Saturday, February 09, 2008

A good mail day.

When I came home from school yesterday I had some packages waiting for me. Tucked inside of them was so much fun and inspiration, that I just had to take some pictures and share them here with you.
My funky friend, Adrienne, who I know through the SIS design team, just had her first book published and I have two copies of it! I had to read all the way through it before the night was over. I was so proud and excited for her! If you think you can't draw/doodle, or if you just want to get better and be inspired, then this book is for you. If you want a chance to get your hands on one of my copies...then leave me a comment. Tell me your favorite baby names- boy and girl, and by Monday I will have a random drawing and one of you will get this book and a few more of my favorite goodies right now. Fun stuff!
I have decided not to 'grow up' anytime soon. I just have so much fun collecting cutesy, colorful, scrappy stuff and I think this is partly to blame for keeping me 'young'. At least that's what I'm telling myself. =)


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Camille said...

Wow, what cute fun colorful stuff! Just the kind of package a girl needs to receive to brighten her day.
Hmmm..... fave boy and girl names? Well since my youngest is nine, I haven't thought along these lines for what seems like forever!
I'm afraid once I commint myself to a few, more will pop in my mind. Ah well... we'll see what comes out. = )
Boy: Landon
Girl: Emma

Debbie Finnern (Kitleen) said...

Jody! Fun package you received!!

Names: Boy -- Davis, Brady, Bryant, Sage

Girl -- Kayla (not because of KaylaAimee, but that's my daughter's name. KA will love that one, though! LOL!), Sierra, Lily.

Thanks for this opportunity. I so want to get my hands on this book! And it's fun helping you pick names.

Congratuations again!! Debbie F.
(kitleen on SIS)

Kristi said...

Awesome package! Cute stuff!!

I'm 5 years away from my own baby time...but these are my faves:
Boy - Jackson or Jacob
Girl - Allison or Brittany

scrapcat said...

cute stuff!
i'm biased but for a girl i love SOFIA ;)

for a boy...

shawnna said...

for a boy I love Atticus
and for a girl I like Magdalene or Lillian

but i like "different" names

(lillian has gotten more popular lately but those were the names that i came up with spur of the moment)

angi said...

Oh I love contests :) And that book looks ADORABLE!!

So, for names...I like Cooper & Brady for a boy. And for girls, I think you have such pretty and "girly" names already, so I am thinking to go along with those maybe Sara, Claire, Julia.

Anonymous said...

wow, what a great day...lots of fun goodies...and so glad to see you and your family having happy days again....

Ok favorite names
Boy: Tyler, Aiden and Kyle
Girl: Angelina, Haley and Gia

Congrats again!

Barbara said...

I am not a good baby namer...

for a boy xavier but only because my babes name is that and for a girl Xya or Zya... I made that up in high school and i always have loved it!

Anonymous said...

OO! i'd love to have this! :)
congrats on your pregnancy. I've been lurking for a long time.
i'm pregnant with my fourth child- first girl-
our boy names are
Samuel Gage
Asher Kent ( I LOVE the name Asher!)
Tucker Andrew

our baby girl is Ivy Elizabeth....


Traci Keriazakos said...


Fav Girl name: Gianna

Fav Boy name: Grant or Cole (gotta say these since those are my boys names)

Congrats again!

angi said...

WOW! while looking for a cute J (is for Jody) name, I found this...

*Josie* This short version of Josephine is both cute and a little bit chic. It comes from a Hebrew phrase meaning "the Lord's addition" (as does Joseph).

WOw :)

Anonymous said...

Too cute! For a girl I like Landry or Addison. For a boy, I like Sawyer or Trevor.

Mel said...

I just want to say CONGRATS!! That's wonderful news that you are expecting again. I find that your blog gives me daily inspiration...both creative and spiritual. Thanks for sharing your life with us. :)
Love all the yummy goodies that you have displayed..makes me want to create.
Fav. boy names are: Noah, Tate, Taft, and Max.
Girl names: Taylor, Addison, Kate, and MacKenzie.
God Bless! :)

Vicki said...

Yummy eye candy!!
Girl name: Sidney
(it's my daughter's name and my mother's middle name, who was named after her grandfather Sidney. He coincidentally had the same last name as my husband relation, I hope! So that means my Mother had a grandfather named Sidney Moore and a granddaughter named Sidney Moore...weird huh?)
Boy name: Owen (no reason, I just like it!)
Congrats again!!
Victoria Murray

mandyb said...

Hi there Jody
ooohhhh that book looks tasty....I am right in the middle of scrapping a baby album ( in advance) for my new niece or nephew (due yest nz time) so names are swirling around my head...I don't know what names they have chosen but my favourites are Briana Rose and Jack Raymond (my dad and grandad's middle names) or even using our last name (as it is ending with us) as a first name!!!!! My turn will come when I have kids...anyway back to the baby pages and waiting for this baby to arrive.
mandyb (all the way from New Zealand)

becky said...

Love coming home to a package waiting. Always fun, sounds like a great one too!
Boys: Joshua, Matthew
Girls: Addision, Macy

Amy said...

I'm expecting my 3rd. baby in the next few weeks and we decided upon Lily but here were some of our favorites:

Boy: William and Hayden
Girl: Lily, Audrey, Hayley and Addison

melita said...

looks like a ton of fun stuff! thanks for giving us a chance to share it with you too! =) baby boy and girl names:
Boy: Jeremy (from Jeremiah), Caleb
Girl: Melissa and Cassandra

Heather said...

What cool stuff!

Boy or girl name: Harper

Tammy Gray said...

Ohhhhh, look at all those cool goodies.

Girl: Emma Grace
Boy: Jonathan Allan

Joy Pate said...

OMG i love Adrianne and i've been wanting to get my hands on this book for like EVER! You are so nice to give it away!

Congrats on the new little one! How exciting! :)



Cindee Q said...

