Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Before and After.

Chip's mom will appreciate this (Hi, Grandma Karen!). You can click the photos to enlarge them. What you see are a couple of 'before' pictures of Chip doing some maintenance on our front landscape and planting flowers for me for Mother's Day. Our weather has been cool and was wet over the weekend, but still he managed to get some projects done and the last picture is the 'after' as it looked today.
The kids helped to pick out flowers and loved trying to help 'dig' and plant and just be involved in the process. Both my parents and Chip's mom are avid gardeners and so I think this post may just make them beam a bit. Maybe we have some green thumbs developing around here. I am looking forward to seeing some color burst on the scene- very soon, I'm sure.
And thank you, Chip, for all your effort and thoughtfulness. He knows I'd rather have a whole summer of flowers out my front door than a week of roses on our dining table. =) I appreciate him and his and our kids' budding interest in gardening.


Anonymous said...

Looks great Chip! Good job!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Aww how sweet!

Anonymous said...

I'd much rather have a rose bush planted in the yard than a $60 bouquet, too!!! Tim has done that for me a few times and I truly appreciate that more than a card and necklace.

Way to go, Chip!

MichelleJ said...

Me too :) Way to go guys! We do the same thing every Mothers Day - a morning at the garden center picking out our favorites, an afternoon putting in the vegetable garden and a whole Sunday for me planting and weeding. Can't get any better than that :).

Your yard looks beautiful.

Tracy said...

Am I the only one seeing blue siding in the first picture and tan in the last two? It looks like Chip not only cleaned out the gardens and did the planting but re-sided the house for good measure!

Amy said...

That is so sweet of your husband to do that for you. It's true, the little things mean a lot more than an expensive bouquet.

I'm glad your pregnancy is going well for you and congratulations on it being sweet baby boy.

Anonymous said...

Grandma Karen is sooooo thrilled to see her son work in the plants! I only wish he lived closer to me. Good job Chip.