Saturday, September 15, 2007

Weekend recovery...

I was ready for a nap at 3:30 yesterday as I walked in the door from school. I mentioned on a thread on the SIS message boards that I have new-found respect for people who work full-time at a job away from home, and then still manage to keep their home in order. I am only away from home for about 15 hours a week with class and helping Wyndham at lunch/recess, but it has been quite an eye-opener to me at how demanding full-time schedules can be!
Really, I was thinking it would be a simple task to add a few demands to my schedule, but I didn't factor in things like having to make lunches for 4 kids and staying on top of papers for 3 kids in school plus doing some prep for my own classes. It's been a little bit crazy, but good at the same time.
I managed to bake some bread, lemon bars and right now chocolate chip cookies, as well as having meat loaf and mashed potatoes at dinner once this week. I was thrilled one night when I noticed that all 3 of our laundry baskets were empty {!} as I crawled into bed. That meant I had not only washed the clothes...but folded AND put them away too. I told Chip if I kept up this pace I would like a day at the local spa as a reward. =)
Today we've been taking it easy. I now fully understand why people look forward to weekends. I used to love Mondays...but I think they tie with Saturdays now. The kids have been enjoying getting into some of my scrappy stuff and trying their hand at a few things. Here you see Ava and Bella adding stickers to their folders, and Brock and I worked together to cover a composition notebook for him to write his 'secrets and thoughts' inside. The stickers? High School Musical stickers, of course. At least they all like something the same at their ages right now- that's a big thing!
We've still got Barbies out all over the living area. I've been enjoying that 'mess' all week long. In the previous post Chip talked about tension the missing items have created in our marriage over the years. I have no idea what he's talking about. There was never any 'tension' for me...I always knew it was his fault. {I'm kidding, Chip. You know I love you no matter what turns up missing next!}


Anonymous said...

Did I miss something along the way...classes!!! Are you going to classes or teaching them??
I've been out of the loop for awhile so maybe need a "fill-in".
I agree that women that work outside the home, then come home and work again..really deserve some recognition!
I'm from a generation where the man of the house didn't really share in the household/children tasks so kudos also to those couples who share in the tasks!!!

joy said...

I agree with you on the fact that Mondays tie with Saturdays. I work 20 hrs./week outside of the home, but when Monday morning comes and I am able to drop the kids off and then go to work, it is an enjoyable thing sometimes. Work is a completely different level of chaos and stress that is sometimes easier handled than kiddos. Kudos to you on keeping up with laundry and kid's papers, and your students work. It isn't an easy task, but it sounds as if you are coping well. Here's to Saturdays and Mondays. -Joy

Anonymous said...

right there with ya, jody..