My favorite boy names are:

Griffin Jack
Zane Hunter
Jeremy Douglas

for a girl
Jolie Menese

It's just too hard to name kids!


Bekka said...

Cool giveaway! I love the name Connor for a boy, and Fallon for a girl!

Anonymous said...

First I have a question, k? Who sings the version of amazing grace on your blog player? It is beautiful.
Second is my favorite baby names.
Peyton (because I have one), Tanner (because I have one of those too) and Skylar (because I almost had one of those).
PetiteCheri (Tricia)

Anonymous said...

Since I didn't ever have a girl, I'll tell you my fav name: Morgan.

And for a boy: Hank Ferlaak is pretty hillarious. Oh, we need to be serious...this kid doesn't need to get beat up! How about John?

Gosh, you have a tough last name to work with! Guess that's why you have 9 months!

Congrats, Jody. So happy for you!

MamaT (Twila)

Jodie said...

So much fun!!! :-) My favourites are: Girl: Audrey or Stella, Boy: Noah or Isaiah

the rye family said...

Our boy name we never got to use (3 girls!) was Trey Timothy.
I think maybe I'd have a Gianna Jaanai (J - short a - nay) (& I didn't see Traci K's fav name before I wrote this!! scrolled down before leaving mine!)if I had another girl! My girls are Tessa Joy, Taya Jill and Kajsa (K - long I - soft S short A!!) Jo (after my grandma's middle name Josephine, so liked the Josie suggestion too!)

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, just found it and added it to my favorites.

Jack for a boy. Faith, Rose or Julia for a girl.
My son is Kason, the girls are Claire, Grace and Rose.

Paint & Ink Chick said...

Hmm.. I like my babies' name lol but you can't have those lol. I did like Haris, Trennedy, Epygt for a girl.
I know some Blades, cruz, brogen or Hagen is cute:) What ever you decide good luck and Happy Pregnancy:)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! We just had twin boys in July, I can't imagine being pregnant again!!!

Boy names I like Mason & Colin
Girl names I like are Sienna & Makenna

As a new SAHM, thanks for all of the inspiration you lend in your blog!


susan opel said...

Oooh, I'd like that book!

so here are my baby name ideas:

Michigan - call him Mickey for short
Nicholas - just a good strong name.

Eudocia - I actually really like this name.
Liberty - Libby for short. If I ever have a girl child this will be her name, so maybe you SHOULDN'T choose this one!

Mike & Brianna said...

Love all the color!! I am expecting soon too and we are still considering names, so I know I will get a lot of ideas from these comments. A couple of my favorites are:
Girl: Aubrey, Riley, Mikaela
Boy: Aidan, Brayden

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of the blog, congrats on the new baby :)

Girl: Avery, Tara, (or Terrah) Addison
Boy: Elliot, Brayden, Gunnar, Ethan

Anonymous said...


That book looks like fun!!!

Boys - Blake, Grant, Nicholas

Girls - Taylor, Averie, Julia, Ava, oops, I think you already have that one!!

Holly W.

milkcan said...

Favorite Baby Names for boys: Max, Peter, Jacob, Sean, and Branch.

Favorite Baby Names for girls: Emma, Anna, Cecily, Sue, and India.

And, congrats!

Christa said...

Oh what fun stuff and I never win anything so I will just post fav names..

girls..kinsey, kylee, bailey

boys--logan,ryan, o'ryan

have a great weekend

Jodi said...

Fun stuff! I'm always so envious of those who receive fun little packages from good friends in the mail like this, just because.

Congrats again on your baby-to-be...

Girl names (I could go on forever with girl names): Katya (pronounced Cat-E-ya and you could call her Kat), Addison, Paige, Emily, Katherine, Natalya, Grace (awww, Gracie), Emma, Madison, Abigail (Abby), Meagan, Olivia, Mia

Boy names: Love William, with Will for short; Andrew, with Drew for short, Luke, Caleb, Jack, John Jr., Adam, Brayden, Carter (love this one), Alixzavior...

I could go on and

Ariana said...

My favorite girl name is Sierra
My favorite boy name is Kevin

I also like the names:
Brooklyn, Emma, Bella, and Aubrey
Payson, Landon, Michael, and Max

I'm glad you got so many goodies :)

metrochic said...

um, how awesome is that mail? dude. i want to come over to your house.

i have been DYING to get adrienne's new book. i'm all over this and thanks for the opp!

i'm taking your last name into consideration here, btw. i won't suggest berlaak or anything. :D

jonah kent
drake chesney
brody finn

kinsey jensen
journey crimson

SmilynStef said...

I sooo want that book. Delaney Maitlyn for a girl ... Zachary Alexander for a boy.

kirstenjuenke said...

Isn't it the toughest thing, naming a PERSON?!?!? I struggled...Taylor was named 5 minutes before we left the hospital.

I like Taylor for a girl, of course ;) - btw, my ped says every Taylor he's ever met has been very strong willed...hmmmm...
And Carson for a boy...but I recently saw Karsyn for a girl and I like it!

Lauren said...

Looks like fun, colorful, and inspiring things!!

My daughter is 10, so it has been a while since I have thought of baby names. I love Morgan for a girl and Tucker or Jackson for a boy.

Good luck!!

kelsey said...

just a fan who stumbled upon your blog one day....

I'm still in college, but I've been picking out my future children's names since I was ten :)

Boys: Joel, Mason, Austin
Girls: Alivia, Natalie, Kennedy, Kate, Halle

HoweverAlthough said...

How fun! Let's see...I don't have children, but I have thought of a million names over the years that I like. I guess my current faves are:
Girl: Carolina, Georgia, Ann Estelle, Eleanor, Isabel
Boy: Connor, Manning, Markham (my maiden name), Finn

Cool book. Now send it to me. ;)

Jim and Jaena said...

Thanks for all of the name suggestions! We are due with our third in April/May and do not have a girl's name yet, so these ideas may inspire us. My favorite names belong to our kids and baby-to-be:

Boy: Elisha, Josiah
Girl: Madelyn Grace

fran h said...

