Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"For better or for worse..."

We looked a little bit younger in 1995, didn't we?! Thankfully our hearts were meant to be together forever and always. I love you, Chip...Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to my husband, Chip of thirteen years!
I have about a hundred things I could blog about tonight, but since it is our anniversary I'll just touch on a couple of them and then go squeeze in next to Chip to watch a bit more of the Olympics on tv.
My family (parents, niece and nephew) arrived at our home at 5:30 a.m. on Monday morning after an all-night drive from the Twin Cities, MN. Life around here has been nothing short of dramatic and event-filled ever since then. Hence the lack of blog posts. And some of you probably thought I was just trying to rest myself and keep from going into early labor! Ha!
There has been lack of sleep, lots of food and laughing and bath time and catching up with stories, in addition to a trip to Lake Michigan beachfront, attack of bees and lots of other stuff in between all of that.
Poor Wyndham and a neighbor boy got stung two and three times yesterday. Then today, the wasps attacked again and struck my nephew 3 times, Aly once, my Dad once and Ava got it in the eye. That's why you see her "winking" in the last photo. Her eye totally swelled shut from her sting. We adults all felt so bad and Chip made an emergency run to the store and has since taken out every nest around our home. So hopefully we have taken care of the bee problem...we are lucky nobody is seriously allergic to them. We've now officially had enough of their aggression for one summer. Or two or three!
As we watched our wedding video this evening, with all the kids and my parents at our side, I just think back to what I had visioned in my head as my future 13 years ago on this day. I couldn't have been happier to have Chip at my side- pledging his love and committment to us forever. I was so happy to be committed to "us" as well- although I really had no clue what it would entail. But here we are...marking 13 years of marriage in our lives and it's really a wonderful thing for me to see that although my 'vision' and reality have very rarely even aligned with one another, that the story is still charming, full and always adventure-filled. Not in the way I pictured it...but the fact is I feel blessed to play a leading role alongside Chip everyday.

The "worse" has been far worse than I ever dreamed it could be.
Yet the "better" has and continues to exceed my expectations.
Bee stings and all.
I publicly announce my love and committment to Chip and to my family again today- just as I did to him 13 years ago. I didn't know then what our future held, but I knew Chip was the very one I wanted to be beside me as it unfolded before us. One day- one moment at a time. There have been struggles. There have been miracles. There have been tears of sorrow and tears of joy. There has been so much, that I can't help but love him more- for and through all of it.
Happy annivesary, Chip. I love you today.
I will loved you yesterday.
I will love you tomorrow and forever.
Thank you for being with me. Through it all.


staceyfike said...

how adorable are you circa 1995!!!?? happy anniversary!!!

Rhi said...

i have to be honest. i hardly recognise you circa 1995! but thats not in a bad way. you are two types of beautiful.
happy anniversary mr and mrs jody!

Carrie said...

Good morning. You don't know me...but I stumbled upon your blog through someone's page, and I've been reading it every since. I've read the entire story of your baby girl, cried a few times, yet smiled a lot more. I love your unique style, and will keep up with your blog often. You're on my page as one of the blogs I read, and I don't even know you! Hope you don't mind?! ;) Ha ha. Happy Anniversary!

Greta said...

Hey Jody! I still read, but rarely comment so I just wanted to give a quick hello and wish you both a very happy anniversary!

Harriett said...

Oh Jody! Today is my husband and I's 13th anniversary too. We married on the same hot august day that you and Chip did. Enjoy!

Sonja said...

Happy Anniversary, you crazy kids:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jody,
I've been reading your blog, and praying that God will keep the sense of peace you seem to have.
It is wonderful when you have someone you love so much spend
their life time with you. I know this because on August 23rd my husband and I will celebrate being side by side for 50 years.
Mary from all over, now of Virginia

Amy said...

OH my gosh! I've loved your blog forever!! Today I learned that we share the exact same anniversary! How I missed that before now, I don't know! Happy 13th anniversary!

Amy Ragland said...

It was our 8th Anniversary on the 12th. :)

Anonymous said...

What you say about not knowing the future is so true! I remember telling my mom as a little girl that I wished I knew the future and she said that God didn't intend for us to know that as it would be too over-whelming. I'm glad that he designed it that way so we can (hopefully) fully rely on him!!
Hope everyone recovers o.k. from the stings!

Hillary said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Anonymous said...

Many couples do not survive similar trials such as those you have been through. Praise God! You are truly blessed.

Anonymous said...

Jody happy anniversary!!!

Its the same day as my sister :)

I think you look cute in 95....but you are cute now too :))

Daberath said...

Happy Anniversary!! I hope it was a great day spent with family, you and your husband sure deserve it!

Sunshine said...

I have been reading your blog since April and LOVE it! I have always found little simularities...I find it so cute that our anniversaries are the same! We were married in 2000! Happy Anniversary to you both!Sunshine

MandieGirl said...

Happy Anniversary One Day Late! ;)

Hope it was a great one!

Adrienne said...

Happy Anniversary, Guys! No fair that only 2 years after I married Jason, you DIDN'T have puffy sleeves! I'm buying myself a 20 year dress in 2013! Happy Anniversary!

Carin said...

I just found your blog from someone else's blog... I want to wish you a Happy Anniversary... even if it is a couple days late. My husband & I just celebrated our 18th anniversary on the 11th. God's blessings on the coming year & on your new baby! *Ü*

scrapnic72 said...

Happy Anniversary. I hope that you and Chip get some alone time to celebrate. Althought sometimes anniversary celebrations with the whole clan are just as sweet!


Alex said...

Jody- reading your posts about your love for your husband and passion for your marriage together makes me so happy inside. Being married 4 weeks I am still in honeymoon-mode, but it makes me so excitd about the future! Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Nitty Gritty!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Happy Anniversary!
Best Wishes to you guys !