Monday, February 11, 2008

Quick update about previous post...

You have until 4 pm Eastern time to leave a comment to be entered in the drawing for Adrienne's Doodle Formula Book and some goodies from my personal stash. I'll post the winner later on tonight.
As for the names...Chip and I are enjoying reading through them. Thanks so much for the long list you've created for us. Naming our babies has always been one of the toughtest parts of pregnancy. Funny, but it's true. We just can't seem to agree...that's why we're getting an early start this time around.
I found it interesting that I didn't see any 'popluar/celebrity/high profile names' in the comments Obama or Britney or Hilary or Mitt. =)
Nor did I notice any trends of 'old-fashionied names' my grandpas...Ezra and Arnold. Or girls names like Ethel, Erma, Agnes, Matilda, Winifred or Mabel. I sort of think it's time to bring some of those names back! Chip has other ideas. He has always wanted Irish Finn, Seamus or Padrig. So you can see the major dilemma here. =)
As for names we've already's our list:
Teagan Mackenzie
Brock Ethan
Wyndham Abby
Isabella Teagan
and Ava Milan.
There you have it.
Keep in mind we also generally rule out any names that our siblings have already used too...which means we automatically exclude this list of names:
Calvin Letourneau
Jonathan & Sophia (and I have to get their middle names from Chip's sister. They are both surnames and I know I'll get them wrong, so I'm just skipping them for now.)
Seth (have to get his middle name too)
Alyson Nicole
Luke Anders
Madelyn Claire
Andrew Royal
Braden Kelly
Alexis Joy
Rachel (goodness! I am a terrible aunt!!)
and Owen Floyd.
I do think it's cool how a person seems to really 'fit their name' once you name them. More often than not! I'll be back later on to post the winner of the book. See you soon.


sarah, rsm said...

Hmmmm ...

Since I suggested Owen previously and it has already been taken by one of your nephews, I will instead add:

Foster for a boy

to go along with

Lydi for the girl.

Great game! :)
sarah, rsm

Holly T. said...

How fun!
I will post below with my name ideas.

OneHappyfamily said...

I say Serenity for a Girl


Camden for a Boy!

Oh BTW I am a Lurker... and have been for a year or so! Your story of how your faith brought you and your husband through the death of Teagan! All I can say is WOW!

Regina said...

At least your elimination list was shorter than mine -with 6 siblings on my side, 7 on hubbys side, and 18 nieces and nephews between the two sides, we ran out of our top picks - FAST!

Then we finally picked a name (Nathan) and hubby's best friend from college and his wife gave birth just before we did (due dates were the same) and their son is Nathan, too!

You just never know!

Laura said...

We have a Tucker and I love the name!

Laura said...

Oooh i don't think i had ever seen your kiddos middle names! they are all so perfect!!!! Love it! :)

mary jane said...

I love the name Amelia for a little girl. Love your site and your great inspiration!

Mary Jane

Mixed Up Me said...

Ava Milan . . . what a little superstar! Beautiful name! Seems to match her personality :)

Fajitagirl said...

I have always loved Atticus for a boy and Sadie for a girl.

I too have been a lurker for a while. The path your family has and is walking with GOD has been a inspiration to me, Thank you for sharing your story, it has strenghtened my faith and my path.

God bless!

Tina Vega said...

When coming up with names, my hubby (of Hispanic origin) wanted to "match them" to our last name. Talk about difficult! Not only did I have to find Spanish names, but names that wouldn't be completely mangled by the phonetically challenged (i.e. my mom).

Mel said...

Ok..I have posted but since you were talking about liking old fashioned names...I thought I'd share my great-grandmother's name: Sylvia(first name)Belle(middle).
Hope you are having a great day! Hope Wyndham is feeling better. :)
Mel :)

Anonymous said...


Hannah Catherine


Carter James

Jeanne Wroten said...

Riley, boy or girl. you can vary the spelling but I love that name.

Q's NEWS said...

Hey - my new Grandson's name is Ethan Tucker and we call him Tucker. We can let you borrow it since we are in West Virginia and the kids don't have much chance of going to school together, huh? I also like old school names like Rebecca, Emily, etc. My parents are british and if I was a boy, my name was going to be Simon or Duncan - UGH! Thank goodness I was a girl!!!

Love from WV,

Kim said...

Well, here is my two family is of Irish descent and we have a Kennedy (female) and a Donnell (female)!
P.S. Thanks for the comment! You rock!

.moose. said...

I'm going to offer up Jolene for a girl and Warren for a boy.


Laurel said...

I love my daughter Shylah's name... and I also love my daughter Lila's name. My kids are:
Katharyn Joann
Shylah Elane
Lila Grace Xinjin (adopted from China... Xinjin is pronounced like See-en-jen).

Unique enough... but not "Oh my goodness" unique. :)

Good luck and congrats... Laurel

Anonymous said...

how about
Harriott for a girl

Ellis for a boy

ashley perrigin said...

Hello, congratulations on the pregnancy, maybe your son will get a little brother :) My favorite baby names are
Gracie Elisabeth
Taylor Grace

Andrew Mason
jonathon Mason

I love your blog
Keep it up

Aleta1314 said...

well... Sophia is out then :( Here are my girls names:
Sierra Nicole
Rubriana (Ruby) Lynn
Karis Marie
and mine is Aleta Marie

I totally agree with the 'older' names coming back! A friend told me, you call her Ruby - that's an old lady name. I laughed and said, well, eventually she'll be one! lol!

The Rooneys said...

Congrats on the news of the new baby.

Kennedy for a girl and Callum for a boy.

