Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Around my house...

My kids are getting lots of laughs and enjoying a silly chicken given to me by my friend, Stacey, at my baby shower. It's an inside joke but it has turned out to be one of the favorite gifts. I just wish you all could hear what it sounds like when you squeeze the belly...let's just say I give them each 1 turn and then we take an hour break from the squacking. That's all I can handle. But it's still funny to me.
Next, do you see my staircase lined with shoes? Ava decided to find as many shoes and she could and "make footprints around the house". I finally asked her to pick them up when Wyndham could no longer get from the living room to the kitchen on her own. Ava called to me about 15 minutes after I asked her to pick upi the shoes and she was glowing as she pointed to the stairs. I guess I need to be more specific and tell her where to put things away next time.
Then there's Bella. She will celebrate a birthday later this week and we're having a hard time deciding what to get her for presents. She does love all things related to art and I have to admit I love that she is so creative. Her little mind is always spinning. Her funny 'line' today was when she and Ava were pretending to call each other on a couple of phones, they were ringing and answering one another. At one point when Ava called Bella, she let it ring several times. Bella finally looked over at Ava and said, "I'm not gonna answer that...it's just a telemarketer". I can't imagine where she ever heard that line! =)
I thought I would share my two favorite 'yellow things' with you too. One is golden watermelon- sweet and juicy! Wyndham's favorite fruit is watermelon and she seemed quite impressed to see that it comes in yellow too. The bag is one of my impulse buys from an afternoon of shopping with my frineds in Chicago. I blame Martha for this bag...but have to say it makes me love her more than I already did. =) {Thanks, Martha!} I think it might even double as a glorified diaper bag fairly soon.
Speaking of diaper bags, I had a doctor appt. today and everything is going well at 30 weeks. The baby is growing right on schedule and my blood pressure is staying right where it should. I am trying to remind myself that we will be having a newborn in our home soon. It's kind of hard to imagine after being out of that stage for more than 4 years now, but I know we will be ready when it happens.
We just need to get our list of baby names narrowed down a bit. Or at least find a matching pair from Chip's list and mine. =) That's about all the excitement I have from my house today. With the exception of the blueberry waffles we had for brunch. Mmmmm. Good stuff indeed!


Dani said...

I love the telemarketer comment. To funny. The things kids pick up. :) I am so glad that things are going good with the pregnancy. I love the shoe thing also very cute. And Wyndam just makes me smile. :)


Anonymous said...

Someone once said "Kids say the darndest things!" (LOL)

I must lead a really, really sheltered life as I've never before seen yellow watermelon!! Now I'm on a quest! Thanks for sharing Jody!

Kyra said...

Love the chicken! I have an idea for gifts for the Birthday Bella. The artists in my life love when I give them reems of paper to "decorate" with new colored pencils etc. I usually give a box of envelopes too because mailing them is the best!!! Glad to hear all is well with the little guy.

Anonymous said...

i found your website a while back and have read every post and look forward to new posts! I wish that I could be strong like you but I am working on it.

when you made the comment about having a newborn after almost 4 years, it got me thinking, that is me! I have a 4 month old and my next oldest is going to be 5 in November. It was actually a different adjustment than I thought because the older girls were able to communicate more but it was still hard for them to share me when a baby clearly needs you more. But it is also good because they do not fight as much anymore and seem to be getting along really great (most of the time).


jackie carl said...

When I first saw the shoe photo, it reminded me of the show 'Jon & Kate plus 8'....the way they have all their kids' shoes lined up on the shelves.

That is an adorable picture & creative on Ava's part. :-)

Disney Scrapper said...

I have never seen yellow watermelon! And is that the chicken I think it is?

walkingbyfaith said...

Kids really do say the darndest things, don't they? :)

I looove the purse! Where did you get it?

Becca said...


I told you, Sutton Ferlaak has a nice ring to it! : )