Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bring on spring! A bright Forecast ahead!

Despite the long, drawn-out winter weather we have been experiencing late into March, the days seem to be going by quickly anyway! The past couple of weeks we celebrated Ava's 9th birthday, St. Patrick's Day, Teagan's sweet 16 birthday, bought a new van {we've had the same minivan for the past 12 years!} and are now heading to Minnesota tomorrow for our Easter/Spring Break. I know it's not sunny Florida or any warmer than we are here in MI, but where family and friends are is always better than sun in my book! So we are loading up our new wheels and taking a 12+hour trip west for 10 days. Chip will be flying back here to MI as soon as he drives us all over, because he has to get his golf course open and has tons of things on his plate as the golf season kicks off. We will miss his birthday while we are away, but I am sure we can find a way to eat cake when we get back and make up for it once we are settled back home. He says he will try to enjoy his birthday even without us all here and just might get a full, quiet night's sleep for once!
So, with all that going on I have not had extra time to blog here. But I do post and am on FB {more than I should be!}, so if you need some Nitty.Gritty. fixes in between my posts, feel free to friend me and I can see what you are up to in your corner of the world too! I have had time to scrap and play with the awesome April Cocoa Daisy kit~ Forecast. It is filled with bright, fresh spring colors and as you can see in my sneak peeks here today, I used lots of patterned papers and had fun layering so many bits and pieces of the kit on my pages. I made all the clouds "happy" clouds on my projects and am so looking forward to spring, sunshine, day-dreaming and hopefully soaking up some nice warm days very soon. In the meantime, there has been much memory-making, reflecting and gearing up for changes around here too.
I hope your spring forecast is looking bright. Bring it on! =)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sometimes you gotta wear your flair.

I am caught up on laundry for a quick moment. For real!
My house is fairly tidy too, as we had a guy come and take measurements for some caret that we are getting replaced. Funny how I can clean the house for some random guy that comes over for a mantter of minutes. ButI can totally let it go and live in it with clutter here and there for days- with the people I love most in this world. Something seems amiss about that. And I was convicted of that thought even as I put things away earlier today. So I am going to make that my personal challenge when it comes to cleaning. Instead of letting things go I will hopefully tell myself, " it! Do it for the people you love, right now!"
And maybe, just maybe they will want to do a bit f tidying to show their love for me right back. This could be a win-win!
Speaking of win... Chris Cross who likes aqua, gey and yellow, email me your address and I will send you a little book and scraps. Yay for happy mail! {nitty.grittyjody at}
I have to share one more story that goes with the photos here today. All this talk of flair reminded me of when I used towork at TGIFriday's many years ago. We were required to wear at least "10 pieces of flair" and I never could part with my uniform and all that flair. So when I mentioned my boring Friday nights {because Chip works late and I am stuck home with 6 kids every Friday} on a Facebook update, I joked that I could make the night fun by wearing my old uniform. Well, one thing led to another- as it sometimes does on FB- and I found myself cooking noodles while sporting my stripes and flair. The kids got such a kick out of seeing me in my old outfit. A couple of them were surprised that I had ever actually "worked" before- "you had a real job once, Mom?!". It was like I was a Disney character and they even wanted their picture with me. hee hee
Yes, it was fun and humbling all in one. But it made our boring night a bit moe exciting and reminded me of my own advice that I don't take often enough which is "Sometimes you have to create your own Joy". We played some games, had popcorn and watched Ice Age and turned our hum-drum Friday into one that made a memory. Hopefully I can follow this act coming up this Friday. Or maybe I will just have to wear my stripes and flair each week! Although I wonder when the fun would wear off.  =) I was just happy that my skirt still fit! And now I have an excuse for why I save the crazy things I do. They are joy-makers. That's why!

Friday, March 08, 2013

Just because...

So the winner of the minibook from the previous post is Julie Ken. Please email me your mailing address and I will send you the little book I made. I hope you like it! {} And just because I am so in love with  mail and I still have more scraps and flair on my desktop, I am going to choose one more person to send a little something too as well. Sort of as away of saying, "thanks for checking back to see if you won, oh, and if you didn't here's one more chance to do so"!
This time, just let me know what your favorite color or color combo is right now, and I will be back to choose a winner sometime after I wash and dry 6 loads of laundry. =)

Monday, March 04, 2013

Spread a little love and flair around.


