Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Read this today...

"The older we get, the fewer things we find that are worth standing in line for". Isn't that the truth! Have you read any good quotes lately? Also, what would you stand in line for more than an hour for?
I'd stand in line for a nice family picture or this.
Although I think after standing in line for an hour, there wouldn't be too many smiles to capture! I'm trying to de-clutter my countertops today and this blogpost is my break from that. So pardon the randomness of it. I think I'm going crazy from the mess that seems to never end around here. I'm going to be a minimalist in my next life. Ha!
Here's one more random thing for your day...scroll down this blog to see some cute felt garland. I like it alot. And I don't think it would clutter up my counter, but would look good draped behind everyone if we were to take an autumn picture. =)


Ioana said...

awwww.. finally
i mist your posts


Erika said...

yup, that is SO true!!! sometimes when i'm at target, i have the urge to ditch my whole shopping cart when i see a really long line at the check-out! LOL! i love reading your posts- keep them coming! <3