Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Maybe I should start collecting retro goods.

I've been more and more excited about vintage prints and patterns and clothing and home decor than ever before in my life lately. My sisters will tell you that they are not surprised by that. I shopped at a local Ragstock when I was in junior high. I was never really into the latest fashion trends. (Sometime I'll scan and post my senior picture and you'll realize this statement fully.)
After that line about Nitty.Gritty. June Cleaver, I spent some time looking up vintage clothing and specifically retro aprons. I found some great patterns, including the Butterick apron pictured here today.
Hmmmm. I'm thinking in all my free time I might just have to go pick some funky fabric out and find myself a simple pattern and sew myself a little apron. I promise if I actually make one, I will post a photo of myself wearing it. No matter how poorly it turns out in the end.
I was thinking of baking my favorite zucchini bread tonight...instead, I just had a great idea for a scrap page. So, I'm off to jot a rough draft of the layout in my notebook. Then hopefully I'll get some creative time alone in my scrap room tonight to work on the real deal. Here's to finding ideas and retro stuff too. Love that!


Jessica Cornman said...

Cool - I get to leave the first comment! I've been stalking your blog for a couple days now and I find it uplifting and entertaining all at the same time. I'm a fellow Michiganian who is becoming a nitty.gritty fan......Have a good one!

Laura said...

oooooh, I ADORE zucchini bread. When i was a little girl, my mom had a garden with TONS of it, so we ate zucchini EVERYTHING! :) And I LOVE retro and vintage fabrics - i just got SUCH fun retro floral dish towels at KMart. . .i will take a pic and share it with you!!! SO FUN!

Tricia H said... sew too. Can't wait to see your creations. I'm sure they will be fabulous.