Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

I hope your Easter is filled with lots of color, joy and celebration. My life would not be worth sharing if Jesus had stayed in the grave. Thankfully, because He triumphed over death and sin, I have much reason for joy, celebration and hope in life. Not just on Easter...but every single day!


susan opel said...

Gorgeous eggs, Jody! Happy Happy Easter to the Ferlaak fam!

Megan said...

Those eggs are just fantastic Jody!

Happy Easter to you all :-)

Megan xx

gloria said...

amen to that.

have a happy easter, and uhm, enjoy all the egg salad you are sure to have this week!!


Helga Marie said...

Happy Easter,
The eggs are awesome.

Laura said...

oh MAN . . .the eggs are SO fabulously fun!!!!! love those colors!!!! cute cute pictures!

janna said...

Thank you for sharing Jesus today in such a colorful way!
Hallelujah! What a Savior!

~*AMY*~ said...

Those eggs are so gorgeous! Beautiful, yummy colors!!! Thanks for always being such an inspiration girl.

linda t said...

Hey Jody girl, I just awarded you the "Thinking Bloggers Award"! This award is given to those that cause one to think and are inspirational to others. Cuz you sure are to sooo many!
And now you are to let us know some blogs that cause YOU to think and that inspire YOU!
Congrats on the SIS Design Team! Cool!

linda t said...

I tried to send you the "Thinking Bloggers Award" button... so if you want, you can go on my site and get the button from my posting of those that cause me to think and inspire me.
I think many of us would love to know who out there inspires you and cuases you to think.
Check out my list-