Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Awesome Love"

I thought I'd add a bonus post that's not scrapbook related. I have been really moved by the lyrics to a song worship song we've sung at our church a few times. I finally tracked down a website and myspace to share with you here {Thanks, Angela & Ryan!} where you can listen to the song, download the words, and get info on purchasing the entire album if you are so inclined to do so.
The songwriter is a guy I'd never heard of, Jason Holdridge...but I am fast becoming a big fan of his. Some of you may remember that I sort of kicked off 2007 and rather than making resolutions, I chose the idea of "living each day as a sacrifice" to be the theme- hopefully not just of my life this year...but for as long as I live. Well, this song, "Awesome Love" has been so fitting for me to meditate on the words, and how much sacrifice really is a part of my life. Not because I am so good at it...but because there was one who was perfect...and yet was willing to sacrifice His life for me- even before I accepted Him. That picture is so vivid in this song.
It just seems more and more as I seek to live my life as a sacrifice, that in turn, I receive gifts (like the words to this song) and blessings that I don't deserve. It doesn't really make sense, and I probably can't adequately express what I am trying to say, but it's been my reality the past few months.
The more I seek to give of myself, my time, my money, my energy, my pride...whatever it is, I end up getting a bigger blessing in the end. Like when I went north to Gaylord to speak at MOPS last month. I thought my preparations for speaking and then the act of going to the event would mean that I was going to have to sacrifice part of me to do so. Instead, I found that I had 'free time' in my schedule to study books and the Bible in order to prepare my heart and mind, I had so much 'good material' to choose from and narrow down to speak on, and I had energy and quiet time, and was so blessed by the people I got to talk to and spend time with...and even got a Starbuck's giftcard out of the deal...
There was more too, but my point is that it's as though my self-sacrificing is back-firing, and I never expected that to happen when I first set out to really ponder what sacrifice in my life should be about. I wonder if I'm doing it "wrong"...or if the saying really IS true..."It is more blessed to give than to receive".
I just wanted to share this link with you- one of my most recent inspiration points in life. I challenge you to think about the words of the song {click on it in the sidebar playlist- it doesn't automatically load when you click the page}, "Awesome Love"...and then seek to live your life in light of the reality of those lyrics. I'm so glad that I have the ability to be a 'new, changed person' each and everyday.
Here are the words to "Awesome Love". I hope you find them as inspiring as I do!
{Andy...I expect you to know the chords to this one and be able to play them on your guitar the next time we're together and a guitar is in our midst. =)}


amanda said...

Love, love, LOVE this song! We've been singing it for a little over a year at our church. I think Jason Holdridge had some connection to the daughter of one of our worship team guys (through Cedarville University maybe? Did he go there?). And from looking at his blog, his church is only about 15 minutes from here...cool! Those words are so amazing. What a gift he's been given in writing!

Andrea said...

Those lyrics are so awesome!!! Very powerful :)

Helga Marie said...

Thank you for sharing this song.
It was absolutly awesome.
The lyrics are so loving, and heartfelt.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your beautiful words of comfort for Sheye.

~*AMY*~ said...

Wow what a powerful song, such awesome lyrics! Thanks for always being such an inspiration to me.