Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy Birthday, Chip.

This is one of my favorite pictures of us...so casual. So "us". Today Chip is celebrating his 40th birthday. He said he doesn't feel 40 at all. He feels much younger. I am thankful for him in my life- in our family's life- every single day. Today I felt compelled to put some of those reasons into words.
{These are totally random and are in no particular order. I could have written several more too!} Here they are, Chip..."40 Things I Love About You".
Happy Birthday today and I wish you many more!

1. Your big bear hugs
2. The fact that you cook better than me. Way better.
3. That you wrote in your day planner in 1994 on a random day, "Propose to Jody".
4. The way our kids light up when you come home. From anywhere.
5. You are great at getting tangles out of little girl hair after bathtime.
6. You can laugh and make jokes in the most tragic of moments and somehow make the ER of any hospital bearable.
7. The intensity level you place on yourself just before you hit a golf ball off the tee
8. Your side of the bed is ALWAYS warmer than mine...and you have no problem trading places with me so I can 'steal' that warmth whenever I ask you to do so.
9. The way you care about and maintain friendships in your life
10.The ease at which you can strike up and form new friendships- anywhere at anytime.
11. Your love of Ms. Pac-Man equals mine. =)
12. Citing major news stories (ie. Natalie Hollaway, Ward Churchill, the Runaway Bride, Elizabeth Smart, Anna Nicole Smith or Terri Schivo) makes us both smile.
13. You brought my mom flowers the first time you met her.
14. Your passion for history and politics has made me look good/knowledgeable at times...and has helped fuel my own interest in such topics through the years.
15. I love how you used to take Teagan places- even to the ocean beach- when I had to work...you two shared a special bond.
16. The way you take our other kids places at times- just so they get individual "Daddy-time" too.
17. You call me beautiful whether I weigh 168 or 118 pounds...and you truly mean it.
18. How you look in just a plain ol' white t-shirt
19. The way you have perfect timing some mornings and show up with a Starbuck's latte- just every so often enough...
20. How you made statements of forgiveness, publicly and in the media, before I ever even gave it a thought- much less said the words.
21. The way you say "You're sorry" even if you're not even sure what you did wrong. {wink}
22. Serving coffee and doughnuts with you at church only 3 weeks after we had gone on our first date.
23. Your baby back ribs and chocolate bread pudding with spiced whipped cream or cheese souffles turn out perfect every time you make them....Mmmmm.
24. If I take off running in a parking lot, you simply drive alongside me and tell me how fast I am running. You think I'm crazy- but you let me do stuff like that anyway...and still love me.
25. You use the same hair putty as me.
26. Whenever we go out for dinner your food always tastes better...and sometimes you let me trade meals.
27. Even though I can't dance, you make me feel like I can
28. Kapoochi's. I loved and miss Kapoochi's with you.
29. You listen to Nick Lachay. =)
30. Whether you are making gourmet soup or booking a golf outing, you throw yourself into your work and give 110%.
31. How you wait with the kids in the car while I shop at Gap Outlet...as fast as I can. =)
32. That you look for the good in everything- and you make me feel guilty when I say "just my life"...because you are so right...we're blessed in many ways.
33. When I tell you I am pregnant (which has been several times) you get the best look in your eyes and give the best hugs then too.
34. You hum movie and tv theme songs and play that silly guessing game with me. Fun stuff.
35. You know that Heaven is real and you look forward to spending eternity there. Someday.
36. Every time I say "I want to buy_____.", you tell me to go ahead. Because you know I'm the 'saver'. =)
37. That you talked me into a honeymoon in Hawaii...I will never regret going there. Ever.
38. You have made ordinary days in my life memorable and extraordinary. More than once.
39. I love the way you can tuck our kids in bed at night and they stay there.
40. The way you wave behind your back as you walk away. All because I told you I melted when I saw someone else do that once. You remember details that make life better...and I am so happy you're in my life.
Today and Always!


Camille said...

Wow, you look so good and healthy in this pic! Beautiful of you two.... very sweet post!!
God Bless~

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chip!

fran h said...

Wishing you a very happy birthday

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chip! What a wonderful husband, dad, friend and son you are to those around you. Enjoy your special day! God bless! JW

The Kahler Family said...

Happy Birthday Chip!
Jody, your list made me cry... I'm not pregnant either, just a sap!

Kim Hacking said...

That was a beautiful list! You are both so blessed to have each other. Happy 40th Chip! I joined that club last summer. I agree that I don't feel 40! Age is relative!

Sonja said...

mmm. crying here...a bunch of sappy, crazy chicks just wishing Chip a happy birthday. Sounds like you are both so lucky to have each other.

TRACEY said...

That was so sweet and special. Your a lucky gal.... Happy Birthday Chip.

kirstenjuenke said...

Okay, he's a keeper...and so are you - what a match! Happy Birthday Chip - dang, girl, you made me cry again...

inara said...

wowza, how sweet is that??? I should come up with a list like that for dh's next b-day.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chip. You sound like somebody every mother in law dreams her daughter would meet one day! BTW you don't happen to have a much younger brother I could introduce to my Daughter? LOL

mimisherry said...

You made me melt....What a great list for your dear husband...and the others are right, he sure sounds like a great guy! You two were custom made for one another...isn't that nice!? I love the photo...Adorable!!!
Love & Blessings!

Tabitha said...

That was so nice to read. You are both such great people and you have a very special relationship, you are truly blessed.

Happy Birthday Chip!

Rhi said...

this is sweetest blog entry in the world.
he listens to nick lachay made me laugh out loud.
happy birthday mr. jody :)

angi said...

Awww...such a great list :) Forty wonderfully SWEET things!

Happy Birthday Chip!

Marcie said...

Happy Birthday, Chip! 40 years young!

Christine said...

Ok Jody, you just about made me cry- Happy birthday Chip! If every couple loved each other the way you two do - the world would be a better place!!

MandieGirl said...

Happy Birthday Chip! Jody, I hope that you don't mind, but my husband's 27th birthday is in 3 weeks, and I might just have to borrow your idea!

Sara said...

Does he have a brother? About 35 years old or so?


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Chip!

Regina said...

Wow -
your list got me all teary - and made me start a list for my guy...

Happy Birthday Chip!

Anonymous said...

very sweet. . . . maybe I need to remember the "little" things my husband does, too, that make me love him more each day.

Happy belated birthday, Chip!

paige said...

happy birthday chip!
( mine too!)
love the 40 reasons you love that boy

Holly T. said...

Love this list idea...and happy birthday to your man!

DJones said...

Happy Birthday, Chip!
Jody, this is a beautiful entry.

Adrienne said...

Happy Birthday, Chip! And Jody, from your list, it seems like you got a wonderful party favor when you got Chip! Happy day, guys!

~j~ said...

It is always such a blessing to hear a wife sing the praises of her husband, always refreshing in these times. I know that life is not perfect but the fact that you are honoring him this way speaks volumes. Please wish him a very happy birthday.
peact to both your hearts,

asnipofgoodness said...

I think our husbands will be best friends in eternity!

-sandra said...

I never cry at things like these but this has brought me to tears. Trust me when I say, you(Reading your blog), give me hope. Thanks Jody ♥. Happy Bday Chip!

Amanda said...

What a sweet, sweet list. I should do one for my husband. is birthday isn't until October, but maybe for Father's Day... Thanks for the great idea!