Saturday, July 07, 2007

All is calm; all is bright.

I'm getting choked up as I type this post. At 1:00 pm today there was a very real 'threat of a trip to the ER' looming in my heart and mind as Wyndham was getting more sick today- rather than better. I was preparing myself for what I expected would be yet another overnight stay at the hospital for IV fluids and getting her stomach settled down.
It has happened to Wyndham so many times- that she gets the same sickness that the other kids get, but because of the way her brain injury has affected her immune system and her extra sensative stomach and inability to swallow clear liquids well- that same sickness lands her in the ER and most often admitted to the hospital for a day or two. It's no fun...but it's sort of become the expected outcome whenever she gets sick.
I was trying to keep her resting and comfortable with a Tom & Jerry dvd playing right next to her- it's one of her favorites and she picked it over March of the Penguins twice. Chip and I have been getting shorted on our sleep for the past few nights, and I woke up, surprisingly not as worn out as I had thought I would feel. SO after getting Wyndham settled and giving the other kids breakfast on the deck, I went to tidy my scrap area. I was feeling almost sorry for myself and the string of 'bad luck' I have- especially on such a supposedly 'lucky day'. {07-07-07}
Rather than get mad at something out of my control, I noticed the little owl doodles I had drawn and they made me smile. I'm not sure what it is about owls- I just think they're cute. I pulled out a piece of felt and cut the general shape. Then I snipped another piece and in about 15 seconds I had pretty much created a little owl...not having a clue what I was going to do with it.
Just about that time Bella came upstairs and saw me and then she commened on my cute owl. I pulled out a piece of paper to set it down on while I planned on looking for thread to sew an outline for it...and well, one thing led to another, and about 10 minutes later I had the start of the layout you see pictured here. I have no idea what I am doing with it or on it...but all I know is that in 10 minutes time, I more or less had gone from feeling sorry about my life, to feeling much more okay.
I was smiling at my little owl, and Bella was helping me sort through some scrap stuff. {I'm still looking for my SIS black jewels...somewhere in my piles of stuff!} =) The day continued...I left my scrap stuff lay out, and between making lunch and tending Wyndham and doing laundry and filling the pool and watching the kids splash and play, I kept thinking, life is okay. It was a beautiful day outside today...and still. It feels perfect.
I had the chance to make dinner for my neighbor who is recently expecting and {tired!} has 2 other small children and brought it over with some cookies...and I think I made her day. She had no idea I was planning for a trip overnight to the hospital.
After about 8 hours of Tom & Jerry (Wyndham is the one who kept restarting the dvd in between short naps), and FINALLY a few sips of fluid staying down- Wyndham turned the corner. I sat her up to take a picture of what it's like to be her...and her view of life for the past 36 hours. When I finished, she looked up at me and grinned. I snapped that too! I realized I wouldn't be going to the ER afterall...I was probably smiling bigger than her. =)
Chip got home and we all played outdoors and watered my flowers and just hung out. Wyndham even ate a bit of watermelon {it's her absolute favorite food!} and she had some dry KIX cereal too. I just got her out of a bubble bath...she smells like Hazlenut truffles and is snuggled up with Chip watching the History channel.
As I type, I am sitting out on my deck, listening only to the clicks of my keyboard and the rustling of the trees from the summer breeze. The best kind- cool, yet a bit warm and definitely enough to keep any bugs away that might otherwise be bothering me. Yes. I had my doubts. I was tired and it hasn't been an easy past 3 days.
But I look back and see all the really sweet things that my kids said and did...and all the snuggling they normally try to brush off so quickly because of all the exciting things they'd rather see and do. I have an owl scrap-thing going on- that no matter what comes of it- made me happy in the midst of a trying day. I saw the smile on my neighbor's face as a small gesture of kindness on my part eased her life in a small way...and we were both better for that. I feel nothing but gratefulness to God for restoring Wyndham's health before we had to take a trip to the hospital. I feel nothing but peace and calm in my life at this very moment. Nothing big or earth-shattering going on.
Still, it is the most amazing sense of inner peace and it feels incredible. Turns out 07-07-07 has been a very good day for us indeed. Thank you, to all of you, who were wishing good thoughts and caring for us from afar. I have no doubt that those prayers and well-wishes helped secure this perfect ending to our rough day. I wish I could bottle this moment up and save it for the next time. Which I hope I don't need for quite awhile. =)


Anonymous said...

