Friday, July 06, 2007

Rx...Love and inspiration.

Brock had a fever and wasn't feeling well on Saturday night & Sunday. He perked up and we all had a good 4th of July. This is one of the casual pics I had Chip take of the middle of chips and salsa snack. Brock is eating; my glasses have too much glare, but still, it's the memory behind the photos that means more to me most of the time. So I add this to some of the rest of my favorites.
Yesterday (VERY early 2:30 or so) Bella woke us up with a fever. She tossed in bed next to me until the Tylenol kicked in and she wore herself about 5:30am. At not quite 8:00am, she sat up and said to me, "Mommy! Your magic worked and I'm all better now!" She thought she was just gonna take on the day, but within the half hour, her mood took a turn and her fever was back. At just about that time, Ava awoke....with red cheeks and just not looking her perky, adorable self. Yep. Fever.
So, between the two of them and a scrap page that needed to get done, I thought I was doing fairly well. Ava had fallen asleep (which never happens in my kids never napped hardly after age 2- except for Wyndham) and was resting right by me as I scrapped, when she suddenly awoke with a 'sick tummy'. Basically for the rest of my day I was monitoring liquids and keep everyone hydrated, dosed up every 4 hours on Motrin or Tylenol, giving baths and just trying to keep dvd's playing. Not as easy as it sounds. Especially since I was short on sleep myself.
Later on in the evening, Brock and I were invited to dessert at some friend's- to meet a special family as well. We had a nice couple of hours with our new friends, and then we went to get groceries.
Brock and I discovered a new favorite snack- Cereal Straws- particularly the chocolate ones. Yum! I like them better 'dry'...but Brock likes them both ways. Nothing like sharing a little chocolatey snack at 11:30 pm after a long day around the house. I was just ready to hit the sack...when Chip carried Wyndham into our room and yep, you guessed it, she was red-cheeked and had a 101 fever. Not a happy little girl waking up to that at midnight.
Chip and I 'split the shift' with her, and now this morning we have 3 girls running lowgrade fevers and I have lots of laundry to do.
Please do not drop in unannounced at my house today. Unless you are toting Starbucks. =) I am out of coffee grounds and didn't get my coffee today. I could definitely use it, and since I am out, I am compensating by: 1) Taking a {short} hot shower and 2)posting this ute little owl card that I found online.
I just gotta see the silver lining in days like this. Wyndham still signed 'I love you" to me when I signed it to her. It almost broke my heart....that she still expressed her love when she was feeling so tired and lousy at 2:36 am this morning. And Ava told me "I love you, Momma" first thing when she saw me, and then added, "I need more medicine". Bella is trying to feel better, and she even 'drew me a big heart and wrote MOM' in the pink bathroom plush rug in front of the sink for me when I got out of my shower. Brock says I'm the best Mom ever, and pick the best cereal snacks.
So between the owls and all the love around here, I figure I've got the best prescription for days like this. Love and Inspiration. And my flowers are in full bloom today. I am hanging in there...I realize life could be much worse. Happy Friday to all of the healthy people reading this today...and best of luck, love and finding happiness in the midst of gloom to others of you. If I ould write you a would be for love and inspiration today. Just pretend I sent you this little owl card. =)


~Lea~ said...

I am sorry to hear that your little ones are feeling so yucky!! I hope they get better soon. They are even so sweet in sickness...I love that! It makes me smile.

That owl card is might have to inspire my next card!

Hope your household gets back to normal soon...wish I lived closer. I would come over and help you get your laundry done!

Hugs, and have a better day!

jackie carl said...

Awwwh, Jody...what a sweet 'dose' of encouragment you have sent out today !
So sorry for all of your little 'sickies' at your house. I hope and pray they all get better soon.
And, I hope & pray for you to get your needed rest.
Have a wonderful week-end.
Jackie Carl

Christal said...

No wonder you were in my thoughts this smorning... LOL! Seems once again God showed me I needed to pray for someone!! Isnt it great! Anyway hope the girls are feeling alot better REAL soon! I'd bring you starbucks if it wasnt like 6 hours from my home to yours! Hugs!

Traci said...

I have been reading your blog for quite some time now but have never posted. I have a 4 yr. old son and 2 yr. old daughter. It is so easy to get frustrated and discouraged and worn out being a mommy of little ones (well, just being a mommy period). Several times when I have thought I was at my wit's end, I have recalled different thoughts you have shared on your blog about enjoying every day and all the little things and not taking life for granted. Thank you so much for your inspiration and encouragement. I'm sure you get this a lot, but I wanted to let you know that one more mommy/scrapbooker out here in blogland truly appreciates you and your words. Hope your little ones are feeling better real soon!

colorfullady said...

I love that Bella drew you a big heart and wrote MOM in the rug. How sweet and creative!

Hope all are feeling better soon.

lisa garay said...

oh, honey...
i'm so sorry you had to deal with sick little ones.
that is no fun!
i hope they all feel better soon and you guys can have a wonderful weekend!

kerry lynn said...

here's to NO fevers lickety-split!!

Allison said...

I'd bring you Starbuck's if I lived closer! You sound like you need one!!

Rays Family said...

I just love when boys look like their mommys! What a handsome boy!

linda t said...

Wishing you continued strength and patience to carry you through the rest of today... until the kids recover. Sure takes me back... wondering how I ever got through those seasons.
You inspire so many to persevere... to keep their eyes on the One who is our strength when we are weak... and tired... and empty.

FlipFlop Mom said...

awwwwww BTDT kind of days... I hope your family is feeling better now.. Poor kiddos... aren't they the sweetest???? When they're sick and 30 they'll still be coming home for you to take care of them...!!! Ü

shawnna said...

I am so sorry your little ones have had the sickie ickies


praying for them :D

Kimber-Leigh said...

hope everyone's doing better today...and i'm hoping you get some coffee soon...if i was closer, i'd bring it by :)