Saturday, August 09, 2008

Nesting... and More Partying.

Okay. I must be almost maxing blogger out with the number of pictures I have posted on my blog today. I just had some more stuff to share and thus the pics and double-post.
My friend, Wilna, posted a SIS Fashionista Challenge earlier this week and included a downloadable pdf file of the cute bird images you see on the cupcakes. As soon as I saw them I knew I wanted to have a little cupcake-birdfest and today happened to be the perfect day for such an event.
I was thinking of my family in Minnesota and how everyone is still so shocked and sad at the sudden death of Chip's uncle was his funeral. {He was just 47 and had a sudden ruptured aorta and there was nothing that could have saved him...we're all very sad and will miss him at all our family events for a very long time.}
In the midst of all this though, there has been so much playtime and fun with my kids- as though I am compensating for the sorrow by over-doing the fun. But I also know how little time I will have to do this sort of thing very soon- with a new baby about to burst on the scene {which, incidentally, you can click here to see the latest self-belly pics at 33 weeks} as well as my kiddos about to start back to school. I just know how things get as summer wraps up. NOW is the time for fun and enjoying the chance to do this sort of stuff- "just because".
The girls were so thrilled with our "Just because tea party". It was extra special because I pulled out all the stops- including the special tea set {Teagan got it for Christmas one year and it is still very special to me.}, the colored frosting and decorated cupcakes and of course, the little birds to make it all the more fun. We took lots of pictures and there was more laughing and sticky fingers and crumbs all over by the end of our little party, but it was so worth the effort that went into this brief moment in time.
So what's up with me in a bathrobe?! Well, I splurged on myself and bought a pink robe {for $10 bucks!} at Target this week and figured I will be getting lots of use out of it as I lounge around and care for the baby soon. I thought I'd show you that we are in the process of setting up a nursery and I feel so 'ready' just because the bassinet is all washed and waiting. =) I do have a few things collected for the layette- isn't that onesie cute! It was made for me by another one of my new scrap friends, Amy Tan.
I am feeling very blessed these days with so much anticipation, so much to be thankful for each day, and most importantly for the energy and health and strength to make little "big" stuff happen. Life isn't always cupcakes and parties, but when it is, it feels really good and I want to savor it that much more. Everyday is a day to celebrate. I'm so glad I had another chance to do that with my girls today. I think Teagan must even smile down on us when she sees us using her tea set and Barbies and all. I will always miss her- especially on reflective days- but I am also so glad for the opportunity to live with new Joy and make new memories along the way.


Anonymous said...

I love you....x

Anonymous said...

thank you

Mere said...

The way you've described Teagan makes me sure that she is smiling...I bet she is excited for your newest addition too. She knows he will be a perfect addition!

FlipFlop Mom said...

This looks heavenly .. and so much fun...!!! and you look GREAT!!! love the new baby things!!!

Golly... now I WANT a cupcake.. lol lol

Rachel said...

This looks like such a fun day with your girls! I love reading your blog, and I am so happy for oyu as you get ready for a new life to enter your home :)

patterns of ink said...

This is simply the most genuinely colorful place in the blogosphere! In all senses of the word.

Amber Ulmer said... u lots... and that crib set is precious... what brand is it?

Tracy said...

I can't remember how I found your blog, but I've been so blessed by reading it for quite a while now - thank you for sharing your sweet life with us. You inspire me, and I know that you touch the hearts of so many! -also love all the adorable and creative ideas you share (the bird cupcakes are too much:)- that tea party thing is feeling very contagious!