Hey Jody you don't know me but I go to Calvary. I read your blog from time to time. You are sooo talented. My mother in law talks about you from time to time(Jana VanTongeren) she is from Gaylord and knows your story. Anyway You inspire me to scrap book more. :) Cadie Rae VanTongeren

Anonymous said...

As I was reading your post, I teared up and nearly went into a full weeping session. Don't know exactly what triggered that emotion except maybe the fact of realizing that God is matter what! I rejoice with you in the "corner turning" of Wyndham with her illness!

lisa garay said...

oh, YAY!!!
i am sooooo happy that she turned for the better:)
way to go wyndham!!!
(and way to go jody!)

amyj said...

Jody, you don't know me either, yet I feel as though I know about you, from reading your blog.
I can't tell you how much I admire your strength, your positive outlook, your faith, your ability to forgive, your creative talents... you are AMAZING, a great role model, and I strive to be like you.
I'm so glad your little ones are feeling better.

mellymel said...

i'm so glad she is better! it's no fun when the kids are sick and even less so when the er looms in the future.
and i love your scrap therapy - that owl is sweet!
sending virtual s-bucks coconut latte wishes to you...

jackie carl said...

Wyndham is so precious !

Glad she is better and no ER !!
Have a great day !

Jackie Carl

Lisa said...

You absolutely have a way with words! I seem to not be able to put things into words, the way you do, unless it's some awe inspiring thing like cancer. The everyday events happen and the words escape me. But not you - you are good girl! I'm so glad the ER didn't happen. I so remember those nights in the middle of Cole's treatment where he started to feel a little clammy and I would start packing for the hospital. I'm glad you didn't have to end up there last night!! Love the little OWL and hope your luck continues so that you have a wonderful day today, as well!

Kelly S. said...

glad your little girl is feeling better, she is a cutie! (btw my daughter can watch the same DVD over and over again too! Sometimes I hate Fastplay!)

Rays Family said...

You are a wonderful mom Jody! I'll pray that all your kidos start feeling better and of course, that Chip and you both stay healthy too.

Mixed Up Me said...

I am so glad Wyndham is feeling better! I hope you all have a fabulous week without anymore yucky sick bugs!!

~Lea~ said...

God is good, isn't He. I am so glad that Wyndham is getting better, and you didn't have to make that ER trip.

Hope your whole household is getting back to "normal" and healthy! HUGS to you! Hope you have a much better week!


colorfullady said...

In the middle of trying times, it really helps to remember the good things... even if they are small. It brings perspective and hope.

Awhile ago one of my pastors did a message. To illustrate a point they had a dancer go in circles. They showed us how she would focus her eyes on one point as she spun around and that way keep from getting dizzy. They said that as we are going through life it’s easy to lose focus and get dizzy when we take our eyes off Jesus, but all we need to do is bring our focus back on Him. They said that as time goes on and we continue to practice, we get better at staying focused.

Remembering the good stuff (all good things come from God) helps us get back on track again. I think you were able to refocus in the middle of it all, and that is what brought inner peace and calm.

I’m so glad Wyndham didn’t need to go to the ER! :-)

FlipFlop Mom said...

Ohhhh you're such a good MOMMY...God is Awesome... I think you ROCK... and just to show you how much... You MUST read my entry today on my Blog.. I know that you maybe be busy.. so I posted it on 7/9... I always read you everyday!! and in my eyes.. this is for you!!!

jewell said...

So glad Wyndham is feeling better. She looks absolutely adorable in that pic. Can't even tell she was big by the flu bug

Markie's Mom said...

I love this! WOW! Your book is delightful!

Janna said...

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