Monday, November 25, 2013

Thinking about "home again".

This week is already the week of Thanksgiving. It feels like it has come from nowhere all so quickly. Our lives here are so busy and full from day to day. I know I am a broken record for saying that, but between school for 5 of the kids, a house project under construction in our basement, band concerts and sleepovers and everything in between, it just turns into a blur from day to day. This last week I had high hopes of getting on top of some things around the house and I was motivated to get ahead of myself with all that comes with Christmas too. Instead, I ended up laying on the couch for 2 full days due to a fever and cold that hit me hard and knocked me out! I was miserable and barely did a thing as I stayed bundled in blankets and tried to let my body rest in order to fight off the crazy virus.
Isn't that how it goes sometimes?! We think we are going to go one direction, and life takes us a different way. I know that on so many different levels! It is a hard lesson to learn to surrender and roll with it. I am still feisty and love being the one behind the reigns as much as I can.
I couldn't help but be reflective as I opened up my Cocoa Daisy kit for December this past week. I had very little energy to do anything with it, up until this weekend. It is called Home Again- and the reveal is happening tomorrow night on the boards, instead of the traditional 28th of the month due to Thanksgiving going on that same day. It is a kit filled with some adorable Cocoa Daisy exclusives, including the sweet wood veneer home and heart cut-outs. As we continue to settle in and finish up {we're completing a bathroom and bedroom in our downstairs for Brock} some home projects, I am so thankful and overwhelmed with the gift of home and family that we have to celebrate and say thanks to God for this year. It has truly been a wild ride to get here and it is still crazy for me to wrap my head around how it all came about. I have looked back at how many moves Chip and I have had since we first got married~ 9 of them, if I counted correctly. How life changes from year-to-year is amazing to me. Seeing my kids in this picture above taken in 2006 and looking at us all now is a wonder to think about. The growth, the changes, but most of all to me the reality that home has very little to do with where you are, and everything to do with the love you pour out wherever you may be. People thrive on love. I hope that you feel it where you are at right now, and that you can pour it out to people around you too- no matter where or what you are doing.
They say home is where the heart is. I believe that to be true. And having a set of antlers there makes it even better if you ask me too. =)

Friday, November 01, 2013

Online fun is about to begin!

Happy first of November to you! I can't believe another month has come and gone! I do love the fresh start of a new month though, and today is even more exciting if you are into crafting and scrapping as much as I am. Over at Cocoa Daisy we are having a weekend online crop. What does that mean anyway? Well, it means that there is a full schedule of classes, games, challenges, guest chats, giveaways and more! It means when you click over there you will be inspired, learn new things, meet new people and just have an all-around good time!
I am teaching my first class over there this evening at 9pm eastern time. I have had so much fun putting my project together and have enjoyed making a beautiful mess with the November Stargazing kit! It is available now and I think the combination of colors and patterns on the papers are my favorite ever, so you will definitely want to get your own set! To do that, you can click here...the Daisy Boutique is always open.
I hope that you will find many things to be grateful for this month and into the next one too. The holiday season always has so much to offer and this year I want to be as intentional as ever in making the most of it all.
I can't wait to get my first "red cup" of the season either. Oh yes, Happy November indeed!