Thursday, May 31, 2007

I got her to look!

This one was not too long Ava- who will not look at the camera AT ALL when she knows I'd like even one quick glance my way. She's my growing, independent little girl. =) I have so many photos and stories and funny sayings to share; thoughts to ponder, quotes I've jotted much stuff, that somedays I'm not even sure what to pick just to share here.
Today I am tired. Tomorrow is the last day of school for this year. Brock is finishing second grade. It went by really quickly. I remember being in second grade...and I know how quickly the years go by.
I'm a bit 'behind' in my emails if you've written to me and gave up on a reply...don't quit cheking your inbox just yet! =) And I have some of you on my regular prayer list. I hope you are sensing God and taking steps toward feeling Him in your own life.
I couldn't live mine the way I do without Him. He gives me strength, joy, patience, laughter, humility, grace and mercy.
Why anyone would want to sail through life without any of that, I'm not sure. And I am humbled that my list is so lengthy and God consistently gives me more than I deserve.
Happy last day of May. I look forward to some fun summer blogging! And maybe even some candid, smiling shots of my kids enjoying it with me!


Monica said...

what a cutie pie!!
i have one thats
hard to catch on the
cam too--well at least
not being too cheesy
that is. ;)

jackie carl said...

How adorable !
She looks like she's "all for the camera" on that day. :-)
Have a great week-end !
Jackie Carl
Marion, IN

Cara said...

congrats - way cute picture!

have a great weekend!!!

corinne5 said...

I just read your whole story for the first time and I LOVE you. Really there are not many people who could see the positive in such a tragedy. I feel so incredible happy for you that you have so much faith and I feel that your soul is so connected to god's loving energy. Thank you so much for sharing, it doesn't come often when I stumble on an angel on earth, but you are one.


gloria said...

yay for summer breaks!!
i know you're going to enjoy it!!

Cris said...

She is such a cutie. :)

FlipFlop Mom said...

Shes' a cutie!!! Love it!!! Yup GOD IS GOOD!!!
I adore summer time with my kids... and isn't it amazing.. how fast they grow.. and how fast time flies.. I'm going to have a JUNIOR in highschool this coming year.. and I'm only 34 YIKES!! Ü

Karen said...