Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bella's birthday.

It's just after midnight and we're finally putting our feet up after celebrating Isabella's 7th birthday today. She requested a stack of pancakes, "three high with a square butter on the top andItalic syrup dripping down the sides". She wanted to know if that was possible or if it only happened on tv or on packages. I assured her she could have them if she wanted them. What a simple request, yet she was very impressed, although she couldn't eat them all. Brock wanted a similar stack and stated, "I should have asked for those pancakes on my birthday!". Ava wanted her pancake in the shape of an "A" and Wyndham got a "W".
Luckily for me I like making pancakes and playing with food. I think pancake batter fonts is one of my favorite foods to make. =)
Obviously it's getting late, but I just had to note the pancake conversations as well as this remark from Bella when I first saw her today. I hugged her and wished her a Happy Birthday. Then I said, "Are you excited to be 7 now?" to which she replied, "Well, I don't really feel different yet; 7 feels pretty much the same as 6".
It was a great birthday. I took too many photos according to Chip. I'm sure you'll see some of them soon enough. As for Chip, well, he had a good day too. He ran his first 5k and beat his goal for his overall time. I've been very proud of his disicpline with weight loss, exercise and healthy choices when it comes to food for a few months now. He skipped the pancakes. But I think he had a cupcake tonight. As I hoped he would. Birthdays are some of the best days to eat cupcakes. Especially when you're celebrating turning 7.


harmonysong said...

Happy BIRTHDAY, Bella!! Glad it was a great day! 7 is such a great year!! :)

Hooray for Chip!

Lauren Kelly said...

Aww, how sweet! It's the simple things, such as pancakes, that mean so much : )

darcie said...

There's no such thing as too many photos - and can I just say that asking for the stacks of pancakes might just be about the cutest thing I've ever heard?
Thinking about you and your family -