Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Beauty in truth.

I am enjoying a few moments of quiet- absolute quiet- in my home as 3 of my 4 children are at school this morning, and my little Ava is still sound asleep. It is strange, and yet really peaceful for me. My heart feels calm and content. That in itself is beautiful.
I have had time for prayer, reflection and some words to feed my soul from my daily devotional, "Our Daily Bread".
Often I find that whatever topic is covered for any particular day, there is something that touches me in a profound way. Today's reading was perfect. My dear girlfriends- the SIStv fashionistas- have had some discussions about relationships- especially those of married couples recently. As I read the devotional today, I just felt it would be good to share here- that maybe someone needs this reminder in their own life.
Here is what it said...
"My Prince"
People around the world reacted with shock in September 2006 when news broke that Steve Irwin, the “Crocodile Hunter,” had died. His enthusiasm for life and for God’s creatures was contagious, making him a favorite personality worldwide.
When his wife Terri was interviewed shortly after Steve’s death, her love for him was obvious as she said through her tears, “I’ve lost my prince.” What an affectionate way to memorialize her husband! She saw him as her prince and her best friend.
The husband-wife relationship is often viewed today as anything but the tender one Terri and Steve must have shared. We see bitterness, insults, and animosity presented in the media as the norm. How much more desirable it is to see true love—to see a husband unashamedly cherish his wife, to unselfishly be her “prince.”
How can a husband continue to love his wife in a more princely way? Try these suggestions: Listen—enjoy those tender times when she can unburden her heart without fear. Love life—find ways to add fun to your marriage. Lead spiritually—guide the way into prayer and intimate fellowship with the Lord.
Men, be a prince to your princess. —Dave Branon

Honor your wife and in love with her dwell,
Yield to the Savior and all will be well;
Peace He will give to both husband and wife,
Blessing their marriage with joy throughout life.
"Marriage thrives in a climate of love and respect."

I just thought there was so much beauty and truth in what was written in those paragraphs. So contrary to what we DO see and hear in the limelight these days. It is encouraging for me to know that love is a higher calling and that it can be a part of our lives if we choose to embrace it and grow it and uphold it. I think ALL relationships thrive in a climate of love and respect. I hope to create that climate in my home, in my friendships, and in my classroom later on today too. =)


Anonymous said...

My kids are grown up, married, with their own children.
While reading your post, I couldn't help but think back at each milestone of our children. I think I shed tears at each one.
The "seasons of life" go by so quickly, but each stage brings new joy and experiences.
God has given us the wonderful gift of family to love and cherish.
You are so capable of expressing what the rest of us feel and I thank you for that.
Carol from Indy

paige said...

what a beautiful reminder.
i lost my first hubby & i try to never let a day go by that i fail to thank the lord for my second chance, my second love. he is truly a gift from the lord. he had never married before...he tells me he has never told another woman he loved them.
imagine my heart when i realized these things...truly a blessing.
your blog continues to bless me & so many others.
god be with you...

Anonymous said...

I just noticed that I commented under the wrong post. It should have gone with your "letting go" post.
Carol from Indy

Jo said...

this is so true Jody. I thought about this after I read it and whatever is troubling me I am lucky that my marriage and my prince never do....thanks for reminding me xxx

amanda said...

That devotional is beautiful. The author of that used to attend our church, and he and his wife have experienced the heartbreak of losing a daughter, too. I remember seeing that interview with Terri Irwin and crying as she said those words...how blessed I am to feel that my husband is my prince, as well...thanks for the reminder to cherish him a little more today. :)

Andrea said...

Jodi that is just so beautiful...thank you for sharing!!! The pictures of your children are so beautiful!

Jackietex said...

Jodi, thanks for sharing that beautiful quote about marriage. I'm saving it to us--probably more than once. I was thinking about scrapping about my marriage and I also think it would make for a great anniversary card. Thank you for sharing your life and thoughts.

MsGrace said...

Thank you for this...I always love reading your blog...truly inspiring.

My husband & I make a choice to hold our relationship as sacred. We often notice how so many people love to talk about their spouses in such a negative way. At parties, at the office, in general.

I feel blessed that my husband & I have such a fabulous relationship.


Anonymous said...

I haven't responded to you in quite some time due to LIFE raising up some "issues" for me to cope with.
Anyway, I'm catching up a bit on my cyber-favs and saw that you and I have yet another thing in common...our daily devotional!!! I used to have a structured "quiet time" with a journal, Bible reading, prayer etc. and it got to be all rote. I struggled then for years on doing something "meaningful" and maybe a couple of years ago went back to this devotional as something I could do and it's worked beautifully. Many times the scripture/reading are exactly what I neef ro that day and time in my life and it's been an encouragement to me. Thanks again so much for sharing your life with us!!! Blessings to you and your family!!!