Monday, August 04, 2008

Cute and crafty.

I found these adorable knitted baby rattles and full instructions for making them here. I know I blogged about having to give something up in order to make more time in my schedule...but these little toadstools are just so cute. They make me want to learn to knit.
I can just see these in little blues/olive greens/aqua and brown. I know it probably won't happen. But maybe there's a chance Chip will see this and take up knitting in the next couple of months. =) Hey... a girl can dream, right?!


Cari said...

Those are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! If I could knit, I would make one for you...but I can' you'll have to continue to drool over the picture!

It's the thought that counts!



Sam, Erin and Ava Oginsky said...

Those are adorable. I wish I could learn to knit in a day and make those!

honestly amy said...

the funny thing is knitting is EASY! it just takes a little practice. I didn't think I could knit and one weekend my cousin who can knit came to visit me...and by the end of the weekend I had knit a winter hat with the flaps for myself :) (out of the book Stitch 'n Bitch by Debbie Stoller)
Now I knit baby hats (cause they are fun and easy and it seems everyone is having babies)
So I recommend finding someone who can knit and beg them to teach you.
I find it so nice to have knitting to keep your hands busy when watching tv, travelling or when you are sitting and waiting at the doctor's office, etc.