Monday, March 15, 2010

Princess for a day.

Ava celebrated her 6th birthday yesterday. She had requested a pink frosted castle cake after seeing a similar blue one in a book that the kids all like to look through. She was awakened by all of us saying, "Surprise!" to her too- after she had requested that the night before as well. =) Funny how she "planned" her own party, but seem genuinely surprised and happy when it all actually came true before her eyes.
There were presents and brunch and an afternoon out of the house at a lacrosse game and playing with the neighbor kids too. It was sweet and simple, but as the pictures show, she was as happy as could be. It sure is fun to be princess- if even for a day.
Happy Birthday, Ava. You are loved- just the way you are!


Anonymous said...

yeah.....I still giggle when I think of you saying " hey you, yer piece of meat "!!!

you are a little monkey and I will always remember you so fondly.....

Have a lovely day sweetie

auntie jo xxxx in holland

HerChosenMom said...

That is an awesome cake!! Little girl cakes are the best! So cute :)

*kim* said...

I can see why she adored the cake!

she looks incredibly 110% happy.

What more could a Momma want?

Grandma Karen said...

Oh, the cake turned out great. And after spending time with her recently, it does not surprise me that she planned her day. And then acted surprised at it all. I hope I get to meet her future husband some day. We really need to have a conversation to prepare him for this lovely princess.

scrapcat said...

what a gorgeous cake!!!! sofi turns 6 in november. I should bookmark this page. she loves castles!

Anonymous said...

What a fun cake. It is good to see Wyndham up and around after being so sick.

sherry said...

Seriously Jody, you are amazing!!! You have your hands so full and yet you manage to create such a beautiful birthday CASTLE cake and make your darlin's birthday so special. You are a fabulous mommy!!!!!!
Bless you!!

Jessica said...

I love the castle cake! Just as I borrowed the butterfly cake idea, I think I will borrow this one for my 7 y.o. princess this year ; ) Thank you for the cake inspiration!!!

Natalie said...

That bday cake is adorable!

Psst...I am hosting a giveaway on my blog today, and I hope you'll come by and enter! xo