Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Spending a giftcard = happiness

These pictures are practice pics for us- me and Bella- as she picked out a mini digital camera/web cam at Wal-mart today using an early birthday present giftcard {Thanks Steph, Luke and Aly!!}. She was very thorough and thoughtful as she looked through aisles of toys and dvd's before settling on this item as her final purchase.
It isn't even fully charged, but she could hardly wait to see how it works and more importantly, what kind of pictures it takes. She was very happy to pose by the chalk giraffe she created and I am happy to have a little something to blog about just before I get all the kiddos into jammies and into bed.
I have a feeling if this little camera is all it claims to be on the package, you just may be seeing 'life' here at Nitty.Gritty. through the eyes of my kids- likely more than through me!


MandieGirl said...

Love this! I was just telling my hubby how much I miss living in house because we can't "chalk" at our apartment. Very cute giraffe!

Amy said...

Nice shot..! Last week, I too got a mini digital camera from WalMart.

Mandyb said...

Oh Bella i am a HUGE fan of your Mum's blog... but an even BIGGER fan of Giraffes... and can I say I LOVE LOVE LOVE the chalk drawing of the Giraffe... I have sooooo many Giraffes in my collection..... but yours is the coolest I have seen in a long time. You are very clever at drawing and I am so happy that you made it as big as a real Giraffe.... I once got to feed a Giraffe up close... I had to stand on a ladder and hold on very tight. If your Mum clicks on my blog.... and looks under the post called "have you ever been sneezed on by a Giraffe - date 2nd July" you will see me at the Giraffes. Thank you for making my day with this gorgeous picture. MandyB all the way from New Zealand.