Congrats on the New pregnancy.
Looks like you received some cute things in the mail.
I like Jack & colin for boys
and of course You already have a Bella or Isabella,Juliana,Grace, & Gianna.

Fran Heupel

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love this part!

I have an Emily and an Ethan, but have other favorites also...
Girl: Addison, Avery, Ella (don't think that will work with Bella!)
Boy: Bennett (Mom's maiden name), Adam, Nicholas, Carter

Happy naming, and really cute book!

ellen said...

Girl: Maggie
Boy: Cutler

MandieGirl said...

For a girl, I LOVE the name Amalia [Mali like Molly] for short. (My husband's grandmother's name.) Or, Maggie. :)
For a boy, I love the name Cruz, or Jax. :)

I'd LOVE the book!

[pick me, pick me]

Leah C said...

Ooohhhhh! How fun!
And CONGRATS to you!!!

Girls names: Anna & Olivia
Boys names: Max, Josh & Eli

Linh said...

Boy: Jackson

Girl: Emily

Good Luck!

Hooliganmama said...

What a fun give away! You are too sweet. I love you blog with or without the goodies. Your story amazes me. God is good. He is our strength.

I love choosing baby names.

Girl ideas:
Selah (my favorite. my daughter)

Boy ideas:
Josiah (my son)
Micah (my son)

Hard to choose a name. Grace to you!

Anonymous said...

I would love to get a copy of that book.

Boy names: Jayden, Jackson and Ryan

Girl names: Sofie, Miyah, Meaghan, Mackenzie and Micheala

De Anne

Jerrie said...

The doodle book looks fantastic. Especially since I really don't think I am a good doodler. Now my sister - her doodles are works of art.

Names -
Grace (particularly followed by Anne-Marie)

Bowen (my son's name is Archer -cool name, and if I had a second son Bowen would have been it - they go together - that is probably why I never had anymore...their names would have sounded goofy together.)

Beth said...

Wow, such a happy pile of scrappy stuff:)
Fave baby names as of now:
boy: Jackson
girl: Addison, Emerson (Emme for short)

Erin H. said...

OOOO...I have been eyeing that book!
Ok, for baby names...

Girl....Zoey, Savannah, Sage, Zara, Thea

Boy.....Noah, Xander, Hart, Zane, Jaxon

About Me. said...

Congratulations on your new little blessing! Ok, my favorite girls name is my daughter's name..
Vincenza, pronounced like Venchenza
We call her Vinny.
I also love the name FIELDING for a girl.
My favorite boys name are the old fashioned ones..

My little bit of advise..
Put grandma or grandpa in front of the name. It may be cute when they are little but we must consider what it will be like when they grow up.
Good luck!

Camille said...

Oh this has totally jogged my memory! Also *really* loved:

Boy: Jackson
Girl: Hadley

What fun!!

Penelope said...

Your blog is theeee best! My names: Esther Rose and Lincoln

Melinda AKA medialady said...

Jody! Love coming to hear your blog just so I can sing along with the song right now. It is one of my favorites and it seems to be on the radio in my car every morning at 6:20 when I am going to get the school bus. God sends us such wonderful reminders of His Love!!

Oh, back to the TV program (oh, I mean Name the Baby!!!)
Boy - Thomas, Tyler, Hunter, or Drew (short for Andrew if you like that)
Girl - Patience, Miranda, Riley, Destiney, Savannah, or Brianna.
(The are names of some the sweetest little cuties on my school bus!)
Pray for a healthy happy baby!!

Melanieshea said...

Fun package...;o)

Girl..Jaycie, Brinkley

Boy..Aiden, Beckett

Beverley said...

Hi Jody - I'm a lurker from NZ who got caught up in your story and your faith in God. I've been praying for you as I read along.

I would love a peek at the doodle book by the doodle queen. Lucky you to have seen it already.

Baby names - mine always came from the Bible but not always the obvious ones. I have Rebekah, Alexander (the son of the guy who carried Jesus' cross) and Jessianna (we made that one up because my husband wanted a Jesse and I wanted an Anna)I also like Abe (Abraham) Theo (Theophilus).

Beck said...

Hmmm....I loved naming my all three of my babies. Girls name:Lillian or Madison
Boys name:My favorite is my son's name, Ian
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Boy: Eli, or Elias/Elijah nicknamed Eli :), Jack, Max, Chase, Nathan, Jonah, Leo, Aaron, Connor.

Girls: Madeleine, Vivienne (Vivi is so cute!), Clara, Linnea, Mattea, Leah.

Laura in Ohio said...

Congrats, Jody!

My favorites include:

Girl: Caroline, Claire, Clara and Paige

Boy: Andrew and Luke

Have fun choosing names!

sarah, rsm said...

I think packages in the mail rank right up there with snow angels and red licorice ... so ...

Owen (boy)
Lydi (girl)

Sarah has always been one of my favorites, but I am a little biased! :)

Take good care,
sarah, rsm


{that one girl} said...

What fun goodies!

For a girl I like Isabella. Two cute nicknames- Izzie and Bella. Can't beat it.

For a boy I like Aiden.

STepahanie said...

Ok...I've read a lot of cute names on here.

My choices:
boy- Evan
girl- Angela Grace (first name like Angel (i really like that))

Thanks for the goodies even if I don't win...sharing is always nice.

ramath said...

I am so happy for you - how exciting.Are you going to find out what you are having?
My fave names would be:
boy - Elijah
Girl - Holly


amy m. said...

girl: stella or ava
boy: hayden or colten

good luck choosing! names are so hard and such a responsibility!

thanks for the chance to win that awesome book....

Keiauni said...


I Love these names, so of course they are what we named our precious babies: sons...

Elijah Kai
(for Elijah the prophet, and Kai means "keeper of the keys", and "the sea")

Asher Wyatt
(because Asher is "blessed and happy", and Wyatt because of my cute cowboy husband's thing for "Wyatt Earp")

...and my pretty little four week old daughter...

