Thursday, October 29, 2009

More randomness.

I like it when you buy food and it actually looks like the picture on the package when you get it out of the box. =) These mixed veggies are what Crew and I ate for lunch and for 99 cents they were colorful, tasty and looked like their picture! We had some whole wheat toast with deli ham and provolone too. In case you wondered what he is eating right now. All finger food.
The other half of my dining room table was, and still is, covered with cardstock, fabric and leaves. I've been trying to play around and cutting out leaves and sewing them onto cards seemed like a good idea to me. Now, if I could manage to get them in the mail and delivered to friends, I'll really feel like I've accomplished something!
The self portraits were snapped an hour ago. I colored my hair twice in 2 days {again!} and am happy to say that I got it to a shade I can live with for the next month or so. =) Or maybe I should say I got the gray/purple/blue streaks out and now I actually have to come up with a costume if I plan on dressing up for Halloween this weekend. My hair was so obviously gray/purple that when Sarah Jessica Parker for Garnier Nutrisse came on tv yesterday afternoon, Bella looked at me during the ad and said, "That's what you need, Mom!". I think I need a little more than a hair color fix to turn into her, but I did swipe on some new red lipstick today. I bought it last week on a buy 1, get 1 free deal at the grocery store. Now that I stop and think about buying boxed haircolor and lipstick at Meijer, I shouldn't be surprised that I don't look like a movie star. The good news is that I'm not trying to be one. =)
My theory is that if you look better, you'll feel better. With 2 kids not feeling so hot here at our house (Wyndham and Ava) I am trying to avoid getting sick. I know my theory doesn't hold much water, but there's no harm in trying. I'm sure if I end up staying healthy it has more to do with colored veggies than it does about lipstick and hair color.
I also think I need to consider taking a nice long blog break. Because this randomness is making me look crazier than I am. At least my hair is the right color though! Important stuff. Really.


Beckypdj said...

Your hair and lips look fab.
I splurged on myself yesterday and got a chemical peel. I was feeling pretty vain, but then I ran all over town today with vaseline smeared all over my face (you have to keep greased up for a few days after a peel) I thought, I can't be too vain if I'm willing to let everyone see me like this.

I like your randomness! I feel a little crazy too!! The pictures of your boys a couple of posts ago are way cute. That little brown sweater on Crew is ADORABLE.

Keep posting, we'll keep reading!

MandaKay said...

You're are so cute! Your hair looks cute as ever and love the self portrait! Got to love Meijer!

Anonymous said...

Your hair colour looks lovely. Well done.



Jennifer said...

You look beautiful, and very happy! Maybe that is what I need to do with myself today- just try to look good. Maybe that will help all of us around here. :-)

Veronica said...

Great pictures Jodi! You look fabulous! Its great to the the fills the page and my heart!

Veronica said...

* see the smile....