Sunday, July 01, 2007

Feeling sentimental...

This is the first wedding picture that I've scrapped {as well as the first time I've used Hambly transparencies on a page...very fun!} and I have a feeling it won't be the last. In fact I may just have to do a whole wedding album...after nearly 12 years of marrige-it's about time. Don't you agree?!
I loved all the new stuff that came in my SIS Shabby Rockstar Collection this month. I keep thanking my lucky stars that I get to be a part of such an amazing, talented, humorous, supportive, creative & incredible group of women. If you Fashionistas are reading this...I'm giving you some Nitty.Gritty. loving here today. I can't believe I get to meet most of you later on this month...I am sooo excited about that! I had a chance to play with some of my latest scrap supplies and of course, if you want to see the full layout, you can click over to my gallery here. It was a big file, so I decided to just post portions of it on my blog. But you are always welcome to visit my pages over at the SIS website.
For our collection layouts some of us took inspiration from music we loved in years past...or by pulling great lyrics of rock music- to tie in with the 'Shabby Rockstar' theme. I didn't have a favorite hit when I was a girl, so I just looked at some of my favorite wedding photos and when I came upon this one the first song that popped into my mind was, "I'd stop the world and melt with you" by Modern English. {Which, by the way, I had to google to find out their name...just thought I'd share with you my lack of pop/rock music knowledge.}
Basically, that's where the journaling came from for this page...with a few added thoughts. I used numerals {2 for 'to' and 1} instead of spelling them out, because to me it signifies what marriage is ordained to be. Literally two becoming one. I am thankful that Chip and I have such an solid marriage that sometimes we literally think the same thing, or we can give each other 'a look' rather than saying anything at all. I appreciate, though, that we have such unique personalities and gifts and abilities...and we are getting better about allowing each other space and time to nuture those gifts- including the time he gives me to scrapbook and design stuff.
Looking at this picture takes on such different meaning to me now, after years of marriage, than it did in the days and weeks after it was first taken. Our future was unknown, and we were young and hopeful and dreaming big things for our lives. We had no clue that the road ahead was going to take us to places we didn't dream.
I am reflective today as we mark the start of another month of July. My mind is especially sentimental and in tune with hopes and dreams and expectations and changes, and it just means that I am truly thankful- to the very depths of me, to have Chip at my side. Not only now...but for everyday since that first kiss which signified the start of our lives together- as One.


micayla said...

Oh wow!!! Those layouts are fabby! I just love them!!!

Angela said...

I LOVE it! I love when people scrapbook their wedding photos in a more non-traditional way. Thanks for the inspiration. 5 years later, I STILL have the majority of my wedding photos to scrap.

FlipFlop Mom said...

WOW love the LO's!!!! It's been 13 years for us.. and no LO's yet!!!! You have inspired me!!

patterns of ink said...

I'm glad you did this. I'm still in a wedding mood. Julie's sister and brother-in-law and three boys are still here and we're feeling very much "on vacation." Just got back from Holland.
As I type angela's profile picture keeps screaming at me--too funny. I've not seen animated profiles before.

priya said...

We were married in 95 too. You and Chip were married on my birthday. I've lived in Eagan, MN for 8 yrs before moving back to India to be with family. I read your blog daily and love your written word. May God be with you, Priya