Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Frederick Meijer Sculpture Garden Part 1-

Sunday, after church, we took our family to the Frederick Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids. It was a gorgeous summer afternoon. The kids were actually pleasant, as compared to some outings we've taken them on. =) Brock was thoughtful and soaked up the 'facts' at every little turn...and the girls were really into the 'hands-on' aspects of so many of the sights and attractions. The theme is the "History of Chocolate", which follows the cocoa bean from it's origin to it's end product...any type of chocolate you can think of. It was really a fun time for all of us. We had lunch outdoors on the patio, we walked all over the gardens, and got a piece of Dove chocolate on our way out. I had dark chocolate, in case any of you wondered, but also a bite of the caramel center one too! =)
I've got more pictures and can share more thoughts with you, stay tuned. =)


the rye family said...

Looks beautiful and sounds YUMMY! :) I always love the pictures of the girls in their cute little dresses - mine have just passed that stage and our ideas of cute aren't always the same anymore! :) Glad you had a wonderful afternoon! :)

amanda said...

We've yet to get over there this summer, but I definitely need to see that chocolate exhibit! :)

susan opel said...

You had me at MEIJER!

One of the coolest and quirkiest and oldest Meijers of all is not far from there - the one on 28th St., I believe!

Looks like a fun-filled family day!

~Lea~ said...

What a fun time!! Such cute pics have such a darling family! Hope you are having a good week!
~Lea Lawson

colorfullady said...

Ohhhh, chocolate. :-)

Cynthia said...


I love your blog! I'm looking forward to spending eternity with you if I never meet you on this sphere.