Avey Violet (because of my sweet Grandma Avey, and my Grandma (that I called Nanny) was named Violet.

It was so fun to read all the awesome names on this entry!

Bless you today!

diane said...

I am joining the fun!

My favorite Baby names are:
Boy -- Dustin, Jakee, Kyle
Girl -- Isabella, Alexis, Jamie.

Thanks for the RAK!

Nikki_Wartho said...

Wow Those goodies are full of color and made me smile on this grey rainy day in London.

Names: Girl: Abigail, Grace, Maddy or how about Juno.....hehe

Boy: Rhys, Justin.

Congratulations :)

almadr said...

Oh, what great goodies you got!
Thanks for sharing with us.

As for the names:
girl: Anna (I'm a bit biased here as it's my name,but I like it a lot ;-)
boy: Noah

Siany said...

Hi Jody! Im a longtime lurker, but I guess now is the perfect time to say congratulations on your pregnancy! I hope everything goes well for you!

I dont think I'll be having children for a few more years, but Ive always loved the names Abby and Toby!

melissa said...

what a delightful little package and so kind of you to share :D

fave boy's name: Carson (our son's name!)
fave girl's name: Riley <3

have a great weekend, Jody!


Kelly said...

I love Charlotte for a girl (so you could call her Charlie for short)
And for a boy - I love the name Jack and also Declan ( If I had a boy I'd probably go with Declan Jack)

Tracy said...

I love family names. What is a better way of honoring someone you care so deeply for...
My daughter is Addison Rae (great grandmother's maiden name + late father in law's name). My son is Jackson Corey (my great grandfather, grandfather, and uncle + husbands middle name).

I also love Gavin, Gaberiel and Maddox for boys. Gabrielle, Maddox, and Ansley for girls.
Unisex - Jensen, Nolan, Peyton and Sawyer.

socialbutterfly said...

you received great stuff!! i love the northern names. like *thore* for a boy and *nele* for a sweet little baby girl!! good luck on choosing the right name!! have a nice sunday!!

frances said...

Sophia and Anthony (nickname)tonio
As long as he or she has the last name Ferrlak its bound to have a great life.

Amy said...

oh what a good mail day!

my favorite baby names. hmmm...for a boy i have to say samuel, not only because it's my own son's name, but because of it's meaning from the bible. and a girl, now that one's harder. i like whitney, mary or elizabeth and amy for obvious reasons and it does mean beloved.

Rachel said...

I am so glad I found your blog. You are such an inspiration!

Baby names...

For girls, I have always liked Maggie, short for Margaret, Charlotte, Sadie, and Susie, short for Susan
For boys, Henry, Owen, and Jonah

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. Of the top of my head, I would would have to say my favorite boy's name is Theodore and my favorite girl's name is Laurel. And please don't tell my other children that I picked their sibling's name and not theirs. I just picked the two that first came to mind.


Laura said...

how FUN!!!!! girl names - grace, annie, joy, and abby
boy names - nathan, bryce, and ian
and jody. . .don't grow up anytime soon, okay!?? :)

Anonymous said...

Mine would be Sarah for a girl and James for a boy. Have you started thinking about names already? Glad we all help by contributing our favourites. Priya

Maremcar said...

Hi Jodi -

I love your blog - like everyone else on this page...

My sisters children are named -

Jordan Lee - BOY
Toby Star - BOY
Joelle Bella - GIRL

and we have a little girl called Emma Hayley

Very excited for you - Much Love!!

Randi Jo :) said...

For girls I've always liked:

Madison or Genevieve (but if I have a baby girl - I'm not naming her one of these...what I will name her is a secret) :)

and for boys:

my son is Raymond after his greatgrandfather...but I've always liked

Andrew, Ryan (2 brothers named this), Isaiah (my son's middle name), David, Todd, Brandon (my hubby), Brad, Tyler

:) cute post

HappyGoMommy! said...

Hey Jody! Congrats on your upcoming baby.

Girl - Zoe
Boy - Cooper

Julie said...

Let's see:
Boys - Declan, Dylan and Isaac
Girls - Emma, Claire and Kate

And, I agree -- "growing up" is highly over-rated. I'm thinking about turning back the clock myself. :)

Tricia M said...

I am pregnant too...due in July so this post of baby name ideas is helping me too. I hope you have a wonderful and joyous pregnancy. I have two children and I miscarried three last year so I am enjoying this pregnancy and thanking the Lord even through the morning sickness. Name ideas:
Victoria, Elise, Aja (pronounced like Asia), Callie, Avery
David, Bryant (because I'm a Bama fan), Matthew.

Tricia M from B'ham

That book looks like an awesome book. It is on my list to get! Congrats to your friend. Hey, When I YOUR book coming???

PamDavis said...

I love coming to read your blog. Love all the colors and the music and your faith.

I love the names Conner for a boy and Meaghan for a girl.

onlysleepn said...

Girl: Betsy - I've always wished this was my name
Boy: Archie - a little goofy maybe, but I just love it!

Anne said...

Great stuff! Love the book.

B) Carter
G) Addyson

:) Best wishes for a great week!

mamatwoboys said...

Boy - Nicholas
Girl - Katherine

The new book looks fun! Your style is so bright and funky. I am sure that some doodles are running around in your brain just waiting to come out and play!

AnnaB said...

Oh such a happy mail day! :)

I don't know if you'll like these Swedish names... but my little girl is called Alva and I love that.

A boy name... hm... my two boys are named Linus and Hugo. :)

We didn't really consider the international aspect when choosing names. :)

Bethany Kartchner said...

Boys: Cameron, Benson, Reid

Girls: Danika, Elyssa, Zoey, Stacia

Allison said...

ooh..i love thinking of baby names.
boys: landon, eli, brock, brett
girls: ellie, lily, megan, addison

Amber Reed said...

