Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Doodling...

to Susan E in VA. The random number generator picked you (#224) for the win! Congrats. {Email me your mailing address and I will get you a package asap.}
Thanks again for all the fun names. I'm sure we will revisit that post over the next few months. And feel free to leave baby names from now until October. It will likely take us the whole nine months to make a decision. =)


Sara said...

What about Delilah?

Love that Plain White T's song... and it's an old sounding name and beautiful.

Diana said...

Love some of those names -

I had a couple more:
family name of morgan and mcculley (mac)

also flynn -
I also loved the name Duke - just sounds so noble to me - I have an uncle named that -

okay older names - I gave you Elsie Lucille, maureen, colleen, karen, Kristina,

okay popular names - Miley or hannah - montana (I have a friend who has a boy named this) and of course Zac - gabriella and sharpei - of course I think of a pooch but I love dd is giving me these too - lola and lily - I have a friend names Romy Gandy -

Okay that is enough for one night...hope you guys had a great night!


Diana said...

I forgot to mention that you could call him the Dukester with the Jodster - woohoo!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Susan. A few more boys names I have been thinking about are:
or Colden (that's my God Son's name)


Heart said...

Wanted to add my two cents...

girl Kayla Marie
boy Trevor James(we call him T.J.)

Ok so that is what I picked for my two children I also love
Audrey, Lucia, Eliza, Ethel -Girl

Willem, Bryant, Andrew -Boy
These are from my family tree

But then there is my name(I like to think I am one of a kind)

mimisherry said...

Congratulations on the new baby!!! I hope you are feeling well & taking good care of YOU (and baby too!) God is so amazing........this will be life changing for you and your precious family I am sure! Each new birth is, as you well know!

How is your sweet little Wyndham feeling?

Jody, you are certainly being the bright and shining light that God has called you to be! I love coming here to see what is new, I get as huge dose of inpsiration just by watching your fine example!
You are one incredible lady and I am blessed to have found your site and watch you as you grow thru life! You are amazing!

Claire said...

Hi Jody

Kind of missed the boat on the whole giveaway thing but am definitely happy to share baby name ideas with you!

this time is such an exciting time for you - I hate waiting but love surprises so can imagine the wait before you meet this little one could seem long!!

I also have no kids yet but have been 'planning' for it since I was about ten... in quite a nerdy way. My baby name list is actually back in New Zealand but this is what I can remember off the top of my head:

Girl names (this list could go forever):
Kathryn (for my mother, to be called Katy), Anja, Kaia, Rebekah, Millie, Lily, Monique, Renae, Cadence (Cady), Brenna, Natalie. You've already used Ava which was also on my list :)

If you want to go Irish, there is always Ceilidh (pronounced 'Kaylee' and has a bunch of different spellings too), Keira, Briana.

Boy names:
Hunter, Davis, Jonathan, Nathan, Rhys/Reese, Mason, Cole, Jaxon.

IRISH NAMES: There is this cool website where it gives you irish names and the meanings and stuff, and the author Frank McCourt (who wrote 'Angela's Ashes') tells you how to pronounce it etc. Its great! Address is

Happy researching!

jennschultz said...

I missed you drawing but still want to share my name ideas!
I think we have similar taste in names since I also have a Teagen. My other 2 are Summer and Grady. My latest Favs are:
Women love baby names don't they? Its just so fun!
Have a great day~
Jenn in Muskegon

WSL said...

A couple of girl names that I like are Arielle and Eden!
Boy names--Josiah, Noel, Neal, Jonathan,
But I'm sure you'll figure it out when the time comes. It's fun to go through the names though!

Anonymous said...

Rae (of sunshine)

Anonymous said...

you must keep in your tradition of one syllable boys names....
Brock, Chip

hence my love for Reese!

Kim said...

My names are:





Irish names:



LAJJmom said...

Baby names, how fun...

My children are Lauren Nicole, Ashley-Renee Maurine, John Michael and Joseph Spencer. We used some family names in there. My husband, John, likes really common names. My "real" name is Brandice (like Candice) so I always liked names that were a little different.

If Joseph had been a girl he would have been Johanna Grace.

Girls names that I like (right now, anyway):

Boy names:

My best friend's name is Melette (talk about different).

Good luck!


Ellen said...

oh... there is such beauty in names. i have filled a journal page with names i love from comments left on this blog. so fun, and i am soon to be married which makes it all the more exciting.

Jack Bennett

Noah Gray

Norah, or Nora

Ocean Elisabeth

Lupita Grace (Pita for short)