Saturday, April 05, 2008

His first "investment"

Brock just got a new bike. We paid for most of it as part of his birthday present from back in February. The weather has finally turned sunny and springlike, so he and Chip went shopping for his present. He had an 'allowance' and then picked out the bike he wanted and paid for the rest with his own money. {He loves to save money and see his bank account grow...but had extra cash from his birthday in his wallet for this purchase.} He was so proud to pay for part of this bike by himself. He also has more interest in keeping it in good shape and I just think it is fun to be the 'parent' and watch him learn about spending/saving/taking care of things as well as seeing him proud about something so 'big'.
It's easy to forget all the 'stuff' we learn as kids and really it is important to do these little things along the way to help prepare kids for the real world. I'm so glad my own parents taught me to work and save and to tithe and to be smart with money. There's enough problems in life as an adult and I'm thankful today that I've been able to make wise choices {most of the time} and avoid financial heartaches.
If you're in the midst of one, my wish for you would be for you to start making small changes in life, to find a trusted friend or advisor who can help get you back on track and moving in the right direction. Money can be a real headache in this world. I don't claim to be rich or totally taken care of, but there are things that you can do to make life easier- even if you have financial struggles. Here's a link to some great tools to help get you started.
Okay. That's enough preaching. I just want to remember how happy Brock was with his first big purchase and to remember the joy of being a kid with a new bike. Not to mention a whole week off for spring break to ride all day and really get a good feel for it. Sometimes simple is good.


Holly T. said...

I completely agree with you about money...can be a big heartache in marriages too.
I am thankful that my husband and I have always agreed on money issues...and we are quite conservative.
Good advice.
Enjoy your blog.
Hope you are feeling coming back?

sarah, rsm said...

I remember my first bicycle ... Good for Brock ~ he will have an unforgettable week! And HOORAY for his very smart parents for beginning the lessons of finance
NOW :) I think we were cut from the same cloth, Jodi!


Anonymous said...

You look awesome on your new bike Brock!!! Way to go saving your money to get such a cool bike! I hope I get to see you soon and see you cruising down the road on the new bike!


Sonja said...

He looks ready to take on the world:) Go Brock!!

Hope all is well with you, I miss laughing with you:)

Danielsmommy said...

Hey girl!
Hope you guys have a great spring break!!

Stacy said...

The bikes rocks! And he looks so happy on it! I'm sure he'll have a blast :)

Anonymous said...

I wish I had had parents like yours who would have taught me how to manage my finances. I really didn't have any, until I left their house and married my husband (very young) and we really struggled for several years in our marriage until we were taught how to manage them.
For any out there who want to get ahold of a good resource check out Crown Ministries, which deals with all facets of that. You won't regret it!!!
Brock is a lucky young man to have parents like you and Chip!!!! Happy riding Brock!!

Anonymous said...

We are happy to see that Brock got his new bike. And that he parted with some of his cash. It looks great! Have fun Brock and be safe.
Love you.
Grandma Karen and Grandpa John

inara said...

very cute!!!

Cara said...

very very fun, jody! he looks so happy and proud! love it!

Laura said...

congrats to brock :) my first bike that i remember was called Dusty Rose and it has a lavendar banana seat. Loved that thing!!! And THANK YOU for the link. that is EXACTLY what i need, and i couldn't find anywhere. I know of Crown Ministries - i don't know why i didn't think to look and see if they had a website!! You saved the day!! :)