Friday, April 13, 2007

This has nothing to do with me...

...except that I have a fondness for Heidi Swapp. This is her cousin, Kristy Glass, who somehow managed to get all the beauty and talent that has escaped me in this lifetime, and she is in the midst of trying to 'win' a contest to be the host of a show called "Real Saavy Moms". Now that's a show I could actually see myself watching!
Anway, she needs lots and lots of votes to win this fun opportunity. So, while I do not know her, I would love to have her fair skin and beauty, and most of all her good fortune of being in the same family as Heidi Swapp. =)
For the simple joy of getting in on 'her game', I am posting a link which you can follow and then vote for Kristy, as well as find out more about the contest she's in and the show she hopes to be hosting in the near future. You can vote each day, until April 20th.
Now I will get back to thinking about what I really want to say. =)

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FlipFlop Mom said...

Oh Dear Jodi.. I think you too are a true beauty!!!!!! Ü