Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A quick response...

To whomever it was who posted about it being God's will that Teagan was killed by a car crashing into a restaurant- that God's not like that. I have this to say...and I mean this most sincerely too.
I do not believe it was God's will for Teagan to be killed in that way either. I believe that it hurt Him- not just her death, but what happened to all of us there that day. I do believe that there is sin and evil in this world, and because of that, bad things happen- even to so-called good people. We were doing nothing wrong that Sunday morning....going to church services and out for brunch as a family. But somehow, evil touched our lives and caused utter devastation- through the selfish acts of one woman.
While I do not believe God wanted that to happen, unfortunately, that is the choice that the woman driver made. Her actions claimed Teagan's life. However, I know for a fact that Teagan is in Heaven with God today, and that most definitely IS His will for her life. I hope beyond hopes that it is His will for the rest of my children to spend eternity with Him, as well as all my family, friends and many others I touch along the way.
That is why I choose to accept what has happened. Not because I believe it was God's will, but that I hope my assurance and faith leads others to seek God and find this same faith that I have. One that offers assurance of Heaven, and one that teaches me that someday, all that I have lived through will make sense and will give me peace forever.
And in case anyone else has questions such as this, I appreciate them and the gut-level honesty they address. Faith is not an easy thing to understand. Which is exactly what I struggled with late yesterday afternoon. But, I find that God is there even when we question Him, and sometimes just having this type of "dialogue" strengthens my beliefs. And that is a very good thing indeed. So, thank you, anonymous, for that deep thought. I hope my answer helps you out.


Jenny said...

I agree with you Jody...unfortunately "free agency" can allow innocent people to suffer from the choices others make.

Think of all the hearts your family has touched!

Anonymous said...

Teagan and your whole family changed my life. Teagan was a gift from god and she always will be in my heart! After the accident I started realizing what life is all about! thank you so much for guiding me into the path of god! I love you all!

jen k said...

i'm pretty sure i remember watching your episode on oprah, and you had forgiven the woman who drove thru the restaraunt that day...i don't think i could...i just wanted to tell you how strong i think you are, and i wish i had half as much faith in god as you do...i know he exists but i have so many questions..

Anonymous said...

While I appreciate your response, and I choose to remain ANONYMOUS because I don't want my blog flooded with hate mail, I still do not see how God would have wanted this to happen.

All of that suffering poor Teagan had to endure. Is there a God? Sometimes I wonder. I have married a man outside of my faith, and my church has punished me for that. Do you think God would want that? Me either.

Portia said...

Very well said, Jody.

You never cease to amaze me.

Bless you-- today and always!