Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Party recap.

Bella's party was a lot of fun for all of us on Saturday. We even managed to get a family photo. That makes two already this summer! =) The cupcakes were a hit with everyone. It seems that chocolate, chocolate peanut butter cup is a universal favorite among kids of all ages. We rounded out the party with pizza, gift opening and an outdoor movie on the deck. Bella chose "Wall*e" so the boys wouldn't mind watching alongside of her and her friends. Seven is a fun age.
We did learn one important thing from this party and that is if you make chocolate cupcakes in cute patterned liners, you don't end up seeing the cute patterns after they bake. We're going to see what happens when you make white, yellow or pink cupcakes next. Cupcakes bring happiness no matter what the day. In fact, I think we're making cupcakes again tomorrow. Because remembering Teagan is a really good excuse for cupcakes.
Thanks for thinking of our family at this time of year. Some of you have already sent thoughts our way as we mark another annivesary of our family's tragedy. It's a tough reminder and yet we always seem to find a way to make the day special and even light-hearted most years.
I plan to post some thoughts later today or tomorrow. You know I've got something to say. =)In the meantime, please be praying for a couple of little guys who need major medical miracles... both Jaymun and baby Stellan would love to be healed! I'm sure their parents would all love some rest for their worried hearts too. I've been praying and will keep on praying and trust that God is good.
All the time.


Anonymous said...

Jody, you and Chip and the kids are always in my prayers. What a delightful birthday party. It's so nice to see one held at home and what a great idea for the movie.Your blog gives me new insight into the Lord each time I read it. God is good and He is our salvation.

Penny said...

It looks like you had a great party. I love parties at home. I think they are much more memorable and so much less hectic. You are a very wise mom!! I had the same experience with the cupcake liners. I just plopped them in a clean one when they were finished baking. You have to use twice as many, but they still look cute. I just left the old one on.
I love the family picture. It is so nice of all of you. Can't believe how big Crew is getting. Seeing him in Daddy's arms you can see how big he is! You have a beautiful family.

The Mattfield family said...

Jody, that looks like an awesome birthday party! Question for you about the frosting on the cupcakes....what's your recipe??? lol Seriously though! It seems I cannot make frosting to save my life....but I want to keep trying. I just need a good recipe (and I LOVE buttercream too!). Could you send it to me please? I would appreciate it TONS!!!


Lauren Kelly said...

Awwww, so glad she had a GREAT birthday party, and I agree, cupcakes are the BEST!!! :)