Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The not-so-perfect Kodak moments...

Because I believe in fair and balanced journalism, today I present to you the 'other' photos. These include ones where my kids are not looking into my camera nor are they thrilled with having it in their face in the middle of an ordinary day.
Yeah- I even included a picture of three of them fighting on the floor. I am a scrapbooker through and through- I take pictures of my kids fighting, and then crying when life doesn't turn out the way they would have liked it to.
The funny part of these photos is the stories behind them though. Like the one of Wyndham in the mirror. More often than not, she takes her pants off herself, or doesn't let me put her skirt back on her after being changed. So, here you see that played out in the photo. Most of the time I try and crop the photo tighter, or have her sitting down. Not this picture. It's her looking into a dirty, smudged mirror. And that one of Ava? I had taken a few of her smiling- her first time in her big girl bed. Then when I turned to go and said 'goodnight', she changed her whole facial expression. The reality had just sunk in that she was expected to stay where she was the rest of the night. Suddenly the smile was gone.
That picture of Bella crying makes her burst out laughing when she looks at it now. In the moment it wasn't funny one bit. Now she LOVES that picture. Silly girl. She's gonna be one fun teenager, I know this already. =)
There you have it. Now you know it's not always nice and pretty at my house. If I were to post pictures of my house at this moment, you would wonder who ransacked it while I was away. Crayons, books, Thomas the Train, Barbies, you name it- it's everywhere.
I'm not the Nitty.Gritty. June Cleaver kind of chic I portray myself as everyday. That's why I posted these pictures. It's real life around here, and today that means things are a little bit scattered. But that's okay with me...once in awhile.


annette said...

I am always proud of the moms who let their kids play...which often means making messes so your little ones are some of the lucky ones who really get to play and enjoy being a 'kid'.

Such beautiful babies you have...and you are such a great mom.

I now enjoy my grandbabies and that is special too.

Cris said...

Fortunately for us, the definition of being a good mom isn't exactly portrayed accurately with June Cleaver. I'm sure even she's had her bad days. The only difference is, she gets to take her's out in the editing room. LOL.

Here's to realizing we're not perfect and just doing the best job we can, whether it be a good OR a bad day. :)

Anonymous said...

Life gets crazy around our house too!! I love to catch my kids in their "off" moments!!

Pamela said...

I don't even recall how I found your blog..but wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed reading them. I love your comment about Selah... I am a booking agent for Christian musicians and know how much healing can come from music. (www.streetlevelagency.com) Thank you for loving your children like we should ALL strive to love them. Pamela