Wednesday, April 11, 2007

All over the place...

I plan to do some scrappin' today. Just thought I'd share that...because that way I am more likely to actually DO it. =) Funny how blogging something makes me feel more accountable. I could have written a paper on that had I been a blogger back in my college days.
On another note. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE that we finally got wireless interenet?! I know. It was about 2 months ago...but I still appreciate it in my life every single day! And now I should probably mention that I LOVE my husband too, just because it seems a little out of balance to profess my love for something like the internet, and then not speak of my love and devotion to the one who really deserves some of mine. I know he's been in my life for a lot longer than we've had wireless...but I still appreciate him in my life every single day!
{Well except for the day where they have a marathon of 'Bowl games', because on that day he's more of an inconvenience. }But on all the other days, seriously, I don't say it enough or show it to him like I should. I'm working on that!
One other note. I love it when something I see or read or do makes me stop and think. About anything really. Which is one of the reasons I dislike most television programs these days...they make you feel like you are a mindless being. But that's another day and topic if I get into that. I clicked the link to my pastor's blog and he's posing a good question there. Even if you don't go to my church, or even if you don't go to church at all...I think it's a good question to think about. Leave a comment on his blog if you stop by, just because I think he'd appreciate your thoughts.
Now I'm off to get my coffee and some scrapping done. If I can ever pull myself away from the internet!


Funky Finds said...

I popped over to your pastor's blog & enjoyed reading it (and commenting!) Just out of curiosity, what denomination are you?

Jerrie said...

I'm going to scrap today too. There maybe telling you means I will do some as well. It has been a rough week, maybe a little creative play will help. Thanks for your blog, I have become a regular reader. Happy scrappin' to you!

kerry :: k8tykat said...

happy scrapping jody.
i'll be joinging you around 1
when the littles are napping
how i *love* nap time!

Hilary said...

I have mentioned this before...but I also just got wireless internet, about 3 months ago. LOVING IT!
Good luck on the scrapping.
I will check in on you tomorrow to see what you accomplished. TEE HEE

~Lea~ said...

Have a great time scrapping Jody!! Can't wait to see what you get done today! Are you going to use some of that Heidi Swapp goodness that I am so jealous of!

halfbakedscrapartist said...


We'll be working on our SOY entries this Saturday all day at PAges in Time. Let me know if you want to join us!


Ang said...

I feel like a terrible daughter.

I knew he had started a blog, then restarted one with a new address. But I hadn't found it yet :)

I miss him...they're in Mexico away from this ridiculous snow. ...(lol, I accidentally typed "snot" instead of snow)

Thanks for the link!

patterns of ink said...

I have a mid-week post called "Someone Else's Lifetime" that is a tribute to scappers long ago and may be an inspiration to you scrappers who have taken the art to a new level.