Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery...

I snapped this sequence of photos yesterday morning as I watched to see what Teague was up to. It turns out he wants to be just like Crew and do what his bigger brother does. That laves me with mixed emotions as Crew has his own way of doing things most of the time. =)

Seriously though, I couldn't believe that Teague got his own game and then proceeded to join Crew playing it on the couch. Crew had his game on the couch in order to 'keep away' from the baby. Ha! Seven babies later and I am still amazed at how quickly they grow, how independent they strive to be, and how much they are soaking up from the world around them. Hopefully all the good parts of us are rubbing off and all our faults will be overlooked.

I am happy to report that Crew seems to be turning a bit of a corner and has been very nice the past few days. At least much nicer and easier to get along with then the previous year and a half. Maybe Teague is rubbing off on him too. =)

I just noticed my laundry is all folded in the basket in the background in these pictures. I am happy to report that it was all put away by last night too. And I'm caught up on two more loads yet today. Hopefully all that hard work is rubbing off on my little ones and they'll be doing their own laundry before I know it! Oh it's good to dream big sometimes!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pointing out greatness.

I didn't like myself all that much from about 5th grade through my senior year in college. I'm not totally sure why that is and there are really about a million reasons I can recall all at the same time. I do remember {and still have the paper somewhere} that in 9th grade I wrote myself a note about things I would do if I ever became a parent. One was that I would praise my kids simply for who they were. Not based on anything physical or tied to an academic achievement or a sports award- just praise for who they are from the inside. Praise due them because of what lies at the core of their heart and in turn what comes out to others around them.

Today I just want to brag "publicly" on my son, Brock. He is 12 years old and in middle school and happens to be the most amazing 'tween' I know. I feel so lucky to have him, not only as my son, but as my oldest kid and my biggest helper in our home. He could easily carry a chip on his shoulder from some of the life experiences he has lived through and endured. Instead, he so often rises to the occasion- without my asking- to just spread love and happiness and goodness to people {especially his family} around him. He is a pleaser and I don't think I tell him thank you enough for all he does to make life easier and better in and around our home.

He has a big heart and is sensitive, but funny at the same time. He puts up with an awful lot from his little brothers and sisters, and the demands of Wyndham seem to just make him more grateful for his own abilities. I'm quite certain I haven't taught him most of the things that make me love him so much. They simply are just a part of who he is. I don't think he is remotely aware of how "great" he is, and even less aware of how much he can impact others and the world around him as he continues to grow and learn and become more of who he is created to be. He is still very much a 'blank canvas'- full of potential to do so many things with his life. Today I just wanted to capture my thoughts about him and hope that he grows up not only loving others well, but himself well too. The world can never have too much greatness. I am humbled and glad to be the one God chose to help guide him into whatever it is he is called to be in this world.

To Brock,

You have a special knack of making people laugh when they feel like crying. You bring out the best smiles in everyone around you. You strive to be better than you were the day before, and you make me want to do the same. That's called inspiring- you are full of it and I'm so glad you share it so freely.

I hope the world gives you half of the dreams you hope for and that the other half surprise you and make your life more than you ever imagined it could be. I know God has had a special plan for your life since even before you were born. I'm thankful that He sent you to touch my heart and life and I'm the lucky one to watch you grow up each day.

Your wit and sense of humor and sarcasm brighten my life and I hope you know - even though I fail to point it out too often- that I think you're amazing.

I will always love and support whatever you choose to do and I know your future holds greatness too. Simply because you will be in it. You are destined for it and nothing can hold you back from whatever it is that God has in store for you.

I'm so grateful for you.

I'm so humbled by you.

I'm so glad you're mine.

I'm so filled with pride of who you are.

Now and always.

I love you, Brock.


Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

What my "castle" looks like these days...

I don't know how the weeks fly by in between blog posts here, because in behind the scenes in our real life sometimes the days and nights seem endless at times! Since Easter Sunday much has happened in the world and in our home too.

It was a very big deal for Prince William and Kate Middleton to marry this weekend- even though we're not British, royalty or in the same time zone. =) I happened to be awake at 4 am when the tv coverage started because Teague was up at that time crying and fussing with a mild fever from his two first teeth coming in. Once I started watching I was hooked and ended up posting a running commentary to my Facebook status updates throughout the whole day. It was actually amusing for me and since Teague wanted to be held most the day, I just used one hand to type and just had fun watching the wedding unfold. I woke Ava, Bella and Brock up just as the couple were about to head out of the church as husband and wife. The girls jumped out of bed and ran as fast as they could to see the new princess; they were so excited! Brock on the other hand didn't move a muscle- until I told him the coffee had just finished brewing and he could grab a cup whenever he was ready. I thought their reactions were spot on- girls love a good fairytale and boys love food! =)

Anyway, I have a lot I could say about the royal wedding and just maybe I'll get around to revisiting those thoughts here in the next few days. I do love weddings and I love tradition and precision at times. So for me it was nice to look on and watch it all happen and I enjoyed seeing and hearing about all the amazing and sometimes even, outrageous details.

Onto the next event, Wyndham got sick toward the end of last week and is still sick today. Last night she ended up in the ER due to dehydration and just being unable to keep anything down. This is nothing new to her or us, so unfortunately we sort of knew what to expect after 4+ days of this illness dragging on. I have to admit I feel like the worst mother at times like this because there just isn't enough "me" to go around and I end up worn very thin and feel more than frazzled. Thankfully I am not up for any mother of the year awards, so it's okay that my house turns into a disaster from Playdough and paints and couch cushion forts and anything else that gets dragged out or in. It's far cry from Buckingham Palace around here, but I'm trying to convince myself that being "normal" is sometimes better than being royal anyway. I snapped some pictures of Teague and Crew just a little bit ago because the more cushions they pulled off the couch and the 'higher' they climbed onto pillows, the happier they seemed to be. It made me pause and realize that what I see as a "mess", they interpret as pure joy! The same thing seems to happen with playdough and paints too. I hope that my kids will grow up thanking me for allowing them to be creative and to explore things rather than remembering that all I did was yell at them to clean up.

It's hard to strike a balance- especially with such a big, diverse group of people in one home. The house is not often that clean and tidy and typically someone needs a nap or a snack or their bed linens washed and dried, or even just a snuggle to make them feel better. I'm no superhero and simply do my best to stay "caught up" as best as possible. Seeing past the chaos to the fun on their faces and the fact that their only kids once is what I'm trying my best to do right now. I figure if I actually pull that off, well then maybe our life will feel like the fairytale most people dare dream it to be.