Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter recap.

That top pic is the view from our hotel room window this weekend. We loaded up the kids and drove about 15 minutes from home and got a suite on the 9th floor of a local hotel in Muskegon. The kids thought it was wonderful. I got a kick out of the 'vintage/retro' decor, and the fact that it seemed more like Christmas than Easter. Still, we made some memories.
We kicked off our adventure with a Burger King picnic on the floor, and then headed for the pool area where the kids spent most of their time in the hot tub rather than the bigger 'cold' pool. I don't blame them. =) They are smart kids, huh? Since it was a holiday weekend and off-season on top of that, we were the only people in the pool area the whole time. In fact, I think there were only 5 other cars in the parking lot the whole time we were there. Two of them probably belonged to the front desk/ it was quiet and relaxing.
Well, sort of. I mean, four kids with cartoon network and dvd's and Game Boy isn't exactly quiet, but it was quieter than normal. Chip and I had to go without internet, and actually that was probabaly a good thing, as it forced us to just hang out. =)
We got to watch "Cast Away"...a movie that is near and dear to our hearts, because Teagan sat and watched the whole thing with Chip and I a few weeks befor she died. She loved Tom Hank's character's friend, "Wilson" the volleyball. So, we always like watching this movie and remembering Teagan at the same time. It's still surprising to me how memories can come rushing back so clearly- even just clicking through tv channels and finding one that never would have been that big of a deal...but now, in light of Teagan's death, it is one of our favorites.
I don't know if you noticed on the painted eggs, that we have names written on some of them. The one that I had 'highlighted' was mine. It says, "Nitty.Gritty." Everyone else had an egg or two, and we always have a purple one that says, "Teagan, We {heart} you".
I have come to accept her death as a part of our lives, but still, on special days and times we do things together as a family, it makes me really miss her more than I normally do from day to day.
The best part of my weekend was when we had our worship/music time at church yesterday, and at one point when I closed my eyes and just listened to the words and music, I had a picture of Teagan in my mind. She was smiling from ear to ear and practically 'glowed' with her beauty and it was the most comforting/warm feeling for me. To know that she is in Heaven- a place of perfection and awe and wonder- well that makes me 'glow inside'. I am torn when I miss her so much...but when I "see her" in the place of glory, there is a peace in my heart that comforts me and wouldn't have it any other way.
I hope that you had a beautiful weekend. Whether it was "gray and snowy" outside or not, it's the heart that matters at Easter. I've said this before too, but it's true. Really, it's what's in your heart that matters every other day of your life too.
I am glad to have Jesus in mine, as well as a portion going to Teagan and the gift she was and always will be in my life...and to my hubby and four other kiddos too. My heart is full- with beauty and goodness and blessing. Sounds too good to be true- and I know that I don't always live with that thought at the forefront of my mind and life. But when it's there, I love to meditate on that. Hence, the recap today. It was a reminder for me, that Life is really a wonderful thing sometimes. I'm striving to make that my reality all the time- regardless of the day, season or trials that come my way.
Happy Monday to you. Because somewhere in your life there is happiness to be had.


Mixed Up Me said...

Hi Jody,

It sounds like you had a great get-away! My daughter wants to spend the night in a hotel if she gets honor roll at school this trimester (she's 10) They think it is so much fun to stay in a hotel, no matter how close you actually are to your house! Well, I have been reading your blog for a long time now, and I have only signed in once or twice, but I just LOVE you and all that you have to say!!! I just recently started my own blog site for fun, you'll have to come visit!

I hope you have a great day!!

Ryan, the girl!!

amanda said...

Our weekend sounds strangely similar! We, too, spent a night at a nearly deserted hotel with a pool so our kids could have some fun. We also watched part of Cast Away on Friday night. :)
What an awesome picture of Teagan to have in your head as you worshipped yesterday. I can't wait to meet that girl in Heaven someday! :)

~*AMY*~ said...

What FUN to stay at the hotel, my kids just love when we do that. It was one of the most fun things for them, they still talk about it all the time and they can't wait to go back.

Teagan has touched so many lives, such a precious angel. And someday I will make it through a whole blog post of yours without crying :)

Christal said...

Glad to hear that you all had a great weekend... Family, worship and memories! That is so special! BTW I will be in MI in June or August. We havent set a defininte date... Just might have to tell you where we will be staying!

beth opel said...

What a genius idea! No dishes, no cleaning, and a nice little getaway with uninterrupted family time! Love your perspective, as always. Your faith is a shining example. Happy Easter!

Jenny said...

Looks like it was fun for all, and most importantly, a memory that will stand out :) How fun to have the whole place to yourself!

Charin said...

Thanks for peeking at my blog today! :) Yep, Elsie is a sweetie. I love being able to call her a friend, even if it's just e-mailing each other once in awhile. :)
My Katie was 8lbs 3 ounces, and she seemed so little to me! :) I can't imagine her being 4 pounds. Babies are such a blessing, aren't they? :)

Sandy said...

We've had so many great *get-a-ways* with our kids.
Sounds like a good one!
Fun to read, and fun pix.
Happy Tuesday!