Saturday, June 30, 2007

Time, love and tenderness...

This post has nothing to do with Michael Bolton....that title just seemed fitting while I sat here waiting for the pictures to upload. I'm not really into musical reviews. Although I suppose I could do that...and show you w good look at who I am- musically speaking. =)
I've had a busy week...and can't believe I missed a few days of blogging. My mom is probably going through Nitty.Gritty. withdrawal, while the rest of you are just getting caught up from Father's Day and didn't even notice I was gone!
These pictures are a few more from our family day at Meijer Gardens. I was happy to catch the kids having fun and so into what they were doing that they didn't even notice me taking their photos. In the bottom photo they are all making silly putty strawberry pies...much like 'grandma' used to make. =) Not my grandmas...they were both expert pie makers...and I still love Grandma's pie at Thanksgiving.
I found, as I went about my tasks and activities this week, that priorities had to shift and my schedule was full where it normally has some down-time, and I'm not as a good a juggler as life demands sometimes.
Brock had lacrosse camp; in addition to therapy Wyndham had a field trip to a Whitecaps game; I 'crafted' with my girls, I helped with a church garage sale, and also my Shabby Rockstar Collection goodies arrived for me to play and create layouts from SIS tv. That was all on top of the usual 2 loads of laundry a day, chalk drawing on the driveway, baking zucchini bread, and other fun stuff. =)
While driving to pick one of the kids up, I heard a message on the radio and one of the quotes jumped out at me. It's fairly simple, but sums up so much. It simply went like this:
"The greatest thing in all the world is Love.
The greatest way to express your Love is through Time.
The greatest Time to express your Love is now."
I just wanted to share it with you, since it really meant a lot to me...and many of you that read Nitty.Gritty. mean so much to me. I was feeling badly that I couldn't share more time here. So I am making up for it by saying how much I appreciate the love and support and new friendships and encouragement that I get from so many of you every single week.
I have been blessed to know that there are many people who understand this concept...that Love IS the most wonderful thing. That Time IS precious and says more about how much we love than our actions do oftentimes. That even when I have nothing to say- whether I am too busy, too up, too down, too reflective, too introspective, too off-the-wall, too all-over-the-place...that you are willing to wait it out and you keep coming back for more.
Even if you're not my Mom.


Sonja said...

How sweet:)

Diana said...

great read, and great quote. I believe time is of the essence and the time is now. No what ifs and no I should haves, just live the moment...
Thanks :) d-

Shawn said...

Isn't meijer gardens great?! They've really added a lot for the kids. And I've been wanting to go to a whitecaps game all season. Hopefully we'll still get to one this summer. Sounds like you've had a fun week. Happy Sunday to ya. :)

Christal said...

Love coming and reading Jody, and I know that you are a VERY busy momma. Glad that you make time for us to let us all in! Thank you Jody for always making me smile and think! BTW... I made HOMEMADE BUTTERCREAM icing the other day for the VERY 1ST TIME!!! LOL :) I was SOOO proud~ Thought of you the WHOLE time!

Anonymous said...

I just love the girls dresses. They are just so sweet!

FlipFlop Mom said...

OH MY WHAT FUN!! Strawberry PIE.. mmmmmm I made that last week.. so yummy.. and the strawberries were so good I went back and picked more to CAN strawberry JAM!!!!! Hopefully they'll last til Christmas for Gifts.. but at this rate.. the word has been let out... and I'm down to 4 jars.. only to have hubby tell me he's taking another for a "friend"... YIKES!!!
You're kids a beautiful as always!!