My youngest son's name is Easton (which I LOVE!), but other names I like are Emery (girl or boy), Addison (girl), Emerson (sorry, am on E's - I also have an Evan!!).
I was so glad to hear you were expecting!
The doodle book looks great!!
Hope your days are filled with sunshine!!

jewell said...


Karalyn said...

Love her stuff!

Favorite girl names: Paige, Anna, Isabelle or Isabella

Boys: Aidan, Joel, Andrew

{Little Bit of Life...} said...

Wow, such cute stuff Jody!

Boy names: Brennan Ferlaak(my son), Kirby Ferlaak, Conner Ferlaak, Reese Ferlaak
Girl names: Bailey Ferlaak, Kirbie Ferlaak, Capri Ferlaak, Tylie, Ferlaak

Denise said...

A package like that is just what you need on a dreary winter day here in Michigan ;)

One of my favorite names is my daughter's, Tess, because you don't really hear it very often and it's short and sassy, like her :D For a boy I've always liked Ethan (my son's name is Benjamin, but that's because he LOOKED like a Ben when he was born...looooong story) ;)

Thanks for the contest!

MH72 said...

Girl - Michelle
Boy - Marcus, Mikkel (Mikkel is mostly used in Denmark, I think) or Max

Gretchyn said...

Mmm, baby names. Let's see...for a boy I like Max or Henry. For a girl, I like Grace or Zoe.

Trynity said...

Congratulations on such an unexpected gift.
I believe you have been granted this blessing as a reward for your strength, adoration, patience, determination, and devotion to your family.

As far as names..
I have long admired the name Wyatt for a boy.
and for a girl I love the name Haven.

Anonymous said...

I was reading this book and playing around with it at Lori's (straitfan10)the other day. I loved it!!

For a boy name I like:
This is from the Hebrew word meaning "God Stregnthens" and I think that is very true that God does strenghen us more that we know and with the timing of this pregnancy it seems just right. God has been putting you through a lot that has been helping to strengthen you more and more as he stands by your side to protect and look over you.

For a girl name I like:
This is a greek name meaning "unknown/perhaps" I like this one because we are always in the unknown as to what God has planned for us and that is part of God's amazing powers is that he knows of things that we have no idea, but he is always there to guide us and be our teacher as we are dealt the unknown.

I hope you like these names and I hope more importantly that you and your family are doing well and this will be a healthy baby!! I continue to pray for all of you.

Katy Vallie

magst said...

The only name my dh and I have ever agreed on were...

Boy - Spencer, Reed

Girl - Lorelai (I like it spelt Lorelei), Evelyn (Evey for short)

Anonymous said...

i have been reading your blog for some time.. i feel so inspired sometimes reading your blogs. I too am a christian and try so hard to better myself everyday.. i can not imagine what you went through losing a child.. but seeing how you picked yourself up and went on, is unbelievable..
but to move on to baby names...
girl- alexandra
boy- toby

Maria said...

Hi Jody, What a fun package! Here are a few of my favorite names:
Boy: Kyle
Girl: Jenna
I love these names, but husband and I had such a hard time agreeing on names for our three kids, that I never got to use them. I do now have a niece named "Jenna."

Sara said...

Girl: Chloe
Boy: Abe

Maybe all the cute crafty stuff is just your inner nesting getting ready for all the cute baby things to come :)

Rosalynn said...

Hello..What great stuff your recieved!!..:)

I like a few girls names:

and Boys:


scrapnic72 said...

Hi, Jody;

What a very fun package....makes me want to drop everything and create! favorite girls' names are Claire and Caydence,

For a boy, I like Cannon and Camden and Kane.

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

I'm big on the names in the family kind of "going together" I picked two that I liked that I think would be so cute with your other kids.

Boy - Elliot
Girl - Eden

Like? Not so much? :) I'm sure you'll pick something great!
Holly S

Susan said...

Yeah...a contest!
Boy names: John, Ezekial, Davis, Liam

Girl names: Rory,Catherine,Jessa,Ruth

Susan Simpson

amanda said...

Wow! This one got a lot of comments! :)
Well, we're in the same boat right now, trying to come up with new baby names for our #5. These are not on our list (don't have one yet), but I thought I'd share them anyway.
Boy: This one was suggested to me by a friend last night.
Theodore Rex. (get it? T. Rex...come on, T. Rex has a nice ring to it, doesn't it???) :)
Girl: I LOVE the name Georgia Faith, but we already used the "George" for one of our boys' middle names. Also love Virginia (my grandma) - would shorten it to Ginny, but Ginny Jones doesn't work for us...maybe Ginny Ferlaak? Or Josephine(my other grandma) and call her Josie...again, Josie Jones...not a good combination. But ANYTHING goes with Ferlaak! :)

Anonymous said...

Boy - Ryan Patrick
Girl - Lauren Elizabeth

SurfinMommaDE said...

since you have just GOT to have a boy for Brock and Chip's sake i will only pick a boys name.

I love the name Reese.

also like Jantzen, Maddox, Blake, Luke, Noah, Ryker, Talon, Henry, and Aidan.

So there you go, names for this little guy!!

And if for some reason you have another princess, my daughters names are Madelyn Chloe Amelia, and Taryn Elyse Mackenzie, and they are every bit as wounderful as their names.

Good luck!!!!!!!!

tlb said...

I love thinking of names!!

For a boy I like Colin and a girl I like Payton.

Anna said...

Areli - Lion of God

Christie said...

Congrats on your pregnancy! I'm a long time reader, but first time poster!
Boys: Spencer or Connor (my boys!)
Girl: Riley Christine (that was my one and only choice if I ever had a girl.)

Laura said...

ooh i love contests!

boy: jace
girl: natalie

Melanie Gladden said...

Fun stuff -- Thanks for sharing!

Girl names: Sarah, Emily Caroline, Meredith, Katherine

Boy names: Benjamin, Joseph, Matthew, Jonathan, Jacob


Maggie said...

How fun and congrats to Adrienne!

