeing the world through His heart.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Their Christmas Wish List...

On the Fourth of July we were able to spend some time out and about at Daddy's work- the golf club. It's such a nice spot and the kids are beginning to understand and respect the game of golf, so we actually can putt and play around a bit. Chip and I joke that we have our own junior golf league going, and it probably looks like it when we all step out onto the putting green. I just love that it's an activity that we can all do together- no matter the skill level of each individual.

Wyndham and Chip lined up and sunk the putt you see in her pictures here. Bella and Brock are both getting much better, and Ava is mostly concerned with which color ball is who's. =)

After golfing, Chip's assistant pro {Thanks, Eric!} was headed out for the evening and was so nice to take the kids for rides in his 1974 fully-restored BMW bike and sidecar. Chip even took it for a spin in the parking lot, and after everyone was done they had decided we should get one too. I have a feeling the girls will be asking Santa for one of these at Christmastime. I opted not to ride. I most certainly would want one then too! =)

On another note...

I am now in my third trimester and am surprised at how quickly each week goes by! I continue to take weekly pics to document the fun {the latest of which you can see by clicking here} and even ordered the nursery bedding this weekend. I am finding more energy to scrap {click here to see the rest of the blank mini album pictured above that I made with random scraps yesterday} and am trying to get motivated to clean and declutter and reorganize before I am too big and uncomfortable and not in the mood at all. Which could very well be in another couple of weeks. =)

I also want to let some of you scrap-readers know that I have plans to be at CHA-Chicago next week. I hope that if you see me at the show that you will introduce yourself and I hope I am all you would expect me to look and act in person. =) I really enjoy meeting and making new friends and I am so excited to be able to get this short time away and be among other creative people and see so many things that are sure to inspire all of us in the scrap world. I hope to score at least one piece of deep-dish pizza while in town too!

Monday, July 07, 2008

I don't know where she comes up with these things...

This totally warrants a second post for today...and another picture of her smiling face. Our Ava. I don't know what life would be like without her. She started out the day snuggling in bed between Chip and me and telling knock-knock jokes. {Knock knock...Who's there? Pizza. Pizza who? Pizza roasting. (laughter)} She's full of it- all the time.
So, we're sitting down to dinner right now {if you can call macaroni & cheese dinner} and she stumped me with this question: "What color is your voicebox?".
I had to jump on here and blog it. Just so I won't forget it for a long, long time.