Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Scrapping and golfing. =)

As part of being on the SIS design team, I got to post the 2nd Challenge on the website today. These pictures are just a couple of peeks at the layout, which you can view fully right here. =)
The link to the challenge is here.
It might help some of you understand more clearly why I am growing more and more passionate about scrapping layouts. And for others, maybe it will inspire you to make your own pages!
In my own personal challenge, I had my first golf clinic/lesson tonight. It went well. I hope to be sinking more putts in fewer strokes than Chip does when we play together next. Hopefully that will be before next year. =) Either way, the air was fresh and the breeze was perfect, and the exercise felt good. I doubt I'm headed for the LPGA tour...but you never know!


Siany said...

That looks so awesome!! Will have to head over to the SIS site now!!! Good luck with your future golfing career!! xx

Amy said...

that scrap page looks amazing! hope you all are well and you are having fun with golf.

~Lea~ said...

Super cute layout Jody! I love it!!

Have fun with your golf lessons!

Have a great day,

Dena said...

I WISH I could do that! I would be addicted too if my stuff turned out that good! They look GREAT!

gloria said...

so did you yell out "four!!"
or is it "fore!!"

great LO, thanks for sharing- love the doodles on top of your journaling paper!!

Lisa G said...

Hey Jody, you can come stay whenever you like, mi cas es su casa :)
As far as your famous caramel french toast, I dont think I should even try, I am a terrible cook and pretty much mess everything I try up. But when you come to visit, you can teach me how to make it, lol.

Lisa G said...

Hey, I was looking for the recipe and couldn't find it. Can you send it to me :)

FlipFlop Mom said...

LOVE your pages...!! Just remember God challenges us in so many different areas... and in a lot of cases... where we least expect it!! Golf.. just might be one of those areas.. Ü It's all about having fun!!!