Boys Name Lloyd, Reece, Skyler, Jean-Phillipe.

Girls Carene, Adeline, Nadia, Ania


Erica said...

I wish I came home to fun packages like that. HOW FUN!

Boy: Aiden
Girl: Claire

I'm having a baby too, and won't know what i'm having til the 27th! I'm 17 weeks today!!!!

Lori said...

I gotta get in on the baby names!!!

For a girl I like:
Lily (of course)!!

For a boy I like:

Stephanie Baxter said...

Wow, such a great RAK! I love Joshua and Jesse for boys, and Mia and Madeleine for girls. I hope you manage to pick something you love!

Jessica said...

Ok, here goes!

Girl: Anberlin (I named mine that!), Carmindy, Elise

Boy: Sterling.

Heather said...

Ok..I love baby fun!
And I think I'd LOVE to get my hands on that beautiful set of fun stuff!!!

Girl names I love are: Kendall, Brooklyn, Hadley

Boy names: Max, Jack, Bennett, Hudson,

Makes me want another baby SO bad!!
Take care!!

Kell said...

Wish I got mail like that!

Favorite names...for a boy, Gibson Walker...for a girl, Piper Addison.

Anonymous said...

terryn, tess, ada, sydney, frances,
bella (annabelle), mira, coco, josephine (josie), grace, ella

tyler, shane, ashton, asher,
jack, joseph, john paul, noah


surfmomma4 said...

Hi, first I love you blog, I so want to do one but just can't seem to get I read everyone elses "smiles". My favorite boy name is Jericho, now not for the tv show like you might think. I have a 7 month old grandson, my first born's - first born. Well Jeremy (my son) told me he picked out Jericho..and well I didn;t care for it all. Then I researched the biblical name of Jericho and found out that it has been destroyed I think 5 times and still stands today. As it turned out our little Jericho had quite a gestation period, with out getting too lenghty..they were advise to abort at 20 weeks..heartbreaking to see them have to deal with all that, but faith prevailed and he is just fine. So I know that his name was the perfect one and has shown us how faith can get you through anything, Well I;m preaching to the choir..RIGHT..your faith is so inspiring, and I know that one day our little Jericho will also be a inspiration, he was saved for a reason. Thanks for letting me share..hugs Susan

CC said...

I like
Boy: Greyson called Grey
Girl: Bailee

Hillary said...

Hmmm....cute stuff. :)

And for names...I have a huge list, but I'll give you just a couple.

Boys...Owen, Jack, Maxwell

Girls...Lillian, Addison, Olivia

P.S. I love your kids names...adorable. :)

Good luck with your pregnancy and Congratulations.

Lisa said...

Fun Stuff!!

for a boy name my fav pick is brady or braddon - a name from my great grandfather on my mom's side.

and for a girl - meagan is the best. i was going to name cole that had he been a girl. i'm not sure why - but i love it!!

whatever you pick - it'll be wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jody! I love your blog. You are such an inspiration!
I am done having babes but I still love fave baby names right now are...
Boy - Evan (actually this is our 4 year old sons name :-)
Girl - Ryleigh Brooklyn (I know, different and maybe traditionally a boys name but I love it as a girls name too) Actually Brooklyn is our daughter's middle name.
Take care! My prayers are with your family!
Jen van Egdom

JenR said...

This is the first time I've ever seen your blog. I've been reading through your posts and the link to your little angel for over an hour now & I cannot tell you how much your story has touched my heart! It's beautiful to see how you are able to keep your faith in the Lord even through all of the tests and trials of that faith. You have a beautiful family and spirit. Now I'm going to add my vote for a name if you are to be blessed with a boy. I've always loved the name Aiden, Rowan, Toryn, and Liam. My husband hates all 3, so maybe you'll like one!!! For a girl, I like the name Claire.
Please know that my thoughts & prayers are with you and your family. And thank you for sharing your amazing story with all of us!

Anonymous said...

Boy names-Kayden,Kai,Jace
Girl names-McKenna,Haylie,Kylee
Congratulations on baby no.6!Love your blog...what an inspiration!

Roxanne said...

My kids names are Aidan Richard (boy) and Kiara Janae (girl).
I asked a class of grade 1 students for some name ideas before Aidan was born....and got more than I bargained for! Their suggestions were "Princess", "Sparkles", "Buddy", "Julie" to name just a few. Oddly those were the same names that they used in their stories in class too!
I've always liked Petra (my Norwegian grandmothers' name) and Ethan (our other choice for a boys' name!)
Your children have beautiful names and I'm sure this little one will be just as fortunate!

Molly said...

It is perfectly OK not to grow up!

Girl: Lucy

Boy: Daniel

At least those are my favs

Anonymous said...

Hi Jody, you don't know me, but I'm a member at SiStv. I've just spent the past hour reading through your blog and can I just say that you're an amazing writer and an amazing person!
Girls name: Skylar Grace
Boys name: Riordan (pronounced ree-or-den) Joesph.

Best of luck with your pregnacy.
Chris Millar.

Anonymous said...

For a boy, I like Matthew and for a girl either Alison or Sarah (my daughters' names).
Congratulations to you and your family!

Cassie said...

Love the package!!!

I love reading your blog and praying for your family as I read...



Valerie said...

you are so nice!! we weren't blessed with kids, but if we were, i liked:
girls: Katelyn
boys: Brendan (after the husband), Kyler and James.

obviously i liked only one girls name more than others.

Renee Graham said...

Girl-Page, Mia, Sarah

Boy-Jack, Brawdy, Graham,

C.E.R. said...

So glad I came across your blog. You keep me positive in what sometimes seems like a big bad world. Baby names?

Boy - Eli
Girl - Marlorie

jen k said...

That is a fun package! So colorful! I love the name Sophia (i have one!) and also Claire. I also love Lily Kate. Boy names are harder but I do love Grayson, Brady, times picking out the name!

Lisa said...

