Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Feels like spring!

The sunshine has come out for a couple of days here in Michigan and today our temp should be around 50 degrees F. It is beginning to feel like spring! I am anxious to spend some time in the fresh air and the kids are anxious to get their bikes out and ride around after school too. It's the kind of weather that rejuvinates your soul after a long winter and sickness and grey days.
I came across this cute {free download} tutorial at Creature Comforts blog for painting tea cups with real tea. I think they are adorable and I am inspired to get out my china teacups today and have a little tea party with Ava while Crew naps later on today.
What sort of things do you love and look forward to at the first sign of spring? If I could, I'd have you over for tea and we could chat and enjoy each other's company. Instead, feel free to share your random thoughts in the comments and just pretend your sipping some tea at the same time. With a fresh squeeze of lemon on the side too. =)
Happy {early} Spring... which hopefully will last a little while around our place!


Marie said...

Hi Jody...I love the sun shining each morning and being able to go outside without a coat! I love having a cup of tea with lemon and also, have just tried plain hot water with lemon.Love taking Gracie Marie for a walk in the neighborhood and also pushing her around in her stroller (Gracie Marie is our tiny chihuahua).

Lisa D :) said...

Living in south Florida it's always spring/summer here (although this winter did get cold! No, really it did!) Anyway,just thought I'd comment so that *I* could have tea with you too! ha ha ha

So glad the sun is shining up your way Jody!

Heather from Ontario Canada said...

Good evening Jody, I'll have a mug of Earl Grey please. I like my tea with a smidgeon of sugar. Ralph and I enjoyed the spring like weather with a bike ride today, the motorized kind. We too have been enjoying incredible sunshine and warmer temperatures. We must be about on the same latitude or is it longitude **smirk** I enjoy peeking in on your blog. Have a great night and I'll probably see you soon. Pop into my blog sometime, say hello, I'd love to have you visit.

Cathy said...

We live in Canada - so I totally feel your elation at the warmer weather. We have had a couple of weeks of warm and sunshine. My 3 kids love to get the whole neighborhood riding bikes are playing spies outside. This is silly to admit but I LOVE cleaning my house with all the windows open getting a nice clean breeze through the house!

Abbie said...

We found tulips poking up in front of our fence - this is our first spring in our new house, so it's fun to see what's coming up!

Russell said...

Hi Jody - I found your blog again after being away for a while. I subbed in Bella and Wyndham's kindergarten class and got acquainted with your story and blog then.

We have a special SPRING tradition. We call it the FIRST ROBIN OF SPRING DAY. If someone sees a robin outside we celebrate the NEXT day with a 'picnic'. We grill burgers on the grill and have corn on the cob, potato salad, and watermelon. We usually dress in shorts but stay inside. We haven't had a First Robin of Spring Day that has been warm enough to warrant eating outside. Maybe this year will be the first!
Laurie C.

Francine said...

Cute tea craft, Jody! My daughter's friend just had a tea party birthday! This craft would have been a darling addition.
Call me crazy, but I love the spring cleaning! Of course, being able to enjoy the outdoors is fabulous, too, but for me, even just having the windows open and the sun fill our home during the normal routine is enough to lift my spirits!