Friday, April 13, 2007


Some of you know me (in person), and therefore know that I am rarely short on words. It's true. I almost always have something to say. My 'word challenge' in life is making my words match what's in my heart. This post is just a personal reminder...and a chance to gather those thoughts before I write again at length. =)


Cicely T said...

You go girl! The more you talk, the more we walk (down the right road). You have no idea how many people you have led to the Lord down this road called LIFE! (Me for one!) One fine day you will be rewarded for this blog! And who would have ever thunk (sic) it, (me least of all) that blogs were just that, a bunch of blog, because the word BLOG is such a baloney word, but your blog makes sense. Now that I know the true meaning of yours, I thank God every waking moment. Thank you! BLOG on sister!

mary h. said...

Well, judging by the words you've said before I see your heart is full of love. :)