I may be biased, but I'm all about the name Lucy!

paige said...

oh how fun!!
ok--not sure if you'll like my style--i usually prefer old timey classic names. we named our second daughter madison and at that time we knew no others...turned out to be the most popular name for several years-ha!
for boys--fave all time name is jack...john david & call him J.D.
for girls--i have lots more Catherine, Caroline, Elizabeth, Mary Grace, Meg, Jaynie, Kate, & we recently saw this very cute couple and their daughter's name was Sally--she was a cutie so i'll add Sally!

Bridget said...

Hmmmm, my fave names? Right now for a boy, it would definitely be Cullen. Of course that has a lot to do with the fact that I am knee deep in the Twilight saga.

I love Lily for a girl.

Robin said...

Oh my...I have three girls, and I love their names:
Mia, Sarah and Emma...if I have one more it would be Margaret.(Maggie for short)
We just don't have the DNA for boys...but I have a few picked out:
Samuel (Sam)
and Ryan

Anonymous said...

What fun:

Boy name - Chase
Girl name - Brooklynn


Candy said...

Soooooooo cute!

Boy - William call him Will.
Girl - Ameila call her Millie.


PureDNA0930 said...

I have an Angela and a Nickolaus, but I like:
Boy - Michah, Jack
Girl- Sophia, Grace, Anna

Love to have that book, it looks really cool!


Mitzi said...

Thank you for posting, even when it is hard. You are an inspiration to many! My daughter is Kaylee Elizabeth, of course that was back before the Kaylee-type names exploded. I tend to like different names. Our son is Piersen William and i have yet to meet another Piersen. Had he been a girl, he would have been Avelynn Grace. Had our daughter been a boy she would have been McHale Avery. My best friend named her little girl Dylann Rae, which I adore. Your kids have great names, I'm sure you won't have trouble finding another one. God Bless.

~Mitzi (hey, Mitzi's kinda different, too :)

Live a Life EXTRAordinary said...

Fun stuff!

Names: Boy: Ian, Ethan (my boys), Landen, Paxton

Girl: Emily, Faith, Grace, Hope

Michelle W. said...

My favorite girls' names are Mira (I have one) and Hadley. For boys, I love Bodhi. Congratulations! What a beautiful family you have!

Aleta1314 said...

OOOH! Those pictures look too fun! All bright and cheery.

Favorite girl name (besides MY girls, of course): Sophia

And well, we breed girls... so I don't have a favorite boy name... our 'just in case' was going to be Ryan

scrappychick said...

One of my favorite girl names is
Maddy or Madison

One of my favorite boy names is

The book looks awesome!! Thanks for doing this!!!

Leslie O

LTDaniel said...

Congratulations on the new baby.Wishing you a wonderful pregnancy. As for names I'm partial to Madison, Olivia and Grace, since those are my girls names.But names that I love and didn't get to use are:

Girl: Lilygrace, Lilyanne or Claire
Boy: Garrett (really wish I could have used this one)

Sherri P eh said...

Good goodies you got there Jody! I'm doodling impaired -- need all the help I can get!
We just got a new girl puppy and named her Roxi. My head's full of dog names right now, some of those being Juno, Milo, Cairo. My kids wanted to name a new dog Ozzy after Ozzy Osbourne (almost 13 year old boy here) Thank goodness we got a girl puppy!
As for baby names, my daughter is Gaby (Gabrielle) and we had also considered Mia and Ella. Nick (Nicholas) was the only boy name we ever had, as he we named after a family member.
To go with Ferlaak, hmmmm. My daughter has a girlfriend named Ashton. I like Sophie, Sophia, Ava too. Boys, Carson, Drew
Looking forward to reading of your pregnancy and new addition. Blessings!

stacyleaw said...

boys- Gus, Jack, Cooper
(my baby boy is named Seth)

girls- Lily, Grace, Avery
(my girls are named Sophia and Chloe)

I am sooo excited for you!!!

Kate said...

Oh yeah. Growing up is HIGHLY overrated!!! Stay young and funky girl! Let's see...fave boys names that I am not using (Hubs is not down with them) are Weston, Gabriel, Ewan, Jace and Kye (Ukiah). Girls names we aren`t using (because it's a BOY!) were Annalisa, Callia, Bella (already got that one!) Georgia, Hannah, Isabella, Jillian, Megan and Keli. I SO want to grab a copy of Adrienne's book but with my current location...let's just say Amazon is my friend but SO incredibly SLOW!!! I can`t wait to move from the North!!! Oh my WORD...I have been typing this comment while reading other names and brainstorming with DH and I think we just picked our name!!! We've been having such trouble with this and I`m 29 weeks already. Thank-you Jody, YOU ROCK! Have a great week!

Regina said...

Wow - what fun stuff.

Names are hard - but here's what's in my head right now:
Boy: Patrick Thomas
Girl: Celeste Marie

Can't wait to hear what name you give your new special little one!

K :) Family Historian said...

So love the idea of this book. I'm a doodle freak!!!


Girls - Lily, Shelly, Piper, Sutton, Whitney, Ellyse

Boys - Cole, Hunter, Russell

Anonymous said...

Fun contest, and I love doodling.

My picks: Blaine for a boy, and Paige for a girl.

Lisa B., Alexandria, VA

Anonymous said...

What fun!
I love the name Emma Kate for a girl and Jake Wesley for a boy!


Rose said...

Hi Jody:
I like the names Amerson, Amiah, Grace, Sophie, Jesuah


josiah, jeremiah, joshua, caleb, isaiah, jeddediah

:) hehhehehhe

linda t said...

Hey Jody! Congrats!!
I take it you're asking for our favorite names. (I can't ever read what you wrote till you post again cuz your music list is covering most of the post)
Our third born Tyler would have been a Caitlin.
And I like the name Ethan.
My husbands Mom's name is Emolyn and our son and his wife are expecting our first grandbaby in April and if it's a girl, she will be Emolyn! (and call her Emi)

Amy Z said...

