Thursday, April 03, 2008

Some more misc. notes...

After Chip read the list of 40 things I love about him, he said to me, "How did you come up with all those things?". The truth is I could have written 40 more. And more. It's a matter of 'looking' and really thinking about all the things you love about someone. I invite all of you to try it at sometime- whether you are struggling in your own marriage/relationship, or even if you need to mend a broken one and you can't seem to see past the hurt right now. Start with a short list- 5 things maybe. Or change your list from "5 Things I love about this person" to "5 Things God loves about this person" and see I promise you some healing will begin to take place...or begin to grow.
Chip's not perfect. He'll even admit to that. Our marriage isn't perfect. We've not even had one 'perfect day' in all our years together, but I am humbled and grateful for what we do have and truly we consider ourselves blessed to be in each other's life. We're still growing and learning and trying to figure out things about the other- even after 14+ years together (counting dating/engagement), but the more I find things to love and appreciate about Chip, the more the other 'stuff' doesn't seem to matter. That's the part that can be a challenge in any relationship. To not get hung up or obsessed with the negatives and the things that are 'wrong', but instead to forgive and seek to see the good in someone- despite shortcomings. I am just as thankful that Chip loves and accepts me as I am- and also that he is willing to point out things that need changing at times.
Neither of us takes credit for loving each other through the ups and downs and ugly stuff we've been through together, but we both know that God gives us strength to love and forgive- even when it hurts. And that has been the key to our marriage as you see it today. Not perfect at all...but one that has grown and deepened through the years and can 'stretch without breaking' when the going gets rough.
So, thanks for all the nice comments to both Chip and me. But really, God deserves the credit for love that we share. I really hope some of you will challenge yourselves to write a list or even daily tell a loved one in your life one thing you love about that person and just see what happens as time goes on. Love changes things.
On another note, I know many of you have been praying for my friend, Roxanne Robbins and especially for her little friend, Okello Dickens who was so sick in a children's hospital in Uganda, Africa. I received an email from Roxanne yesterday telling of Dicken's death and her sorrow in his loss. My heart goes out to Roxanne and she continues to ask for prayer, not only as she grieves for Okello, but also for all the other children in this hospital that she is aiding at this time. The needs of the children far exceed what she can do for them- medically, emotionally and spiritually and so she appreciates our prayers for strength as she does what she can to ease their pains. My prayers are with her and those around her in a special way today and in the coming days. Thank you for joinging me in prayer.
On a different note, I have to tell you that there has been some fun developments at SIStv. This month there were a whole bunch of *new Fashionistas* added to our design team. We *old Fashionsitas* were given a Lil' SISter and we had fun making welcome layouts for them. I was hooked up with Rhian from Great Britain and it has been fun for me to get to know her a bit through her creations and designs. I made this page for her after reading her blog and studying her gallery of scrap pages. SIS is excited to have so much more creativity and ideas onboard with this new team of girls. Welcome and also, feel free to check out the new and improved SIS Boutique. It's fresh and fun and full of new things!
Lastly, I have to share this just because I know some of my family and friends will get a kick out of this true story. A couple of days ago the doorbell rang and I was busy attending to Wyndham in the bathroom and Chip was changing clothes after just getting home from work. I told the girls not to answer it if they didn't know who it was. Well, Ava proceeded to open the door and standing outside were two teen guys from our local highschool. They were selling something for their sport's team. Chip finally made it to the door and I turned to Ava when I had the first chance and said, "You're not supposed to answer the door if you don't know the person outside".
The next morning when she was getting dressed I decided to go over this rule about answering the door once again. I said, "Ava, do you remember what Mommy told you about answering the door when you don't know the person?", and she said, "yes". So I continued, "Why did you open the door for the guys yesterday without a Mommy or Daddy with you if you didn't know them?". She looked at me and said, "I did know them...they were the Jonas Brothers!".
I couldn't help but laugh...and realize I have so much to learn about parenting yet.


