Sunday, July 20, 2008

A few glimpses...

First of all and most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Mom today!! I came out from all my fun and partying and scrapping to give her a shout out on my blog for her birthday. I send all my love to you today and wish you so much happiness and goodness as you celebrate another year. My mom is the biggest Nitty.Gritty. "fan" that there is... and I feel lucky and blessed that she loves me and cares whole-heartedly about every detail of my life. The big, the small, the trials and the joys...she's a treasure to me for sure, and I don't think she knows how wonderful she really is, nor do I think she realizes how much I cherish her support. Today- even though I'm away, I am thinking of you, Mom. Happy Birthday from myself, Chip and all the kiddos. {Who are on their way to come and pick me up as I type this out.} We all love you very much!
I am excited to post some photos that allow some of you to see into my world the past few days. It's been a really great trip- more than I expected, more than I deserve. I have met and made some wonderful, new friends and I have seen some really fun scrap product {my favorites coming straight from the Cosmo Cricket, Jenni Bowlin & Heidi Swapp (not pictured), Sassafrass Lass and Hambly booths} at the Chicago CHA convention. I have enjoyed shopping and laughing and eating good food. I have loved celebrating my friend, Jo-Anne's birthday together for the second straight year here in America {Jo lives in Holland!} and sharing her day with an unexpected baby shower given to me by my Fashionista friends. It is one of the best surprises I have ever received. I still can't believe they put something together for me, including a "Wren Carrot Cake" that was delicious beyond words. So good in fact, that I ate two pieces of it back-to-back, and have no guilt or regrets about doing such a thing.
I really don't know at times like this, what I have done right in my life to deserve to be surrounded by friendship, blessing and happiness. I sat opening baby gifts {and a rubber chicken, thank you very much, Stacey!} with a lump in my throat and a smile on my face and have to humbly say, "thank you" to anyone and everyone who has ever walked with me, cared about me, showered blessings on me, and shared life with me in a way that has made me fully believe that life is a beautiful thing. It's a very beautiful gift indeed.


MH72 said...

What a wonderful surprise!

jenjock1 said...

i'm so glad you enjoyed it. love and hugs, jen

Traci Keriazakos said...

I feel such a huge amount of gratitude for being able to sit and talk with you. You are wonderful and amazing. And dang it, you're funny too!! When is your hip hop album coming out?? ;)

mel said...

I'm glad you had a great time! It's nice getting away sometimes!! Have you heard the song "Lemonade" by Chris Rice? I thought of you and your post about Lemon bars when I heard this song. It's on by blog play list if you're interested. Have a fabulous day! Melissa

MandieGirl said...

How fun! I am so happy that you had such a great weekend!!!

jill s said...

it was nice to see you at cha! i'm not sure if you remember who i am or not. :)

i'm the girl that works at pages!

we are going to be getting jenni bowlin + hambly!! SO excited!

those were 2 of my favs too!!

you look so cute pregnant!

it sounds like you had an amazing time!


Laura said...

awwwww jody! how fun for you!!!! i am so glad you had such a special surprise! Thanks for sharing some pictures with us!!!!

staceyfike said...



Charin said...

That is oh so sweet! :) You girls are all so lucky to have each other, it's something special :)

Michelle said...

So happy you had a great time Jody!!! Wish I could be there too... but you'll just have to be content with all the love and happy thoughts from NZ. :D

Mandy said...

Doesn't it feel good to be loved? I am so glad you had such a great trip and surprise. How fun! I always enjoy reading your blog.


Jan said...

I'm sorry I missed this event and especially the chance to share in the baby joy with you, mother of all mothers - and I mean that in a GOOD way! :)

All of the surprise stuff happened when I was preparing and then gone for a week - but please know that I love you, too. You have been such a huge inspiration to me. I thought about you this week and all this love you were getting showered with and just felt so happy for you! Jody - you totally deserve it and are worth it!


Becca said...

When you say you're not sure what you've done to be surrounded by such good friends--I'll tell you. YOU are a thoughtful friend. A caring friend. A PRAYERFUL friend. And what goes around, comes around. YOU deserve all the blessings in your life, Jod.

LOVED spending the day with you Saturday--and talking with you all night Saturday night. I think you rock and I KNOW my world is better for having you in it.



Becca said...

Oh and P.S.

Happy Birthday Jody's Mom! : )


Melissa Ferlaak said...

Jody, I think Martha Stewart needs to hire you as a photographer for her magazine! :)

Kairlotta said...

Yeah!!!!!! You got to meet my bestest friend Hilary at the Sassafras booth!!! I gave her some of my mojo to rub on your belly! LOL! You are too cute Jody! I'm glad you had fun!

amytangerine said...

love you sweets!
will be uploading my photos and emailing them soon.

Truly Blessed said...

i found your blog today while reading 'bring on the rain'. you seem like the neatest person. i love your colors and your obvious zest for life. your scrapbooking is marvelous. i could look at it for hours (i almost have!) :)
your photos are beautiful too.

wishing you the very best,

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you liked it and thanks for sharing that pic of Jo-anne with her cake, love it and I can see she loved it as well :)