Catherine for a girl
Sebastian for a boy


Gabrielle said...

There are 2 techniques I have yet to try....sewing on a LO and DOODLING! I really need to give it a whirl!

A couple names I have always liked are Kennedy and Cassidy. :)

kristina k said...

My favorite names are:

Boy: Sam or Cash
Girl: Emma or Delilah

Thanks for holding this contest!

Kathy said...

Lots of fun stuff in your box! My favourite names are classics: Emily and John.

Jennifer said...

Such fun stuff! No need to grow up - it's overrated, or so I've heard.

Boy: Jake
Girl: Emily

(I like the names that the rest of the country likes! LOL!!)

lisalyn said...

Oh I'd love that book. My daughter can doodle just amazing...but me, nope!! I so want to know how!! :)

I'm just really loving the name
Poppy for a girl &
Noah for a boy

Colby said...

For boys, I like Carter and Grant. As for girls, my sister's name is Brecken and I just love it (of course, mine is Colby and I happen to like it as well). For a girl I also like Adelyn.

yvette said...


boy: Luke
girl: Julia

wild_hardt said...

I am so excited about the new baby and I can't wait to read all about it!

My favorite names at this moment are:

Boy~ Landon Blake

Girl~ Rylee Rene, Kyleigh Grace


Anonymous said...

Hi Jody,
Congratulations to you and your beautiful family!!! Truly, what a blessing!!! Hope you and Wyndham are feeling well.

I have 2 boys, who were both born prematurely, so I know the feelings you are going through with Wyndham's health issues. It just breaks your heart when your little one is sick. I always felt so helpless when my boys were sick and faced numerous medical issues,... but with love, you can never go wrong...that is the best medicine!
I always wanted a little girl but I don't know if that will ever happen now. So, these are the names that are so special to me:

Girl: Lauren Elizabeth
Boy: Matthew Robert
Steven Austin

Please pray that one day, we can add Little Lauren to our family.

Best wishes,

Mixed Up Me said...

Wow! I had fun reading everyone's favorite names . . . actually, I'm only halfway throught he list so far.

Here are mine:

Girl: Savannah

Boys: Brandt

Have fun with all of the entries. Congratulations!!

melmel94 said...

Hi Jody! Would LOOOOVE to have that book! :)
I love the names Dalton for a boy and Kendall for a girl, probably because those are mine! :)
Take care and God bless you and your family! Melanie P.

lindsay said...

love the name mackenzie elise for a girl and sebastian levi for a boy.

congrats again on your exciting news.

Anonymous said...

Jody: I don't want a prize or be in a drawing. So please exclude me. For a boy, what a honor to recognize John "Chip" the III ( I believe???). And for a girl, I can't think of anything but "Grace". Grace Teagan Ferlaak.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE doodles, just not very good at doing them myself! Fav names:

Boy - Taft
Girl - Sam

Love your blog!

Kristi B

Lisa Leonard said...

Congratulations!! Life is crazy. enjoy.

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

I just looved reading all of the baby names because most of them are names that I've never really heard used in Australia.

I have a Katia Luella who's only ever been called KITTY or Kitty Lu, my girl but I love Ginger and Dolly. And my son is Cooper ( old family surname) bit if I could have another boy he would be Ted or Sonny.

Hope your feeling well


Lynne said...

Love the goodies. My fav girls name is Feebie and Rebecca. Boys name is Alec and Danny

Anonymous said...

Katherine, Caroline, Madeline

Alexander, William, Benjamin

Anonymous said...

I love your blog!



dany.kap said...

Wow, it's a great opportunity....thank you very much....I try!!!

Best girl name: Daniela

Holly Terra said...

You are fabulous.
I LOVE that little turtle card.


Cathy said...

favorite boys names: Alexander, Andrew and Liam

Girls: Olivia, Grace, Jane

Very traditional names here. LOL

♥♥♥ jen o'dea street ♥♥♥ said...

how cool! i've been wanting her book forever but i'm disabled & soooo broke right now, boohoo! so thx for giving a copy sweet of you!!

i just found your blog & i really love it already...congrats on the new baby on the way!!! you guys seem like wonderful people!

so lets fave name for a girl right now is lulu (thanks to just seeing the movie waitress the other day!)...and for a boy, i like logan. those would be my picks right now!

well good luck w/ everything & hope you have an easy & fun pregnancy!


Bee said...


casey mae (blame it on me being southern lol)


sue rima said...

Good morning!

I do so love to read your blog - Blessings for this new babe!
My favorites:

girl - Aubry Claire
boy - Soren Thomas

Have a great day!!

sandy said...

Congrats Jody! You have such a gorgeous family.

Let's see, my fave names currently are....


Sandy =D

Kelly said...

Atticus Sebastian for a boy


Elizabeth Jo for a girl

If I ever have another boy, his name will be Atticus Sebastian. Sebastian didn't go well with our first boys name.

Heather said...

Hi Jody - I'm a little new to commenting, but I wanted to say congrats on the new baby and then to tell you how inspiring you are to me. I really enjoy your spiritual and creative thoughts. I LOVE the new book that you showed!!! Baby names...
for a girl - Bronte (like Emily Bronte)
for a boy - Thad
All of my kids have "M" names (wasn't planned it just happened!) so I wasn't ever able to use these names. God's richest blessings to you! Heather

undonegirl said...

I have to say, I used family names for my children: Powell and Alden. My daughter was adopted when she was four so she came with a name...Katilynn. I always loved the name Hope or Lily for a girl. I also loved the name Colin for a boy but we didn't think it was wise to have a Colin and a Powell.

Cyndi said...

is it too late? haven't been on the computer for a few days - shame on me! Neat stuff. Someone will be very happy!

boy names: Peyton, Quinton
girl names: Wren, Keirsten

Thanks for the chance =)

Maria said...

oh, I'd love a copy of the book!

my fav. names are:
boy - Tristan
girl - Stella

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