Cara said...

i loved your list for chip!
i wrote a similar list for herb when he turned 33.
we were not even dating yet, but when he read that list, he realized how much i "saw him" and how much i liked him for who he is. we were dating a short month later! :)

thanks jody, as always, for your encouraging blogs.
hope all is well in your world!

Q's NEWS said...

The Jonas Brothers comment is the cutest thing I have heard in a long, long time. Happy Birthday to Chip and Jody, I loved your list.

Your playlist got me, though. I lost it when I heard the "Rainbow Connection" because it reminded me of when Sesame Street was new and my younger brother and sister were very little. Back when our family talked to each other and we were a family. Please pray for healing in my family.

Thanks, I didn't mean for this post to be about me me at all. What Ava said completely cracked me up!

Love from WV,

E said...

i took your challenge jody and made a list for my wasn't so hard. thanks for your post today. i love the story!

Anonymous said...

Your post (the first part particularly) was just what I needed this morning. Thank you. :) I was a bit cranky this morning, so I'll go ahead and write that list for my hubby. Thanks for being real and for the encouragement your blog always is.


Tabitha said...

Thank you Jody for your advice, I have recently gone through a (not very nice) divorce and I took your advice about the list and it really helped, it made me see that the man I married is still there somewhere...I loved the story about answering the door, children are just so funny at times, my 2 kids come out with some real side splitting things at times...we are truly blessed to have such wonderful children who bring us such joy.

the rye family said...

check out tricia & nate's blog again today - and PRAY for their family! :)
she got her new lungs! :)

Rhonda said...

Your post was exactly what I needed to hear today. My husband is going through some weird health problems that even the doctors look at us and say "hmmmmm" He has "episodes" where all of a sudden he will start saying something that isn't in context with what is going on at the time...kind of like he is dreaming but he is still awake. Anyway, it has been rough for me and our marriage has suffered a little...I love him so much and will do whatever it takes to help him. I will look for the positives. Thanks for your words! You are truly inspiring.

Anonymous said...

I was so sad to hear about Okello. Death is such a rare thing among children in our world, but so heartbreakingly common there. I am so glad he had your friend near him, loving him, when he did die.

With love


patterns of ink said...

Hey, Jody,
Wow! What a list. Chip is probably still on cloud nine! Great post.

I’m dropping by my favorite blogs to explain that I’ve made some progress on the video project from my Thailand trip. My current post explains why I haven’t been seen much in the cyberhood the past few weeks. If you’re looking for some alternative entertainment, I’ve posted some clips and the Youtube link to more of them. Thank you for expressing interest back in January before this project was understandably put on hold as we attended to family matters.

Sherry Wright said...

Jody I just happened across your blog today, beautiful work & family! Since I live in N. MI I recall your story well, just never associated it with you for whatever reason. ((huga)) and have a wonderful weekend!

jewell said...

Your list inspired me to do that for my husband for our 25th wedding anniversary. He has planned a 4 day get away this week for us and I don't know the destination. I am so excited!!! He has never done anything like this before. So I plan on having a list of 25 things for him to celebrate our 25 years of marriage. Thanks to you for the great idea!!

kelly said...


just a comment on the opening door thing. my rule to my kids is not to answer the door for anyone. even if it is aunts/uncles/grandparents. they know that anyone that needs to be in the house right that moment has a key to get in. it sounds a bit extreme, but better to be safe..

mimisherry said...

You are ever the inspiration Jody!!! I immediately felt inspired to make my own list, and since my sweeties 50th bday is fast approaching, I made a list of 50 things....It was so fun to do! A few years ago I made a little mini album of the things I love about was so fun, I included photos, stories, etc...I love to go back thru it reminds me of the things I forget to remember at times. Because sometimes in our daily hustle bustle lives we do "forget to remember" the things that are the most important!!! The things that truly matter in our hearts and lives.
YOU, are one who helps us to remember these things all the time!! You are a sweet blessing Jody!

adrienne said...

you know jody...I think you are definitly on to something there...what a true eye opener that post is! Im going to totally take your advice and do this :)

totally off subject
but chip does NOT look 40!!! I would think early to mid 30's actually and I'm not just saying that! happy bday to him! :)