Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery...

I snapped this sequence of photos yesterday morning as I watched to see what Teague was up to. It turns out he wants to be just like Crew and do what his bigger brother does. That laves me with mixed emotions as Crew has his own way of doing things most of the time. =)

Seriously though, I couldn't believe that Teague got his own game and then proceeded to join Crew playing it on the couch. Crew had his game on the couch in order to 'keep away' from the baby. Ha! Seven babies later and I am still amazed at how quickly they grow, how independent they strive to be, and how much they are soaking up from the world around them. Hopefully all the good parts of us are rubbing off and all our faults will be overlooked.

I am happy to report that Crew seems to be turning a bit of a corner and has been very nice the past few days. At least much nicer and easier to get along with then the previous year and a half. Maybe Teague is rubbing off on him too. =)

I just noticed my laundry is all folded in the basket in the background in these pictures. I am happy to report that it was all put away by last night too. And I'm caught up on two more loads yet today. Hopefully all that hard work is rubbing off on my little ones and they'll be doing their own laundry before I know it! Oh it's good to dream big sometimes!


Anonymous said...

Aww what a big boy!
Also is Crew your first brown haired baby? Funny how these things work out isn't it!
Kat xx

Allison of A Farmgirl's View said...

Very sweet! My oldest is graduating highschool this year (proud but sad) I really miss those days of watching my boys play and learn together when they were little. ( still push each others buttons now and again tho)

BT Laurie said...

Wow you laundry is folded and done! I have laundry to do and ironing a mile high. So glad there is a bright spot in your day!