Do you know what's fun for me?! Scrapping and then sharing it with others who love it as much as me! So today I have a bit of love to share with you.
First off, I was given some custom {meaning she made it with me in cool is that?!} flair, by my creative and crafty friend, Martha. Martha and her husband went to China and came home with a little girl of their own, just over a year ago. Since then, Martha has been smitten by all the fun and excitement that a child brings to your life. She has documented so many of the special, crazy, tiring, noodle-eating, Hello Kitty loving moments through scrapping too. She was inspired to start a shop where she sells her flair- you can visit it and see for yourself what she has to offer right here at PandaEight Designs.
I just loved scrapping for the fun of it and came up with three different projects where I put her flair to good use. One was a page where I went nuts with photos, flair, antlers and just let it all fall onto the page. Martha has even added a mini set of the same custom flair she made for me, just in case any of you have the same crazy life as me! {You can find that set right here.} I have never had anything named after me before, so I find this pretty exciting. My own flair! =) Next I made a card with a handmade bow on it too. I wanted some matching dimension on my card, and a fabric bow certainly seemed to pair well with a couple of cute pieces of flair. The vinatge fox images are adorable. I can't wait to send this card to an unsuspecting friend. =)
Lastly, I colored my hair, put on some make-up and felt myself get a little more hopeful the other day. I was reminded of how sometimes just doing something for yourself can help lift your spirits. Besides doing something good for yourself, doing something for others brings a certain happiness too. So as a thank you to Martha, and to you for reading here at Nitty.Gritty. and leaving me thoughts and encouragement at times, and just coming along for the ride at other times, I am doing a little giveaway today. It will run from now until I post again- so it could be 72 hours...or a week. Or more. Just kidding. I will choose a random winner before the week's end. The 'prize' is the little minibook you see, which I made using lots of scraps from my Cocoa Daisy add-on this month {Freehand} and the 'oh snap' flair which is part of this collection. I added a few random bits inside of it, but most of the little book is waiting for some tiny photos or other ideas of yours to be tucked into its pages. If you would like a chance to get this little book, go to Martha's PandaEIGHT designs shop here. Then click back and leave me a comment telling me your favorite piece or set of flair. Easy, peasy! I just love knowing I get to send some love, happiness and flair in the mail to one of you soon!

Friday, March 01, 2013

So much more than Sketchbook~

These are just a few of the things I crafted using the latest kit from Cocoa Daisy. It's called Sketchbook and it is full of beautiful patterned papers and ribbon and fun alphabet stickers and a whole lot more! I received the tiny deer from a friend not long ago, and when I saw the colors in this kit it just seemed so fresh and spring-like, so I put the fawn in a little card box I had laying around since Christmas, and it turned into a cute little home for him. I have it sitting on my desk right now and it just makes me happy. SO that is a very good thing!
Another project I made is partially done. It's actually a work in progress, which I am excited about gradually filling in! the concept behind this tiny, embellished notebook is that each day I am writing down at least one "good thing" that happened, or that I did right, or that someone else did right at some point. I am hoping that seeing the good things fill up this book will serve as a tangible reminder that life does indeed hold many blessings and even though sometimes they don't jump out at us, it is always a good idea to take note of them. It certainly can't hurt to focus on the positive. Even if it is only one day at a time. We will get there. And in the process there will be lots of little things to note along the way.
Today, for instance, I am home again while Chip works late tonight. I am unable to get out or do anything with my kids, so we are in for another Friday night. But I put some lipstick on today. Just because. I listened to my kids laugh and play together. I got another to take a much-needed nap. And to top it off, we just might have popcorn and a movie on the dvr. It's nothing really. But when you look at it as another night in a warm house where nobody is sick and grateful just because we have a Dad who works, it's pretty great. So that's the deal with this little book. It's time to spin the focus and see that things could always be worse. We've learned that lesson already. Now it's time to find a reason to be happy. Hopefully I'll find them. One day at a time.