Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Entertaining guests.

That title is a play on words, if you didn't notice. We entertained some guests in our home...but they are the kind of guests who normally do the entertaining. Chip's sister, Melissa and her bandmembers spent the afternoon playing with our kids and relaxing in our home and catching up with laundry as they made their way from Detroit to Chicago as part of their tour. I had fun snapping a few pictures of them altogether...they are formally known as Visions of Atlantis.
Chip made his famous spicy ribs and topped their meal off with homemade pumpkin cheesecake with spiced cream and chocolate sauce. Most of the bandmembers are from Austria, so it was fun to talk about the differences in our cultures. Although I was laughing seeing my family- especially Chip, interact with them, because even if we didn't have different countries to compare, we live such contrasting lifestyles anyway. =) Chip and Melissa are always giving each other a hard time about their differences (Melissa is Chip's younger sister), and so they bring up topics from politics to globabl warming and recycling to religion and everything in between. I love the picture of the two of them together. I had to post if for their Mom to see. It must make her smile to see how diverse her kids have 'turned out' after they were raised in the same home. I imagine my own kids will have their differences and I will see their personalities come through more and more as they grow.
I also had to snap a picture of Melissa washing the dishes after dinner, just to show her Mom that she is a great houseguest. All of the bandmembers were. They only had to be told to turn their music down once. =) It was actually kind of funny...our kids had just been tucked in their beds for the night and a couple of them decided to do some practicing.
And I was just beginning to look through my blog and at my life and was thinking, "how very routine and ordinary...why do I even blog anyway?!" and the next thing you know I am hanging with rockstars in my own kitchen and watching my hubby and son try to look cool with electric guitars. =)
Good luck with the rest of your tour, VOA...and I hope you all made it safely to Chicago! With fresh clean laundry!


Rays Family said...

Very cool!

gloria said...


gotta love it when families contain the full spectrum of talents, ideas and faiths.

keeps thanksgiving interesting!!

Kimberly said...


Anonymous said...

I finally got a chance to read your blog and see the pics!! haha!! I love it! Hey, thank you again for letting us crash at your place. You all were so welcoming and was great to get a taste of "home" while still far away from home. Hm...maybe I'll drop by more often! Especially if there is Pumpkin/Chocolate cheesecake on the menu! :D

Hugs, kisses, and love to all of you!!!