Anonymous said...

Having decided on my kids names and then changing them (once resulting in changing her birth certificate) I am not sure I should even try this!! My Samantha turned into a Jaclyn, my Sarah turned into an Alyson and my Rickie turned into an Erica but ... I'll give it a try here ... how about Caiden for a boy or Chrysan for a girl? On a completely different note is anyone else's computer freezing when reading this blog? I check several blogs daily and this is the only one it happens with? Not sure why but maybe someone more computer savvy than I can figure it out. Have a great day, Jodi you are an inspiration.

Nancy, Illinois

CrazyMommyof3 said...

I loved the comment below about the name "Sadie", as my two year old is named Sadie, and the name fits her to the T!! However, before she was born, we had almost settled on "Harper", as in Harper Lee (female) author of To Kill a Mockingbird (main character -- Atticus Finch)! Also love Cooper for a boy.

Tammy said...

Hiya Jody~
I like the names Lydia Rose and Joash Paul. Biblical names always seem to have that "old fashion" feel to me. Blessings to you and the little one yet to be named! =)

the rye family said...

I already left names, but since you mentioned "old" names, I had also liked Alma Margaret after BOTH grandmas (Aley for short) and Jerra or Jerrica (afer my dad, Jerry) May (after mom-in-laws middle name!)

Kris with a K said...

I'm not going to be much help...but I'll list anyway.

My own kids:
Eric John
Alexander Joseph ('zander' usually)
Grace Anne

Our kids' middle names are all family names, and Zander is a name we liked and after a great uncle and great grandpa I had, Alexander.

I've always liked, for girls:
(kinda names from when I was a kid!)

boys' names were always tough for us.

Anonymous said...

We just had a baby boy a year ago and fell in love with the name Reid. Good luck!

Patty said...

I know I'm too late for the contest. however, I'd like to submit two names for you to consider.

Heather Rochelle
Christopher Ryan

Jewel said...

My son and daughter-in-law named their little girl Hadley. I never heard of it and wasn't sure about the name, but it fits her. I love it now. Hadley's cousin Tucker calls her Haddie. I love reading your blog, and think about you and your family often.

The Wade's said...

I love your kids names!!! Here are some of my suggestions:

For boys: Evan, Ethan, Dalton, Landon, Keaton

For girls: Finley, Harper, Karis (Greek for Grace), and my sister's name, Kellyn (rhymes with Helen).

I myself have a Jackson Thomas, and I love his name!!

Kris with a K said...

I realized today at Target that I forgot a name I've always liked, that is an 'older' name: Georgia.

On a note about family names that don't get Grandma's name was Ethel Edith. Ya. She was raised by her older sisters since her mother died young, and there was a significant age difference..the next sibling up was 10 years older. So Gram was the BABY. And spoiled. Very. By her family and both husbands. When we had Eric and Alex, she called them the wrong name all the time. Shoot, I still do! But this infuriated her to no end. One day we were at my parents' and swimming in the pool. she said that when we name this 3rd baby (were pg witha girl the 3rd time) she hoped we wouldn't use 'a name starting with a VOWEL again' so she wouldn't get them all mixed up. Without missing a beat DH said, "well, I guess 'Ethel' is out then." I had to go underwater I was laughing so hard. It shut her right up.

Kelly said...

older names I like are:




I like "older" names too but we are sticking with uncommon names for our children.

Cara said...

my favorite name for a girl is Stella Irene.
if i ever have a little one, that is what her name will be. but you are welcome to it! :)

and i love lydia, too.

(lydia and irene are my grandmother's names - lucky girls with the super cool names!!!)

pinkcamojeep said...

Is anybody else saying to themselves, "Calvin Letourneau?" Wow. That's a cool name.

Love your blog, Jody. You're in my prayers. With all "on your plate," I'm praying for peace in your spirit and your home and energy in your flesh.



-sandra said...

i dont know how much help i can be since many names would be in 'spanish'. my family is originally from Guatemala so ive always thought names should a. go with my spanish last name -since ive never thought of getting married- and b. my non-english speaking-family wld have to be able to pronounce it properly but-ill still put in my two cents.

first, i ♥ my name-sandra-(middle name is elizabeth but i dont like it much)

ive always liked
for girls: Bianca/Breanna/Denise
for boys: Sergio/Seth/Cooper/Fenton

i hv 2nieces & 1nephew
Graciela Janelli (1st name after her grandma)
Mario Arnulfo (after grandpa-i think Arnulfo is sooo ugly-shhhh)
Alexa Marie

and btw-another lurker here-youre total inspiration

Cara said...

i once knew a guy named benjamin but he went by jamin. (jay-min)
i really like that.

LaVon Baker said...

I know I'm late here, but just read your post. When my daughter was pregnant they picked out a girls name:
My son-in-law was so in love with the name that he was almost disappointed that he didn't get to use it as they had Camden Scott.
I saw someone suggested
if it's a boy.
I also have a granddaughter named Lydia Wallis
grandson Blaine Austin
other granddaughter Emma Caroline, sister to Camden Scott... nicknames Pook & Diesel. Pook also loved the name Genevieve and she could pronounce it perfectly even though she was barely 3.

Anonymous said...

I have some names for you:

Avery or Paige for a girl.

Konnor or Kaleb for a boy.

Best wishes.

Kim in San Angelo, Texas

Pretty Brown Girl said...

I love Aidan, Ian, Evan, Nathan, Ethan, Parker...for a boy.
I love Toni, Addison, Emily, Jillian, Paige, Faith...for a girl.

Anonymous said...

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