Monday, July 14, 2008


My posts may be a little sparse this week as I prepare to head to Chicago for a time of fun with scrap friends and checking out new products. I am looking forward to this time- not just away from kids- but a break from my usual routine.
I have been much more tired this past week as the baby growing inside seems to be on the move...all the time! Even Chip commented that he was having a hard time sleeping. The baby's favorite time for swimming and rolling around seems to be from 11:30 pm - 3 am. Just so happens those are the hours I like to get some good sound sleep. I am finding myself feeling sluggish and ready for a nap between 4:30 and 6 pm. Right about the time my kids all want to eat dinner. =) Somehow I still manage to make beds, do laundry and make stuff like lemon bars and zucchini bread. Other than feeling tired, I am doing really well. I'm 29 1/2 weeks and I think I've mentioned my babies generally arrive early- Ava at 35 1/2 weeks. So if this little guy decides to be like the rest of his siblings, that gives us somewhere between 6 and 10 weeks before he makes his appearance. I'm sort of hoping to be two months overdue, because I could use that extra time- although I think I may need lots of naps if that happens. =)
Maybe I should just stop doing things like taking 4 kids to Target all at the same time. You'd think I'd know what wears me out by now. On the otherhand, I think those sorts of outings may actually help keep me young and thinking on my toes.
That's all I have for this Monday. I've got lots of packing and list-making to do for my husband and babysitters. I know I will have a good time away from them and miss them at the same time. And I hope they somehow manage to stay on top of the laundry so I don't have to do too much when I get back! A girl can dream, right?! =) Happy Monday everyone!


Dani said...

I hope you have a blast at your conference thingy. lol. I am so excited about the baby. He will be here before you know it. I just love babies. :) Newaz...have fun and take care. And yes of course a girl can dream. :)


Dani said...

YAY I was first comment. :) And second! lol

andrea said...

I just found your journal and it has become a highlight of my day to read your posts. I m inspired and humbled by your experiences and honesty. I am a mom of 3 children, expecting number 4 on September 30 so I am experiencing those last trimester energy lulls as well. Thank you for your openess in your blog.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog awhile now.. got it from a link on Angie Smiths' page... a sad, amazing story.. you have an amazing faith. You crack me up too with some of your blogs.. I only have 3 and have done the Target runs and seriously leave there with barely anything from my list! How do you do it with 4 and be pregnant!!!!!! THanks for your openess..

asnipofgoodness said...

Have a fantabulishiuse time away!

Ida said...

You sound like a normal momma! Have fun at CHA, but I wouldn't be too dissappointed if the laundry is not done. Only a momma can do EVERYTHING!!

Have a Great time and tell us all about it!


Grandma Karen said...

Hi Jody,
This time last year I was at your house doing all of that laundry. I sure wish I could have done it again this year. Next year should be OK. Or maybe you should spend a couple weeks at the lake house. There will be lots of hands to help with all of those kids.
Have a fun time.
Grandma Karen

Lisa & Gerald said...

Hope you have a great time with your friends! I know your hubby will be fine with the kids!

{ME} said...

Naps are great.
I don't think I have had a nap since 2005--the year my first child was born. Come to think about it...I don't think I have really slept since then either.

Jody--I will be working at the Sassafras Booth. I would love to meet you. Stop by if you can.

Daberath said...

I just came across your blog today and your story is an inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing your story and your faith. You have a beautiful family!

Holly T. said...

Enjoy your scrapbooking and girl time.
Holly T

patterns of ink said...

Hi, Jody,
I'm going to use a little code here, but I know you'll get it.

Spent a few hours this afternoon looking at the YB prfs. Fntstck! What a treat this YB will be. Full color fun! You dsrv a metl. srsly... this yb wl wn awrds!

KCAimee said...

I just checked in after being away from your blog for a while and I LOVE your new header. Is that a page you scrapped? It is so stinkin' cute! I really like the line, "My life as an open book".