Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Recycling and notebooks.

This is a series of photos showing you first, the type of packaging I used to make a little scrap book and some detailed pictures showing how it is assembled. In 'scrap terms' this would be called a 'recycled notebook tutorial'. I made this by taking the plastic wrapper of a pack of fun stickers/embellishments and I cut it into thirds and taped the 'pages' together with gaffer tape. The edges are open- allowing me to slide patterned papers in them- which can have photos and journaling added to them or dates and stickers or labels or whatever I want this little book to hold. It's just blank and ready to be filled.
I made up a mini goodie bag of mix-matched scraps that would be fun to use on this book- from ribbon to buttons to tabs to fabric and even a handmade mushroom. I sent it to one of the 'winners' of the card for Lois drive that I posted a link to on my blog a few weeks ago. Lois is battling cancer and a good friend of mine asked for people all over the world to send cards to Lois. Those cards have lifted her spirits, encouraged her heart and helped Lois know that the burden of her cancer is being shared in a small way- by many.
Something as small as a handwritten card or verse or thought of comfort can mean the world to the person who is facing a great struggle. I am personally inviting all of you who read this post, to consider sending a card to the Smith family who just two days ago brought into this world their baby daughter Audrey, but only had about two hours of this life to spend with her, before she died and their life started a new path. One that now forever is etched on their hearts, and most certainly brings a mixture of Joy and sorrow. You can read their story at their blog, and you are invited there to send cards and messages to them at this address:
Angie and Todd Smith
PMB 210
8161 Hwy 100
Nashville, TN 37221
I remember the overwhelming number of cards and notes that Chip and I received for weeks after our tragedy when Teagan died. They meant so much. They still do. I know that the Smith's so appreciate your prayers too, and I have no doubt God is listening to every one of them said on their behalf. Thank you for praying...thank you for caring.
The more I scrap, the more I am beginning to see that it's not just words and pretty paper. There are connections made beyond all the 'stuff'- connections that touch the heart. I am grateful to be able to share a little bit of my life with so many, and humbled that others let me in on bits of their lives too. I have one last link to share with you- some beautiful, blank journals that I found online that inspire me. I love to journal. I love blank, recycled notebooks. It's like they are little treasures just waiting to be filed with thoughts and dreams and sorrows and wonders and everything in between.


undonegirl said...

Thanks for Angie and Todd's address. Thanks also for the picture of where you got those adorable monkeys! I'm definitely off to find them today or tomorrow!

Misty said...

I'm so glad you shared your life too. :-) Really and truely!

Camille said...

Wow--what a wonderful post. SO inspiring with the recycled journal, and even beyond that.... a chance to reach out relationally.
Thanks Jodi!

p.s. how's your pregnancy going???

Courtneybee said...

how do I love that little notebook...but I have to know who made that yellow paper with the bird on it? It is too cute...please share! Have a great weekend!

inara said...

very cute project!!!

MandieGirl said...

HI Jody-
I am attempting to make a similar notebook/album, but am unsure about gaffer tape. Where can I get it? I've never heard of it.