Monday, April 07, 2008

My scraps...

I will be posting a challenge/tutorial on the SIS Fashionista Inspiration blog tomorrow and have been busy making a 'mess' in my scrap space as a result. The top photo is what my scrap area looks like right now, and the second picture is a peek at one of the little projects I will be sharing in more detail.
Can I just admit that it feels SO GOOD to not have anything pressing on our calendar here at home for a whole week?! I am a major homebody and spring break is the best thing to me...does that make me pathetic or normal? I'm not sure, but I do know it feels really good to just have a week of 'nothing'. I don't mean that we won't do anything fun around our house and as a family, but not having to be somewhere by a certain time is basically my dream everyday. It feels good to have a dream come true- if even for just a week. =)
I used to envy people who would load their whole family up and travel to some warm, sunny destination. Not anymore. To me travleing is exhausting and there always seems to be some glitches along the way that cause stress and tension. Not to mention all the work of packing and unpacking for a family of 6 when you're the mom.
Nope. I no longer envy people who take a week to go somewhere. At least not with kids the ages mine are. I am perfectly content to stay home, sleep in, eat brunch most days and play with playdough and new bikes and scooters. I have come to really appreciate my ordinary, slow-paced life when it actually plays out that way.
I know that this is a season of my life and I am glad that I am able to just see it for what it is and and I am happy that sometimes simple is best for me. I love that 'contentment' comes in all shapes and sizes. Especially when it comes in the form of 'spring break'. =)

Today marks a life-changing day for my blog-friend, Angie and her family. I know that many of you have been following their story and they so appreciate your prayers and support. Life is so hard at times- more than we feel we can bear. I've been there myself. I encourage you to stop over to her blog and read the powerful post she wrote last night, {"He"} on the eve of her infant daughter's birth. It is life-changing if you don't know what God can do in your life already. And reaffirming to those who do know the Truth and Hope that comes through knowing Christ and living in faith each day. My thoughts and prayers are with the Smiths and trust they are feeling contentment and Peace in their own hearts too.


Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog today through Angie's blog. I don't know either one of you personally, but your stories, and mostly your faith, speak to my heart. I have struggled with my faith and strive to become a stronger Christian. Blogs such as yours and Angie's truly inspire me.

patterns of ink said...

I don't know how you do it! You are so involved in so many lives and do it all with a "true mother's class!"

Julie said...


Thanks for sharing Angie's story. I've been following it since you first mentioned her awhile back. You both are two very remarkable people!

angi said...

I could not agree more with your take on Spring Break/free calendar/sleeping in. I LOVE to be home too, and it feels liberating to me to have a free schedule :) Are we normal? I do not know, but at least we are not alone, right?

Anonymous said...

Jody, Just wanted to let you know I love your music playlist. I've come to your site just to have it playing in the background while I am working tonight :)
Kara Paetschow

kim brimhall said...

just checked out angie's blog...i felt such a spirit there! thanks for pointing it out jody, you are amazing and you inspire me!

MandieGirl said...


I love your idea about "green scrapbooking/crafting." I'm using a granola bar box for a secret masterpiece. :) Anyways, thanks for all of your ideas and inspiration craft-wise and life-wise. You make life richer.


PetiteCheri said...

I have been following Angie's blog and am so proud and hear broken for her all at the same time. What an inspiring family and woman.