Friday, February 29, 2008

Movie and popcorn night...

Tonight we are just hanging out watching Snow Buddies and eating the kids' favorite movie snack- air-popped popcorn with a little extra butter than I normally melt over it. It feels like the first chance I've had in a long time to sit and relax. I am tired! Too tired to even take a picture of all my kiddos sitting around the big popcorn bowl. And much too tired to think about starting the laundry that has piled up in just the past two days.
Chip and I were invited to be the guest speakers at a Hope Network Appreciation Dinner last night and it was a lovely evening, but I didn't realize how much it takes to prepare and then share your heart with a banquet room full of people. Still, it was our honor to be able to share, just briefly, how our tragedy and experiences over the past 6 years have changed us and transformed our perspectives and dreams for the future. It actually was a blessing in return to me- to sort of feel like I 'reinforced' my own hopes and beliefs and it was just a really neat thing for me to stand in front with Chip and see how God has worked in our lives and continues to hold us up through ongoing challenges. God IS good and can be trusted. I thank Him for His mercy in our lives every single day.
Chip is busy with work this whole weekend, so I plan to just hang out with the kids and hopefully enjoy a 'drama-free' weekend. Wish us all luck. {wink} One more quick note...I have gotten several emails from new readers or blog friends the past few weeks and I am so far behind in responding to many of you. Please accept my apologies and know that I have read your emails and appreciate so much that you take time to share your thoughts and life with me too. If I'm really on top of things I will actually get around to sending some notes back to you. Wish me luck on that as well. =)
Happy Leap Day 2008!


Anonymous said...

Family I Love... Have a great time watching the movie. Miss you and love you.

Jody said...

You're the best daddy who's away from his family ever!! We all love you and miss you right back.
Here's a hug and kiss from all your kiddos...even the tiny one.
Angel kiss/hug from Teagan (XO) {See? The x and o have halos.} =)
Wyndham...XO + signing "I love you"
Ava...XO + lick Daddy =)
and Baby...xo

Linda J said...

We sure enjoyed the movie Snow Buddies. And we have all teenagers! Hope it was enjoyable for your family!