Thursday, July 05, 2007

What to do...

I take so many photos that it's almost overwhelming when I get new scrap suppies for me to decide what I'm going to scrap next. Those top three pictures of Brock just make me smile...he was just being 'so himself' as he ate his icecream cone and goofed off in front of his friend. When I heard the name of the collection this month at SIS was Shabby Rockstar I just knew I wanted to scrap something for Brock.
He is such a one-of-a-kind kid, and I know that all kids are. But I am trying to make sure HE knows it all his life. I want him to know {and my girls too!} that they don't have to grow up and be "rock stars" (in fact one of my wishes is that they won't!) to be considered amazing in this world.
The fact is they are already each amazing to me in their own rights, and as long as they keep staying true to who they are, then I think they are all headed for great things. And by great I mean, the character qualities that we, their families and friends and teachers, see in them already. The love, the goodness, the fun and the thoughtfulness. Granted, these things comes and go, at the most interesting times and over the smallest who gets to drink out of which sippy cup-there is a lot of drama involved with major events like that!
But more often than not, I see so much potential in all my kids, that I still put my head down on my pillow at night and wondered how I got picked to be their mom. It's a really wonderful thing. So I scrapped Brock a page {here}- hoping that he will not lose sight, or succumb to the wrong messages about himself that this world is sure to send him as he grows up. I love that he is kind-hearted and isn't afraid to show the 'real Brock' to those of us who are lucky to be around him from day to day.
Yesterday we enjoyed the afternoon playing outside and grilling with some friends. I make a point of trying to get a family photo each 4th of July, as it was the last time we had a family picture with Teagan. I like that I can look back and compare and see how we are growing and changing and it's just a good chance to get a picture...sometimes the next one doesn't come until Christmas! =)
Our hearts do ache for Teagan when we have special days without her. But then I remind myself that I was lucky. VERY lucky to have even had her in my life at all.


Gigi said...

you have such a beautiful family :) & i'm sure your love & patience & example is leading brock & the rest of your amazing children (as well as the rest of us!) to loving life, being grateful for every blessing bestowed, growing through every challenge that faces us & remembering that we aren't alone here...we've got the Big Guy to always lean on :)


Yellow Fence said...

Fantastic page. Brock (and all your children) are so lucky have have you as a mom.


Adele said...

What a great photo of your family. I have truly enjoyed your blog. I, too, am a Christian and enjoy reading your posts and I gain so much inspiration from them. Thank you for being so transparent and sharing what God has done and is doing in your life.

Laurie said...

I've been a lurker on your blog for quite awhile. You are an amazing inspiration! I have to agree with what adele has said in her comment. Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself and your family here. You definately remind me all the time about being lucky even in the face of difficulties and heartache. I'm always reminded of what God had done and is doing in my life, when I see you share so much of what he has done and keeps doing in yours

Anonymous said...

love brock's hair!

Anonymous said...

He looks just like you, and the blue cap is a great color on him. You have a darling family :)