Saturday, August 02, 2008

Belated birthday pictures-

I have been taking so many photos the past week that when I clicked back through some of my folders I realized I never posted Bella's birthday pics. She had a great birthday- with just our family and some Hello Kitty cupcakes- last Friday when she turned 6.
The photo of her opening a present on the phone as a princess was snapped while her grandma and grandpa sang "Happy Birthday" to her. It's one of my kids' favorite traditions each birthday- to get their song and birthday wishes by phone. I think it's one of Chip's favorite traditions too- he just doesn't show his excitement because of his age. =)
As I hit 32 weeks of pregnancy this week I am finding myself definitely 'feeling the third trimester'. My back hurts everytime I have to lift Wyndham in or out of something- like the tub or her carseat. She's tall and weighs about 55 pounds, so I suppose my back would hurt no matter my extra weight or not. I've been a bit more tired and when I sit outside with the kids while they splash in their pools I get hot a lot faster than I did last summer. I'm the kind of person who is normally cold all the time- for me, summer sun and humidity is the way I like it best. But I can't quite take it as much these days- thank goodness for air conditioning and ice cream treats. =)
We are in the process of getting the baby's room set up and that meant Ava got to move her bed into Bella's room this week. They had a few late nights of talking and giggling and a few too many early mornings for my liking. But the last two nights have gone much better and I think they are going to really like being roomates. They each have their own bed and nightlight and bedside table and they seem happy with their own 'space'. Brock is our built-in night watchman and will let us know when he thinks they've been talking or staying up too late. What a great big brother! =)
I'm feeling a bit anxious about how to work a newborn's demands into our already busy schedule. But as Chip said to me the other day, "we've done this before and it always works out". He is so wise and so right. I think it's just a normal part of the pregnancy-thought process for me. I can't help but think that 'something has to go'...I'm just curious to find out what it's going to be this time around. The best part is that whatever 'goes' generally gets replaced with more love and joy. So no matter what we give up, we get something far greater in return.


lori said...

Happy Birthday Bella

And have you picked a name yet for the baby?

Tabitha said...

Oh what sweet photos of your little birthday princess ~ she is just so lovely!!
Your husband is indeed a wise man!! From what I see and read in your blog, you are a wonderful mother and this new little bubba will be so lucky to have you!!
It is always a bit scarey when a new baby comes along (I remember it well ~ still!!) ~ but I am sure that he will slot straight in!!
lots of love and hugs to you XXXXX

All moments remembered said...

Happy Birthday Bella!!!!

Jody thanks for the get away place to come! I come here read you post and then keep you up so I can listen to the music. Much of the time I end up with tears rolling down my face but then I know the music is getting into my heart.

Have a beautiful week ahead and hope you are feeling wonderful!!

patterns of ink said...

Nice photos. Thanks for the practical update on how things are going and Chip's wise words on how you'll get throught it together.
I still love that new header art at the top!