Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Box of happiness~

I apologize to my non-scrap readers today...and most likely to my 4 male readers too. This post is all about scrap-stuff, "Swappy stuff" in particular, because fankly, it makes me happy.
I've been smitten by Heidi Swapp's products for a little over a year now, and especially so, since I start actually scrapping back in early May of last year.
Here's some 'shameless' Swapp promotion from me today, because I really think this story needs to be shared with other scrappers. I personally really like Heidi Swapp and all she stands for, and her desire to keep her life balanced. She's a role model for many of us, I think. And so energetic and stylish to boot. I was happy to get in on a recent limited edition scrap kit that she offered through her website/blog. I ordered the 'Birthday Girl' kit and some extra tape rolls, and was so excited to open my box of goodies when they came about a week later.
I started pulling out the contents and realized after about the third item, that something wasn't "right". Turns out that I got the kit and about 8 other items...which I hadn't ordered....and was missing the extra tape kits. I called Advantus- which is the company that handles Heidi Swapp's products...and was treated so great by the customer service lady. She told me she would figure out the whole thing...and by the next afternoon, she called to apologize {more than once} and told me that my tape rolls would be shipped out ASAP and to keep the rest of the products for my inconvenience.
Basically, I ended up getting an extra $25 dollars of product for the additional shipping cost- which was about $6.00 more than I was supposed to pay on my original order. Of course I was 'happy' about this little inconvenience, and just had to pass this on to all my scrap bloggers. I am sticking by my love of all things Heidi Swapp, and now owe her parent company, Advantus, a thank you. For their great customer service, for their desire to make things right, and for their timeliness in making that happen. It seems that too many times, at least in my experience, that customer service is often where companies 'fall short' in the eyes of consumers. {Just ask me about being inconvenienced by airline companies, particularly Northwest Airlines, if you really want to get me going on that subject!}, but it's true. Most businesses seem to make the customer have to bend over backwards to get a resolution for whatever the problem is. I just want to applaud Advantus (Heidi Swapp's line espcially) and say thanks for making me a 'more than happy' customer in the end.
And now for a little more 'scrap talk'...
I got a prize package in the mail (Thanks, Lainie!) from a scrap challenge I *won* last week at "ScrapHappy". Go stop by that blog for some lighthearted challenges and scrap insights. Of course, be warned, you are pitting yourself against me at times if you take on the challenges! =)
Also, keep your eyes and ears posted for any information that I leak here about Scrap In Style TV. In the last 24 hours, I've been getting acquainted with the *masterminds* behind this concept/website/show, as well as getting to know most of the other talented design team members. It's been a riot to post messages, answer questions, and 'see' the personalities of all of us come out in our message board setting.
Can I just say that I think we are all in for a treat?! Scrappers or not...this is something you are going to want to see! My biggest fear is that Chip is going to yank me off of this Design Team before I hardly get started, simply because I am having so much fun on the message board with all the other crazy ladies!
I'm telling you. If I had known scrappers and all the products could be SO MUCH fun, I would have gotten in on it 10 years ago. Still, I'm not going to be miffed about all the fun I missed out on all these years...I'm just gonna have 10 times more fun NOW- just to make up for lost time. =) I see nothing wrong with that.
There you go. A little Swappy love and scrap talk here today. Just for sticking it out, I may have Chip 'guest blog' here in the next day or two. Maybe he can give you all some hot golf tips or divulge some 'real dirt' on me. =) You wouldn't want to miss that!


Mixed Up Me said...

Hi Jody,

I have been trying to scrapbook for a few years now . . . I get everything ready, laid out, and I am all excited, then, I don't know what happens, I just get frustrated . . . You have inspired me to keep trying! (I better start right now!! My picture mound is growing by the hundreds each day . . . yes. I think I take as many pictures as you do, I carry my camera wherever I go, it's always in my purse!!)
Okay, now what was my point when I began this comment?? Hmmm? Oh yes, thank you for inspiring me to TRY AGAIN!!! Have fun with your new stuff!

Have a great day!


Christal said...

Okay Maybe I need to scarp... It looks so Fun! Havent bought anything yet. So We shall see what kind of trouble I get into!

Christal said...

I mean SCRAP!

Jody said...

Although 'scarpping' might be a fun hobby to try your hand at too. Who knows?! =)

FlipFlop Mom said...

Ok.. this girl is JEALOUS!!! HA HA HA... everything looks FAB!!! I just love the picture of you and Heidi!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm a scrapper and have been doing it for awhile... GREAT hobby and outlet!!!

Carrie Young said...

oh you lucky thing!
I love Heidi Swapp also! Haven't had a chance to scrap in over a year now - just never seems enough moments in my day & when I scap it just takes over my whole desk LOL!!!
Enjoy ;o)

Shelly said...

I am so jealous you got one of those Birthday girl packages from Heidi. I am in her Year to remember class and learned about it too late... they were already sold out! :( Hopefully they will put some more packages together soon. We are having our first girl (after two boys!) in July.

I just love Heidi's style and her products!

~Lea~ said...

Totally green with envy over here....all that HS product looks like so much fun! Have a great time scrapping with it!